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T.S.H Chapter 367: Black Zetsu

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

Consecutive roars emitted from a distance. Minato raised his head and saw a beam of light penetrating the sky. Suddenly that light fell on both of the Yonbi and the Gobi, and slammed them on the ground!

“Yuu Naito?? No… It’s not Naito, it’s him…”

A dazzling light flashed in Minato’s eyes, but then he calmed down, and his expression turned back to being cold.

A terrible bottomless pit appeared on the ground, with both of the Tailed-Beasts completely suppressed in it.

The scene made everyone remember the time when Naito suppressed the Kyuubi before. Almost all of Konoha’s Shinobis looked at this scene shocked. No one has ever expected that there’s a second person to Naito, who could suppress a Bijuu with his bare hands!

Even Obito looked surprised, then said: “This is… The Hachimon Tonkou?! He could suppress both the Yonbi and the Gobi, impressive, almost close, to that person’s level.”

“You’re Bijuu got suppressed, do you wish to continue this struggle?”

Minato stared at Obito coldly.

Obito replied with a strange look in his eyes: “Struggle? Acting so high and mighty, and you’re just…”


Suddenly, Obito stepped back a few feet, then he suddenly started doing some hand signs.

Noticing that, Minato instantly stepped forward, trying to interrupt his attack, but he suddenly passed through Obito’s body!

After he avoided Minato’s attack, Obito’s body turned solid once again, then he completed his hand signs almost instantly, and pressed his hand on the ground.

“Summoning Technique!”


The white smoke emerged, and a huge figure appeared in front of Minato, which made him surprisingly shocked.

“Impossible! This is…”

“Yes, it’s the Kyuubi, well… Half of it. It will allow you to continue playing. Or will it be the Hachimon Tonkou’s user?”

Obito snorted, then he disappeared in the vortex.

Minato didn’t try to stop Obito from leaving, he clenched his teeth, then looked at the Kyuubi, who he needed to stop his Bijuudama.

The Gobi and Yonbi were already suppressed. Just when Konoha’s Shinobis were about to breathe a sigh of relief, they got troubled again with this sudden appearance of the Kyuubi.

Some of them turned their backs a little by little, then froze on the ground the moment their sights fell on the Kyuubi’s colossal body.

Why is the Kyuubi here?!

The hell is the Kyuubi doing here?! What is this an organized attack from the Bijuu?!!

Minato looked at the Kyuubi, and a drop of sweat fell from his chin. He didn’t believe he could stop him, he has consumed a lot of his Chakra.

The same case was for the other Shinobi, including Sarutobi, not everyone had the same demonic power as Naito.

Minato could fight toe to toe with the Kyuubi. He could transfer the Kyuubi’s Bijuudama and prevent him from destroying the Village, he could even move the Kyuubi directly if he wanted, but he wouldn’t be able to win, because the human’s power will always get exhausted.

Although the Kyuubi’s Chakra is not infinite, compared to the humans, it’s indeed almost inexhaustible.

Konoha’s forces continued the fight the Kyuubi, and Minato forcibly teleported him out of the Village with what left of Chakra in him, and a space vortex appeared outside of the Village, with Obito’s emerging out of it.

He looked in the distance space with an in-depth look in his eyes.

“His Chakra should be exhausted.. He won’t be able to use that technique.”

“Are you talking about the Shiki Fujin?”

The first sentence was spoken by Obito, but the second came from behind.

Obito’s pupils flinched, he turned around, and from the first glance, he saw a figure with a white cloak in front of him.

Naito glanced into the distance and saw Minato using the Shiki Fujin, then shook his head slightly.

With Naito’s current strength, he could directly sense the existence of the death god, Shiki, behind Minato. However, it looked slightly off! He could sense a bloodline similar to those of the Otsutsuki clan, and It even looked remarkably identical to Otsutsuki Kaguya.

Still, it had some differences and didn’t feel like it had a consciousness similar to a human being.

After shaking his head, Naito gazed on Obito’s body in front of him, with a very cold stare.

Naito has always wondered what happened to Obito after he disappeared? Now he finally got the answer.

“Should I call you Uchiha Obito, or… Black Zetsu?”


Obito kept quiet for a while, then his face got suddenly covered by a black thing!

Everything was covered, but his Mongekyou Sharingan!

“How do you know about my existence?”

Uchiha Obito… Or Black Zetsu, said with an exceptionally hoarsely sound, and with a deep sense of fear in his tone.

Although this was Obito’s body, it was also mixed with Hashirama’s cells, and controlled by Black Zetsu’s consciousness.

Not only transplanted, but you can also say that Hashirama’s cells got mixed with his body; his body has been transformed for a long time now.

Naito wasn’t sure whether Uchiha Obito’s consciousness was still there. Even if it was, it should be only a small part of it. After all, the event of Kakashi killing Rin with his hands didn’t take place in this world.

Naito stared coldly at Black Zetsu in front of him and didn’t answer his question.

It was such a cold gaze that suddenly caused the temperature to drop a few degrees directly, even the ground under Black Zetsu’s feet suddenly cracked!

However, under the pressure of such a terrible momentum, they only become more terrified.

“What is your purpose of doing all of this?”

Naito looked at Black Zetsu and said coldly.

It’s impossible for Black Zetsu to inexplicably destroy Konoha. Something must have happened, but Naito didn’t have any idea about it.

Naito didn’t care much about Nagato and Obito, but this guy was Kaguya’s third son, and he worked hard over the years to resurrect his mother. Once, he even had the world playing on the palm of his hand.

After hearing Naito’s question, Black Zetsu suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, and said: I thought that you really knew everything, but it doesn’t seem to be that way.”

“It looks like you’re not willing to answer my question.”

Naito looked at Black Zetsu indifferently…

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