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T.S.H Chapter 312: Space Punch

The opening of Sixth Gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou is straightforward, just a simple shock force was more than enough to open it.

Moreover, the body didn’t take a long time to adapt to this new power.

Naito’s body has directly adapted to the new power the moment the Sixth Gate was opened!

In order to open the Sixth Gate, Naito has raised the gravity to its highest point using the Added-Weight Rock Technique, until it was no longer effective on him.

The Perfect Sage Mode itself is very powerful. Its the reason why Senju Hashirama has become the God of Shinobi, the Mokuton Release was just a pleasant bonus.

Even the healing ability of the Perfect Sage Mode is more significant, although it’s not close to Tsunade’s technique, The Strength of a Hundred Seal, it’s still a good self-healing ability.

Even if the chest is penetrated and the internal organs are destroyed, it can be quickly healed.

Along with such a strong physical strength, Naito could easily withstand the after-effects of opening the Sixth Gate and quickly adapt his body to the new enhancements.

The Sixth Gate got directly linked with the other first five gates already. And the Perfect Sage Mode helped with the rapid interconnection and the mutual promotion.

Just after a few breaths, Naito’s Chakra ushered itself to the sky.

This time, Naito’s Chakra has stepped to the level of a Super-Hokage, along with the Perfect Sage Mode, perhaps his Chakra has even surpassed Senju Hashirama!

A human, who managed to surpass a Bijuu in terms of Chakra amount, is indeed a monster and should be close the level of Gods.

Six Gates, Six shining stars, forming a mysterious path in Naito’s body.

This is not fantasy, this real, and clearly visible to any perceptual ninja!

Naito’s body is near perfect with the opening of the Sixth Gate. It can be said that Naito has pushed his body to an extreme extent, and it’s almost free of flaws.

If there’s a flaw, it will be the unlocked Seventh and Eighth Gate.

However, the path was clear in Naito’s mind, once he opens the Seventh Gate, his body will surpass the so-called perfection and go even further.

That… Must be the path to reach the Sixth Path Level!

It’s not that the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou is much stronger than the original technique. However, Naito didn’t only rely on it, he also learned the Lightning Armour and mastered the Third Stage, and also reached the Second Stage of the Sage Mode. Which made him surpass Gai and Dai.

Naito’s body is stronger, which makes the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou naturally better.

Finally, Naito slowly opened his eyes after he fully controlled his new powers.

“This is the power of the Sixth Gate…”

Naito whispered, clenched his fist, sensing the new power in his body, it seems that the control of the Shock Force has also reached its limit.

With one punch, he can project his Shock Force within a range of dozen of miles, and even destroy Konoha with one blow.

At the same time, Yuu Naito can easily make this horrible attack range infinitely compressed or focus it into a line, or a point.

Naito can manipulate the Shock Force, into any form, there’s no longer a difference between a punch or a shock wave!

Condensed, or extended, a line, or a point, spread in or out, targetting a subject or space, are all shock attacks.

Naito wasn’t sure if he could break the defense of a complete Susanoo or Senju Hashirama’s True Several Thousand Hands before.

However, Naito has become confident that if he encounters any of these techniques, they won’t be able to resist his Shock Force!

Because after he gathered all of these power together, Naito started to sense space itself.

This is something he has never had before.

He seemed to break the space before, but in reality, it was just the air disruption and the Shock Force external shape.

Now Naito feels that his all-out punch is capable of breaking the space itself. Because of this, Naito could feel the space texture.

Naito could clearly remember when Gai has opened the Eight Gate in the Original, his last strike was powerful to the extent of distorting the space, it was very intense to the point where it was even apparent to the naked eye.


In order to clarify this feeling, Naito needed to test his new power.

He gathered all of his power into one punch and swang it.

The silence controlled as his fist fell, the void in front of his eyes suddenly waved with curved marks in it, then in an instant flashed to a mountain in the distance.

The silence was still controlling the space, as the ripples seemed to run directly through the mountain, and then continued to go away and disappear into the horizon.

“Sure enough.”

Naito smiled, looking at the effect of his own punch.

That distortion wasn’t the effect of a Shock wave, but a real spatial warping!

Although it wasn’t clear as the Night Gai, it was still a real space distortion with the power of shocking the space!

A punch that can break the space. Can the complete Susanoo, or the True Several Thousand Hands block such an attack?

Naito didn’t know the answer, but he wanted to give it a try.

“Unfortunately, Madara is currently in his weakest states, and Hashirama is currently in the AfterWorld, it will be long before he gets summoned by the Edo Tensei.”

Naito retracted his fist back and felt a little bit lonely, he felt invincible, and there’s nothing left in the world that can face him, but that feeling didn’t last long.

There’s still a lot of enemies left in the world, even if Madara’s plan fails, or even if Hashirama doesn’t get summoned by the Edo Tensei, there’s still the Sixth Path who’s observing the world from the dark, there’s also Kaguya that Zetsu will not rest until he frees her out of her cage.

There are a lot of many enemies, and the road has not yet reached its end.

“Perhaps I’ve reached the last stage, but this is not enough, I will break all the limits, and surpass all the stages, and make a new one where I will stand alone!”