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T.S.H Chapter 368: Kamui

Black Zetsu looked ridiculously at Naito, then answer.

“Of course, I don’t want to answer your question.”

“Then… You don’t need to.”

Naito looked at Black Zetsu indifferently.

“What are you gonna do about it? Kill me? Let’s see you try it!”

Black Zetsu, who was in full control of Obito’s body, looked at Naito with his Mongekyou Sharingan revealing his killing intent.

Black Zetsu knew very well the strength of these eyes.

The Kamui serves as a gateway to another dimensional space, in which the user can move all or parts of his body between at will. Even if it’s Naito, as long as he’s in a whole different dimension, there’s no way that Naito’s attacks can reach him!

Naito was too lazy to talk some sense into him, and just punched him directly.

Black Zetsu looked at that punch with a sneer, but that expression got wiped off his face quickly.


The moment he swang that fist, the cracks on the space spread instantly!

It looked very similar to his usual attacks, but in fact, it was a different type.

These cracks… were distorting the space!


The punch that bent the space directly hit Black Zetsu’s body.

The moment he saw Naito’s attack coming, Black Zetsu used the Kamui to transfer his body to another dimension, which only left his illusory form.

However, Naito’s punch opened another dimensional space between the two dimensions and connected his punch to Black Zetsu’s body, bombarding him!

Although he managed successfully to teleport to the other dimension, the two spaces were still connected to each other through the space vortex.

It’s like two eggs, the shells are tightly attacked together, and Kamui is almost like the central point between the two, and the vortex space is the key!

Ordinary attacks cannot shake space. It’s naturally impossible to attack a body that has moved a different space, but Naito’s punch… Can distort space!

Although, Naito’s current strength cannot break the space, and the connection between the two dimensions, but the space vortex was the key to that.

And since Naito’s strength can bend the space, he could transfer part of the Shock Force through that wall connecting the two dimensions.

Therefore, even with the use of the Kamui, Black Zetsu wasn’t completely immune to Naito’s attack!


Black Zetsu spit out blood. Of course, that blood was actually Obtio’s blood. Black Zetsu had an extremely strange form as if it was pure spiritual energy.

If Naito’s force didn’t get weakened a lot by passing through another space, he would have died!

After spitting the blood, Black Zetsu looked extremely horrified.

“Impossible! This is impossible! How did you manage to attack me? The power of these eyes…”

Looking at how terrified Black Zetsu looked, Naito looked at him ridiculously, he knew the Kamui’s weaknesses, and even if he didn’t, his power was enough to beat him!

“The Kamui, you can use a space vortex to transfer yourself to another space, or you can suck other things inside it, and also you can obtain an illusory form, and exist in both dimensions.”

“A perfect ability, but… It has weaknesses.”

These few words made Black Zetsu even more terrified.

Why does Naito know all of this?!!

He never showed this ability twice, and no one knew about it besides him. When did Naito saw it? Why does he talk about Kamui as if he has seen it before!!

Under all of these unanswered questions, Black Zetsu didn’t dare to comfort Naito anymore and tried to use his Kamui to flee.

“You’re going already?!”

The moment his sound emitted, Naito’s body suddenly flickered and appeared in front of Black Zetsu, then punched him!

Want to run now after you’ve provoked him?!


The space above Black Zetsu got suddenly distorted, and a horrifying Shock Force Punch slammed him down.

The moment he uses that Space Vortex, the two dimensions get completely connected to each other. Naito’s speed could beat the timing of the teleportation, and Black Zetsu can’t fully transfer his body to the other space and escape.

Unable to use the illusory form, under Naito’s punch, Black Zetsu had no choice of surviving!

Thus, he didn’t have any choice but to keep his illusory form.

The moment Naito’s fist fell, Black Zetsu felt like he has almost gone mad. If his eyes can penetrate space, then, it can also see clearly the Shinobi World distorting violently under Naito’s punch. The space vortex got suddenly bent, and finally, Naito’s punch blasted Black Zetsu’s body.


Naito’s punch penetrated Black Zetsu’s body, then it suddenly struck the ground under him, causing it to collapse. His punch’s shape got printed on the ground then spread out from so many miles underground.


Blood spurt out of Black Zetsu’s mouth once again, with endless horror evident in his eyelids. If his body wasn’t connected to Obito’s who is combined with Hashirama’s cells, he could have died just now!

“Even with Hashirama’s cells, I won’t have a chance in front of him. This guy is strong, he can even bend space. Damn, how can a human reach such a terrible level…”

Suddenly, Black Zetsu looked up with his Mongekyou Sharingan eyes at Naito.


He knew it was impossible to flee, so the only way was to kill Naito!


This time the space vortex didn’t appear on Black Zetsu’s body, but on Naito’s body, twisting his body and transferring it to the other dimension.

“Even if you’re strong, I don’t think you can live without your head!”

Black Zetsu stared coldly at Naito’s, revealing his killing intent.

But in the next moment, Naito suddenly flickered, then flashed in the air, avoiding the vortex space.

Naito’s speed in the short-range is comparable to Minato’s Flying Thunder God.

Unless it’s the Flying Thunder God’s seal that can transfer him instantly, even the fastest space vortex won’t work against Naito!

“Too fast!”

Watching Naito easily avoiding his attack, Black Zetsu’s heart sank more in horror.

Cutting a person’s head off using the vortex space will be very effective against any ordinary ninja. Even a Perfect Sage Mode user will die. After All, he’s not a Sixth Path Mode user.

However, this attack didn’t have any effect on Naito. He already used the fastest speed, but he still couldn’t catch Naito!

After he discovered that Naito had some special perception ability, he didn’t dare to come near to Naito; thus, he didn’t know how strong Naito has become.

However, now after he faced him and experienced it with his own body, he finally understood how strong Naito is!

However, he was still shocked!

“These eyes are a little bit troublesome…”

Naito looked at Black Zetsu in front of him with a serious expression, these Mongekyou Sharingan were still a threat to him.

However, he was only a little bit serious.

“This guy…”

There was a deep sense of fear in Black Zetsu’s eyes. Although he has just discovered that Naito didn’t know everything, and the mist around started to blow away a little.

He instantly got shrouded in the mist again.

Black Zetsu didn’t know precisely how Naito knows about the Obito’s Mongekyou Sharingan’s abilities.

No one has ever given him such a headache before.

Even Uchiha Madara has always been playing on the palm of his hand. Everything was under control since the death of Hagoromo.

His masterplan to resurrect his mother was going so well until this man suddenly appeared!

Moreover, it’s no longer a question of whether he could control Naito, but more like if he could survive.

It was impossible to attack Naito with the Kamui. Naito’s speed was too fast, and he could easily avoid the vortex space, and if he wanted to use it on his body, Naito could easily attack him and prevent him from escaping.

He couldn’t maintain his illusory form, and in front of Naito’s, the smallest flaw, is enough to kill him!

Of course, all of this wasn’t important. The real point is that there was no way for him to survive.

And this is was the scariest point!

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