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T.S.H Chapter 177: Limit!

At the next moment, Naito clenched his fists, and a white light shone out, then he immediately slammed that falling spear.

An all out punch from Naito!

Naito wanted to test his new power since when he opened the fourth gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tenkou, his shock force has also reached the fourth stage.

But this wasn’t it when his Chakra has also reached the Kage level, the brutal force technique power got also enhanced a lot, and it can still be combined with the Shock Force!


With one punch, the whole place turned upside down.

The moment he slammed his fist into space, the power started to condense, and the silence controlled the whole sky and earth for a moment.

Suddenly the power burst and the whole place started to crack open.

The people on the outside who thought that it was already over, felt the strong explosion, but they weren’t surprised, they thought it was due to their Captain’s technique.

Then everyone started to feel another horrible power spreading.

Although Naito targeted the sky with his punch and didn’t even had the intention of damaging the ground, the whole place was cracking, and space around him was shaking and trembling with white colored crack spreading in the distance, some of the ninjas outside didn’t help but fell back!

Some other weak shinobi vomited blood, and they almost fell directly.

“What is this!”

“What happened?!”

All the Ninjas looked horrified.

At this moment, the scene in front of them was incredibly shocking.

There was a huge blue spear of wind in mid-air, it looked very big, that they felt that its gonna destroy the whole world.

At the edge of that spear, many dense cracks were spreading in all directions.

It looked like if the Spear has smashed an invisible mirror in the space.

However, this is wasn’t the most shocking thing about this scene!

Because under that spear and those cracks, there was a figure standing underneath it taking the position of punching stance, he looked as if he’s trying to punch the sky.

And that figure was… Konoha’s Ashura!

Perhaps, no one in this world doesn’t know the name Yuu Naito, almost everyone in the field recognized him from the first glance!

Although Naito wasn’t wearing Konoha’s uniform, and he wasn’t even wearing his forehead protection, but his identity was beyond doubt!

The uniform is just an easy way to identify the identity of the person on the battlefield, but for some famous people, it doesn’t matter what they wear, everyone knows them.

For example, no one will make a mistake at identifying the three legendary Sannin even when they were wearing their personal costumes.

“It’s him!”

“Konoha’s Ashura… Yuu Naito, is the one who is actually trying to invade our village?”

Under the horror and the shocked faces of the Sand Ninjas, the confrontation between Naito and the Anbu Captain has finally come to a determination!

This is a decisive battle between the two men egos.


At the same time, they heard this sound, and a crack appeared on the edge of the spear!

In fact, this technique was strong; still, it wasn’t strong enough in front of Naito’s shock force!

The cracks continued to spread on the entire spear, and finally, it got destroyed!

All of the Ninjas got stunned watching this scene.

“This is…”

“The Captain’s strongest technique got actually defeated?”

Almost everyone in the field saw this scene, including the Anbu, some of them didn’t even know how to react.

At the very next second, Naito suddenly rushed flashing toward the Captain, while the former didn’t even have the chance to react.

His technique… Was actually destroyed by Naito?

This is impossible!

How could he be this strong?!

Watching Naito rushing toward him at top speed, the Captain revealed an incredible look on his face.

He wanted to escape, but he couldn’t.

He can’t even use his technique again!

Not only that he went out of Chakra using that technique, but his body has also suffered some injuries from the reflection of Naito’s shock.

And there was no time to recover.


Naito flashed in front of him, and suddenly the blood splashed on his forehead, as he cut the Captain’s neck with his sword.

He didn’t look at Naito, he was just looking at the sky, struggling as he was falling down to reach it, he looked like he was trying to catch something, but in the end, he fell down.

Naito looked at his body in silent.

Naito knew what he was thinking at that last second… The power of the Wind Nature couldn’t beat everything in the end.

Although he was strong, the power of an ordinary ninja has its limit.

You cannot fight a unique Nature like the shock with the wind, it’s just too hard!

The legends say that no one could fight Ashura and Indra the Six Path’s sons.

The Uchiha and the Sanju were the successors of these two.

It can be said that the people who have the blood of these two will always be stronger, this is a world were the one who has the strongest bloodline limit rules.

This why Naito has always admired Dai and Gai.

Because they weren’t successors, they didn’t have any special bloodline limit, and they didn’t even have the talent to use Ninjutsu!

However, they managed to break their limits with their own efforts, with their own fists!

Yes, the limit, that wall between, the Kage level and Gods level.

Most of the people couldn’t crush it, even the Third Hokage couldn’t reach it, only a few people can cross the sky and reach the heavens!

This was the case even for Hanzo he was just a Demi-God!

The man laying on the ground in front of him was a man just like Dai, a man who tried to break his limit.

The only difference is that this man failed, even if Naito didn’t kill him, he estimated that it was impossible for him even if he lived for a decade to break that limit, after all, even the original didn’t mention his name!

However, Dai and Gai succeeded.

They proved to the whole world with their own fists that even ordinary people can also reach the peak!

Do you think mastering the Hachimon Tenko is easy? Think Again!

It’s very difficult!

If it’s that easy, why do you think that Dai and Gai were the only ones who succeeded to open the Eight Gates?

Not only difficult, its kind of impossible, even opening the first few gates is difficult; otherwise, all the Jonins and the Anbu should have at least mastered opening the few first Gates!

However, both Dai and Gai did it, they litteraly rewrote their destiny, even if it was for just a moment, it was enough for Gai to almost kill Madara, the strongest Shinobi in the history!

“Although I don’t know your name, I will always remember you.”

Looking at the dead body of the Anbu captain, Naito leaned toward him and whispered these words softly in a touch of respect.

Later, Naito looked up and glance at the crowd in front of him.

All of the ninjas felt a cold chill on the back of their necks looking at Naito as if they were looking at a monster!