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T.S.H Chapter 178: The Third Kazekage

All the Ninjas in the field felt like if they were dreaming looking at this scene.


All of them felt a horrible pain in their hearts.

The man who Naito has just killed was the Anbu Captain himself!

Just a moment ago, they thought that the Anbu Captain is gonna kill the person who invaded their Village, they didn’t expect that invader to be Konoha’s Ashura.

What they didn’t also expect that Naito will be strong enough to block the Captain Spear Technique, and Kill him this easily!

“Shit, Step Back!”


Finally, some of them shouted these words, the others didn’t even know who gave the orders, but they all retreated at once.

The main plan was to surrounder the invader from all direction, but that was before they knew Naito’s identity.

Surrounding this monster?!

That’s impossible!!

they gave him that Nickname for a purpose, that man is a God of War, he’s a Killing machine, even thousands of shinobis won’t be able to stop him!

Many Ninjas from the Sand has been killed by the hands of Naito in the war!

The people who survived that war talked about him as if he was the Reaper himself, and the people who were here today weren’t ready to sacrifice their lives to verify if what they heard was true.

Naito didn’t even move, and nearly one hundred Shinobis from the sand fell back, that was really a shocking scene even to him.

Although he had a lot of battles before where he needed to fight a large number of people all by himself, this has never happened before.

A person standing there alone in silence, and a whole army of ninjas shaking from fear!

This is a determination for what he did in the war! This is the worth of the name and fame he gained!

Naito kept watching them, even the Anbu were falling back, with a dull expression Naito begin to move forward.

The more he moved forward, the more the others stepped back!

No one dared to face Naito!

“Surely, the Sand is a lot weaker than Konoha when it comes to seals.”

After he took few more steps forward, Naito was sure that no one will dare to attack him.

If he did this to Konoha, the Anbu would have already made a formation and sealed him using the Four Violet Flames Formation technique.

However, the Sands didn’t have such a seal, even the seal that they used to capture Shukaku wasn’t that strong.

Of course, the only reason that Konoha had these kinds of seals, is because they’ve learned them from the Uzumaki Clan, but that’s wasn’t all, Konoha also had a lot of Secret forbidden Ninjutsu… These kinds of Ninjutsu can almost change the course of the battlefield, it can even change the fate of the whole world!

Naito continued to move forward, looking at those ninjas who were very afraid of him.

It all started when the Sand hidden Village decided to attack the Kusanagi Clan!

Although the Kusanagi Clan were the best blacksmiths, they weren’t that strong as Shinobis, they cannot be compared to such big clans like the Uchiha or the Sanju.

Facing one of the five strongest villages, the Kusanagi couldn’t do anything to defend themselves.

But now, Naito the successor of the Kusanagi Clan is standing alone facing the entire villages by himself with no fear in his heart, in fact, Naito was as calm as ever.

This kind of mentality, this kind of focus, Naito had never reached such a state even when he fought against Madara.

Going forward, someone has finally appeared in front of Naito.

This person didn’t retreat like the others, he didn’t even look afraid.

Because that person was the Kazekage himself!

The Third Kazekage, and the strongest one in the whole history of the Sand hidden Village, he possessed the Kekkei Genkai of the Magnet Release which allowed him to convert his chakra into strong magnetic forces!

The Third Kazekage stood there quietly, the breeze blew which made his robe move slightly.

Naito stopped and looked into the eyes of the Third Kazekage.

The moment he observed his presence and Chakra, Naito felt a little bit doubtful.

The original story didn’t reveal how did Sasori kill the third Kazekage, although the two of them didn’t fight yet, Naito was sure that this man in front of him was strong and worthy of being the strongest Kazekage.

His Chakra was very strong, he also could control magnet, iron and even sand!

With his magnetic control, this is immune from all metallic weapons, and obviously, all weapons are made from iron.

The fact that Sasori has managed to kill him doesn’t prove his power; instead, it shows how much he was lucky.

“Konoha’s Ashura…”

The Third Kazekage looked at Naito who stopped moving, he took a deep breath, then he stared at him with very cold eyes.

“One person, break into my village, takes my sword, and kills my people, it’s just too much, you should have escaped the moment you had what you’ve come here for.”

Everyone in the field heard these words, and suddenly it caused a burst of exclamation, everyone looked at Naito, and couldn’t help but get surprised.

Naito is actually alone?!

Originally, they thought that Naito at least has brought some people along with him and they were hidden.

But now after they heard the Kazekage’s words, they all got surprised.

In other words, Naito has dared to invade the whole village alone!!

It was shocking, but it caused the people in the field to also get angry, he’s actually looking down on them?

“One person is enough.”

Naito mocked the Kazekage and replayed to his words with a sarcastic response.

In the Original story, Deidara also invaded the Sand village, he captured their Kazekage Gara, and no one managed to stop him from leaving the village, although Deidara had Sasori as his partner, he didn’t participate in that mission.

Therefore, Naito wasn’t actually the first person to do that.

Speaking of this, Naito has also had what he came for, and all that he needed to do now is to escape, the moment he thought about that, Naito smirked, and couldn’t help but smile lightly.