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T.S.H Chapter 477: Uchiha Madara Reappears

Hinata also couldn’t react because she was too close, and even though she had been hit by Naito, she didn’t die; thus, she figured out that something was wrong.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Facing each other, Hinata was ready to attack “Naito,” suddenly a hand stretched out of the void, grabbed “Naito” by the neck, and yanked him on the ground.

Suddenly, “Naito” who attacked Hinata, turned back to his original form, and it turned out to be White Zetsu!

And the hand that suddenly stretched out of the void continuously extended, then Naito walked out.

Carrying White Zetsu’s clone, Naito directly threw it outside. White kept flying into the sky, then exploded into pieces.

“You did a great job during the daytime, but you lost your focus at night… You should have figured out that it wasn’t me.” Naito said with a helpless expression.

Naito knew that White Zetsu’s clones were gonna sneak into the camp, so Naito deliberately paid attention to the camp, only to find out that one has taken his appearance!

Obviously, White Zetsu knows about the relationship between Naito and Hinata. However, with her second stage of the Sage Mode transformation, even without opening the Byakugan, she should be able to know that it was White Zetsu’s clone.

In the end, he managed to fool her because he took Naito’s appearance.

Fortunately, Naito paid attention to the camp form the beginning. Otherwise, unless he has some habit of peeping at the girl’s dorm, he wouldn’t have arrived at the right time.

However, Naito really felt speechless. They really dared to take his form!

And these girls have really thought he has broken into the girl’s dorm!
“Yes… I’m sorry…”

Hinata lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at Naito. She made such a mistake, she was careless, and she almost got injured.

Sakura and Ino also felt embarrassed. They didn’t expect White Zetu’s clone to take Naito’s appearance, and the two of them didn’t even react. They even thought that Naito is the one who breaks into their dorm, which is even more embarrassing.

“Okay, pay more attention next time.”

Noticing Hinata’s expression, Naito didn’t admonish her more. He just shook his head helplessly and said, “By the way, there is more than one White Zetsu’s clone in this camp, so you need to go and deal with them.”

“Ah… me?”

Hinata raised her head weakly and looked at Naito. She still lacked self-confidence, which made Naito smile. Even though she got stronger, she never changed.

“Well, you can, if you want.”

Naito didn’t order her. He knew her, and he knew that she will do the right thing.

So, after nodding, Naito turned around and disappeared.


What happened that night was just a small event. The Fourth Shinobi World War was still going on. However, as the ninjas reincarnated by the Edo Tenseiwere being sealed one after another, the Allied Shinobi Forces gradually gained the upper hand.

Although the state of their body cannot be beaten to death by ordinary people, and their amount of Chakra is unlimited, there are weaknesses.

Ninjas, who have experienced countless life and death situations, will almost always have strong instincts, able to exert one hundred and two percent of their power while focusing.

However, the people in the reincarnated state cannot have these enthusiastic feelings, nor can they have any sense of crisis, which causes them to be relatively slow, and they can display up to 80% of their power.

And more importantly, most of the ninjas who got reincarnated by the Edo Tensei had their consciousness, and they were telling others how to beat them.

In this case, although the Edo Tensei was strong, it had a lot of weaknesses.

Moreover, the original protagonist, Uzumaki Naruto, failed to beat Uchiha Sasuke, who had the eternal Mongekyou Sharingan and got captured by him.

However, thanks to Naruto’s obstruction, Konoha’s civilians were almost evacuated. Although the Village got completely destroyed by Sasuke, the casualties weren’t serious. After all, almost all of Konoha’s ninjas were on the front line.

The Fourth Shinobi World War. The core of the battlefield.

This is the place where Black Zetsu and the other are located. It’s only a few miles away from the area that the Allied Shinobi Forces inferred and surrounded.

Black Zetsu was attached to Kabuto, maintaining a hand sign, and at the same time, he spoke in a deep voice to White Zetsu’s clone in front of him, with his hoarse tone.

“Any news on Sasuke?”

“I already assisted him in capturing Asura’s successor. The Rinnegan is almost awakened, but he didn’t want to kill Naruto. It seems like your plan didn’t work.”

White Zetsu grinned at Black.

“That’s not important, as long as the Rinnegan eyes appear. Everything is ready now. It’s time to start!”

After he said that, Black smiled weirdly, then he suddenly used a hand sign.

Edo Tensei!

Crack! Crack!!

A coffin appeared, its lid was opened, then Uchiha Madara walked out of it, and said,” So that kid Nagato has finally grown up… huh?!”

Realizing that he wasn’t resurrected, but summoned by the Edo Tense, Madara frowned and turned to look aside.

Seeing Black Zetsu and White Zetsu at a glance, Madara solemnly said, “What’s the matter?

“Madara-Sama, your eyes that you’ve given to Nagato were taken by Naito. In order to resurrect you, I had to temporarily use this technique instead.”

Hearing Black’s explanation, Madara stared at him coldly, then snorted and said, “Even if he transplants my Rinnegan eyes. It will always be mine, and I can control it.”

“But the problem is, it seems that he has destroyed the Rinnegan…”

“Destroyed? He didn’t transplant them?!”

When Madara heard these words, he looked extremely shocked and then suddenly burst in laughter. He didn’t seem angry that his eyes were destroyed.

“That interesting! It’s worthy of being an opponent I recognized. This didn’t fall into my calculations at all, but… Since you used this technique to revive me, then you should be all ready.”

Madara’s laughter gradually ceased, then he looked at Black Zetsu indifferently.

Black Zetsu showed an evil smile, then he said, “Of course, I’ve caught all of the Bijuu except for the Kyuubi, but I already got a part of its Chakra. It should be enough. However…”

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