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T.S.H Chapter 510: Time Ability

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Holy Land Mariejois, World Government.

This is the world’s highest power core. The world government was formed by more than two hundred countries and controlled by five old men who are different in height and shape.

They are the Gorosei.

“Yuu Naito, they say he’s as strong as the three Admirals and perhaps stronger. His Devil Fruit is presumed to be some kind of Space Fruit, with the ability to virtualize the body, and even the Armament Haki can’t eliminate its effect.”

One of the five was sitting there, holding a piece of information in his hand. After pondering for a while, he looked at the other four and said, “What do you think?”

“Sengoku did the right thing. Yuu Naito’s strength is unknown. It’s the best choice to keep him close.”

“However, his Devil Fruit isn’t incomprehensible as he thought. The Devil Fruits have the ability to coexist and restrain each other, and there are always other fruits that can restrain him, and the so-called “unbeaten” might be the case because we just still don’t understand it. There’s no real unbeaten devil fruit in this world.”

“That’s right. And about the rumor that says he’s stronger than the three Admirals, I think it is still within the controllable range even if it’s true. Once we know what his ambitions, we will take immediate measures.”

The five took part in this conversation. They seemed very calm, and they didn’t sound worried or afraid of Naito’s sudden appearance.

After all, these people were sitting on the top for decades, overlooking the sea. God knows how many powerful and abnormal devil fruit abilities they have sene until now, but none has overthrown the world government, and none could shake them.

“However, when it comes to unbeaten devil fruits, there may be real ones, such as that…”

“Well, you said that this Devil Fruit only exists in legends. It has never appeared before, even we have not found any traces for it, Paramecia… Toki-Toki Fruit!”


Marines Headquarters.

Akainu’s office. At this time, Akainu was sitting there looking at a document in front of him and pondering. At this moment, his adjutant walked in, carrying a new record. He saluted him first, then he put it on his desk.

After Akainu glanced at it, he frowned.

“What is this about?”

“These are some orders from the Fleet Admiral, Sengoku. It has been reported to the World Government. It’s not asking for your opinion, but directly informing you.”


Hearing these words, Akainu snorted, then said, “A guy who knows nothing about justice was recruited and promoted directly to a Vice Admiral, really…”

The news of Naito’s battle with Mihawk has almost spread the entire sea, and Akainu naturally knew about it, but he didn’t particularly care.

But today, Akainu suddenly got the news that Naito had become a Vice-Admiral of the Marines Headquarters, and he was given a special status that granted him the right to not be ordered. Even Akainu was not qualified to give orders to Naito, which made him extremely dissatisfied.

In Akainu’s opinion, the Marines Headquarters represents absolute justice. It’s nonsense that someone as arrogant as he was suddenly allowed to join the marines!

“Forget it, but if this guy dares to do something that violates justice, then I will deal with him personally. That Marines doesn’t need such a cancerous tumor!”


Every Admiral has a separate office, and the same is true for the Fleet Admiral, yet not many Vice Admirals can have their respective office, but Naito was one of them.

Naito was sitting in his clean and tidy office with a wooden floor, wooden table, and chair, wrapped in Armament Haki.

The marines headquarters naturally has a Haki training method, and it’s incredibly delicate. Before he came here, Naito just analyzed Mihawk’s Haki and imitated it, but due to physical reasons, his Armament Haki was powerful and hard to control.

However, after getting the marines’ mastering Armament Haki method combined with his research, Naito gradually learned this power.

Although he still can’t cover his entire body with the Armament Haki, he can cover his fist or sword with a hit.

Naito’s Armament Haki is almost outrageous, and if it reaches the level of full-body coverage, only a few people in this world would be able to break his defense.

Moreover, even if Naito’s Armament Haki was defeated, none of them could damage his body.

“It has already been a month. Although I’ve recovered some of my strength, the healing rate will get faster and faster if this continues.”

After dissipating his Armament Haki, Naito sensed the situation in his body, then muttered.

If he initially had less than 1% of his powers, he now has about 1.5%. Although only half a point has been recovered, that half a point was enough to crush a Vice Captain!

And adding up is not a simple as one plus one equals two.

And since almost no one in this world can hurt Naito, it means that his defensive power is exceeding the limit, while his attacking power is slowly recovering.

However, even if he’s recovered completely, Naito wans’t in a hurry to leave this world because Naito had suddenly discovered something a while ago.

In the Marines Headquarters, Naito could have access to the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia. Naito was curious about this stuff in his previous life, so he wanted to see it since has the chance.

And just when Naito was looking at the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia, he suddenly thought of something.

This world… has a time devil fruit!

It’s a legendary Devil Fruit that can grant you a god-like power. In this world, there are many Devil Fruits that can grant you the power of time.

There is even a fruit that can slow time and so on.

Of course, these are just branches of the time Devil Fruit, and the main is the Toki Toki Fruit that only exists in legends and has never appeared in history!

The power of time is what Naito is also very eager to possess. Naito was only cultivating Haki because he found it interesting, but it will not improve his strength much.

Swordsmanship can slightly improve Naito’s strength, allowing Naito to cope with more situations, such as Momoshiki, before who could absorb Chakra.

The power of time will definitely make him stronger, especially when combined with space abilities. Once Naito can truly grasp it, it will definitely improve him more!

This was also when Naito suddenly thought of this when he first looked at the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia.

Initially, he was just passing by this world. He was just to take a short rest here, but he suddenly found an opportunity to gain the power to control time, so he finally was gonna become serious!

Naito didn’t run out in person, searching all over the world, but with the help of the Marines’ intelligence agency, he looked for any kind of traces to this legendary fruit or the person who might have eaten it.

The first to be found was the one was the Return-Return Fruit ability user, Ain.

Ain was one of the students of the former Marines Admiral Z, who lived in the same era as Sengoku and Garp and was also the teacher of three current Admirals, Kizaru, Akainu, and Aokiji.

Currently, Z has not entirely abandoned the marines and was still training recruits in the camps, while Ain has just graduated and currently serves as a lieutenant commander.

“Return-Return Fruit ability user, Ain…”

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