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T.S.H Chapter 426: Mistake

Under this kind of horror, Zabuza couldn’t even say a word for a few seconds, his mind went completely blank, and immediately pulled his hand from the water cell, then he transformed into a shadow, and quickly flashed to the distance.

Not to mention attacking Naito, he didn’t even dare to look back!

In front of Naito, Zabuza, the demon of the mist, became more like Zabuza, the scared cat.

Naruto and Sasuke were stunned, and they haven’t reacted yet.

What did just happen?


Kakashi, who had escaped from the water cell, wasn’t surprised that he would run without turning his head.

“That guy ran away?”

Naruto, who finally reacted, couldn’t help but murmur with a look of surprise.

Sakura on the side was also surprised, but she reacted quickly, saying: “That guy could defeat Kakashi-Sensei, then when his Sensei came along, he couldn’t have any choice but run away, if the two joined forces, they would have killed him.”

“Not quite right.”

Sasuke stood there with a confused expression, then looked at Naito, and said: “Obviously that guy couldn’t stop him, but why didn’t Kakashi-sensei chase after him?

The three kids were whispering, but Kakashi could hear them all clearly.

Escape? He couldn’t stop him?

If Minato was the one who came for the rescue, Kakashi wouldn’t have made a move too, because he could easily capture him with his speed, but facing someone like Naito, escaping was a mistake… he should have just stayed there and waited for his death!

The moment he thought about that, Naito glanced at the direction Zabuza took to escape, he has already faded away, and couldn’t be seen anymore. But Naito was too lazy to chase, so he just waved his hand casually.

Silently, Zabuza, who had run a long distance, suddenly froze in his place.

Of course, this scene was no longer visible for Naruto and Sasuke.

The three kids looked strangely at Naito, who suddenly waved his hand out of the blue, not knowing what he was doing.

But the next moment, they will know.


Suddenly, the ground in front of Naito, where is hand fell violently split in two!

A terrible abyss suddenly appeared and spread to the distance in an instant.

The most shocking thing that even a mountain in the distance couldn’t stop its extension, and it got split fiercely from the middle the moment it reached it!

What a shocking scene!

Upon seeing this, Naruto and Sasuke looked extremely shocked, as if they were hit by a lightning bolt, their minds turned blank for a moment, and they were unable to even think.

At this moment, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura like they were dreaming. Their faces were full of surprise, their eyes widened, and their jaws almost fell on the ground!

Kakashi’s battle with Zabuza that looked incredible to them, after seeing this, seemed more like two kids playing.

However, Naito, who created this terrifying scene, actually frowned, slightly dissatisfied.

He killed him, but he caused an unexpectedly large amount of damage to the place. Sure enough, it is a little difficult to kill an ant without crushing the ant next.

However, in the ninja world, the weakest Ninjutsu can tear the ground and split mountains!

“Forget it.”

Feeling that last breathes of that ant, Naito shook his head calmly, then hit the ground with his foot.


Along with a loud sound, the abyss that was created before closed again, and the two sides of the mountain in the distance also squeezed together, in an extremely awkward moment.

This scene finally made Naruto and Sasuke come back to their senses and look at Naito.

Naruto looked at Naito with some shock, and at the same time, he couldn’t help but compare him to the Third Hokage, but he still thought that the latter was stronger.

Sasuke looked excited and felt longing thinking, it is this power, if he can get this power, he can definitely kill that man!

As for Sakura, she felt shocked but also had a lot of admiration in her heart for Naito, and at the same time, she couldn’t help but carefully observe Naito, who looked younger than Kakashi.

Naito glanced at the three of them this time. Sakura didn’t dare to look at him and lowered her head, while her cheeks became slightly red.

As for Naruto and Sasuke, they subconsciously swallowed their salvia at the same time.

Naito’s eyes were locked on Sasuke and Naruto. He could clearly feel Indra’s Chakra, and Ashura’s Chakra attached to them.

If the two are combined, it’s possible to create a Rinnegan.

But… then what?

After thinking of this, Naito turned his head.

Kakashi was also looking at Naruto and Sasuke at this time. He naturally couldn’t feel Indra and Ashura’s Chakra flowing in their bodies. He just felt a little scared.

If he really let Zabuza kill these three back then, he wouldn’t be able to face his father, nor his teacher Minato, and obviously, he wouldn’t dare to face Naito, who trained him once.

After taking a deep breath, Kakashi slowly calmed down, and asked Naito in a respectful tone: “Naito-Sensei, I don’t know if you are…”

“I was just passing by.”

Naito turned to look at Kakashi, then nodded slightly at him.

Although Naito has often traveled to Konoha in the past few years, Naito has never seen Kakashi, but occasionally, once or twice, he met Anko, Gai, and Hinata’s teacher Kurenai.

Naito also secretly observed Sasuke and Naruto, who didn’t know about his existence. Because Naruto didn’t have any friends or someone to talk to, and Sasuke was a lone wolf, neither of them even heard of his name.

It’s Sakura, who was a little familiar with his name, and felt like she has heard of it somewhere.

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