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T.S.H Chapter 369: The End Of a Hero

Outside Konoha.

Minato used the Shiki Fujin and sealed the Kyuubi into Naruto’s body.

No matter how many times he looked at the Kyuubi, he seemed a little bit smaller than the last time when rampaged. However, he must be firmly controlled.

In the Third Shinobi War, Konoha suffered significant loss without its Jinchuriki and had to ask Naito for help. Without him, Konoha will only suffer more.

However, Naito can’t help Konoha every time, especially after Danzo’s incident, the relationship seems to have worsened once again. If a war breaks out again, Sarutobi won’t have the choice to ask for Naito’s help.

Now that the Kyuubi has appeared, it might seem like a crisis at first, but on second thought, it also represented an opportunity for Konoha too.

Minato didn’t want to miss this opportunity and finally chose to seal the Kyuubi. Konoha could use the Kyuubi’s powers, and the only person who has inherited the Uzumaki blood, was his son, Naruto.

Minato temporarily closed the Kyuubi’s Chakra with the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style Seal, leaving only a small part of that he has being sealed in his body.

After all of this was done, a roaring sound emitted, causing Konoha’s Ninja to get horrified.


As soon as they heard that roar, the hearts skipped a beat. Defending against three Bijuu was already enough to be called a fierce battle, and now they didn’t have any Chakra left.

One more attack and they were as good as gone!

All of them turned around, a little by a little, praying secretly in their hearts that it won’t be another giant beast!

It was dark, and they couldn’t see Naito and Black Zetsu in the distance, but Naito’s power was too horrible, with one punch, the sky felt like trembling!

Everyone could clearly see the cracks in the sky under Naito’s punch, but that wasn’t all. Even the mountain that was holding him and Zetsu got smashed!

“That’s… Naito-Sama!”

“Naito-Sama has came to save us again?!!”

The moment they saw Naito’s figure, all of the breathed a sigh of relief.

The expression on Minato’s face became somehow indescribable.

Why did he come at this time…

He should have come a little bit earlier.

He felt extremely depressed, but Minato couldn’t blame Naito. He could see the person Naito was attacking, but he should be the one responsible for the Bijuu’s rampage.

And although he was so strong, Naito could finish him with a single move.

Minato fought for a long time with Black Zetsu, who was controlling Obito’s body. He knew that the Space Ninjutsu that this guy was using was above his Flying Thunder God.

He believed that he could beat Naito in speed with the Flying Thunder God, but now he appeared to be foolish!

“It doesn’t matter now… It’s all thanks to Naito! If he didn’t come… I don’t know what would have happened next…”

Minato took a deep breath; he didn’t think of the reason behind Naito’s arrival, because he didn’t have time to think.

The knife in the Demon’s hand behind Minato fell, completely cutting off his soul, and a small part of the Kyuubi, then it absorbed it completely.

Konoha’s Shinobis, who were watching the battle between Naito and Black Zetsu, didn’t notice that the Fourth Hokage, Namikaze Minato, has passed away silently.

Compared to Minato, Kurama was also feeling extremely depressed. His Chakra was once got eaten by the Kinkaku brother, then he got forcibly cut off into two halves by Naito.

Just now, he got forcibly divided into two unequal parts by Minato. The larger was sealed into Naruto’s body, while the smaller piece was sealed into Minato’s and got devoured by that demon.

The reason that Minato didn’t have time to think about fell on the Sarutobi’s shoulders.

He was also wondering why anyone would attack Konoha this way. Without mentioning, the Kyuubi’s sudden appearance, which was extremely strange.

The Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki should be Kushina. How did the Kyuubi appear here? Could it be that something terrible has happened to Kushina?!!

This might explain why Naito ahs came to Konoha at this time, chasing the person responsible for that.

In fact, there was a bit of guilt in Sarutobi’s heart because he felt like it should have been the one to use the Shiki Fujin seal. He was old, and Minato was still young, and the current Hokage.

But he didn’t expect to hesitate at the moment, and before he could make the decision, Minato has already used the seal!

Sarutobi could totally understand why did Minato used the seal, and only guilt was left in his heart. After all, Minato was the only man who truly inherited the Will of Fire!

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

The ground trembled, and the roaring sound was like the striking of a thunderbolt. A white light kept flashing around, and every time it flickered, a terrifying force burst out.

This power was even stronger than the Bijuudama that the Tailed-Beasts has used before!

Even Dai, who has used the Hachimon Tonkou, and opened the Eight Gates to suppress the Yonbi and the Gobi, felt weaker.


Finally, another explosion sound emitted, and the ground suddenly waved like a rough sea.

The Shinobis seemed like they have woke up from a dream. Under the horror of this scene, each one of them used hurriedly what remained of his Chakra to perform a defensive Ninjutsu and blocked the aftereffect of this attack.

Just to deal with after effect, they needed all to work together, and none of them could imagine how powerful the strength at the center is!

Gradually, the force dissipated…

Naito stood in mid-air, and beneath him, there was a vast pit that even he didn’t know how deep it was.

The size was just too scary.

There was nothing at the bottom of the pit, not even an instinct, not even Black Zetsu or Obito’s bodies.

“It’s a pity, those eyes were strong.”

Looking at the pit on the ground, Naito shook his head.

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