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T.S.H Chapter 526: Ain’s Choice

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After Ain left, Naito’s figure flickered, and he disappeared out of thin air. None of the people present, including Garp and Sengoku, could tell how he did that.

Even Kizaru’s strong Observation Haki is powerless if what he’s trying to sense is out of space.

“Fleet Admiral, do we stop him?” Aokiji stood beside him, then asked.

Kizaru, on the other side, shook his head and said, “With his kind of spatial ability, not many people can deal with him.”

“However, once you’re fighting one of the Yonko, despite win or defeat, the whole world will fall into chaos. And that will be a terrible scene to watch.”

Kizaru curled his lips and said this before turning his head to look at Sengoku.

The atmosphere was very depressing for a while, and even Sengoku didn’t know what to do.

At that moment, Garp, who has been standing next to him, suddenly laughed out of nowhere, “Buhahaha, this little boy Naito really has the patience of an old man, doesn’t he!”

Although he was laughing, he couldn’t hide the solemn expression on his face, and with a smile, Garp shook his head, then left.

Sengoku didn’t scold him this time but stood there heavy-hearted. And after a long time, he took a deep breath.

“Disband first.”

After dealing with the chaotic situation in the square, Sengoku quickly returned to his office and picked up the phone.

On the other end of the phone, the Gorosei’s office as the authority core in the World Government.

“This is the Fleet Admiral, Sengoku, and I have something to report to you…”

Sengoku explained everything. After all, this matter was completely out of his control. Once The Yonko is involved, he cannot decide on his own.

In the original, the marine’s crusade on the Whitebeard pirates was also approved by the world government because even the Shichibukai has participated in this war, and the marines have no right to mobilize them. Only the world government can order them.

At the other end of the phone, after a long silence, an old voice emitted.

“Keep watching.”


Sengoku’s eyes flickered slightly, then he answered and hung up the phone.


World Government.

The place was said to be an office, but it was actually a spacious hall, where the five members gather.

“Being able to send Sakazuki flying with a punch, this person’s strength shouldn’t be underestimated, and there is also his troublesome Space Devil Fruit.”

“Let him go to the Yonko. Whether he wins or loses, it’s good for us. If he can really kill one of them and die, it would undoubtedly be the best outcome. Even if he couldn’t kill him, severely injure one of the Yonko is also extremely beneficial to us.”

“That’s right, so there is a chance to weaken them.”

The five discussed with each other, but they didn’t look nervous as Sengoku. They rather looked more relaxed.

In their opinion, even though Naito is very strong, even stronger than Akainu, he’s about to face the Yonko.

Even someone like Kizaru is very cautious in the face of the Yonko, so even if he has the ability of Space Devil Fruit, it wouldn’t necessarily mean that he can retreat whenever he wants.

After all, it’s not the four emperors themselves, each of their crew members possess all kind of weird and tricky abilities.

If one person decided to attack them solely, he would just die.


The news of the Vice-Admiral Naito of the Marineford targeting the Yonko has spread all over the sea almost instantly.

Even if this incident has happened inside the Marineford, Sengoku couldn’t stop such news from spreading. After all, besides, to countless marine soldiers, at the time, there were also some World Nobles in the place, and he can’t be sure that he didn’t also have some spies infiltrated in his ranks.

After the news spread, the whole sea was turbulent for a moment.

This caused all kinds of ridicule and mockery comments about Naito and how he didn’t know how height the sky can be.

The pirates of the Yonko snorted when they heard about this and didn’t think that he will dare to come.

Naito, who made all of this, was just standing at the warship’s forefront, looking at the endless sea.

This was a warship, but it was a medium-sized one. Although Ain wanted to mobilize a larger one, she encountered many difficulties. So in the end, she chose a medium-sized one.

The number of soldiers on this warship was also far below the standards.

This was natural because everyone was frightened by Naito’s words and how he was going to visit the Yonko. Even if they were marines, they were still afraid of death.

Naito didn’t mind this. Even if it was a small warship or a boat like Mihawk, Naito wouldn’t mind it at all.

On the contrary, his adjutant chose to follow Naito, knowing that he was going after the Yonko.

At this time, she was standing next to Naito obediently.

Ain herself didn’t know why she followed Naito. Perhaps it was because Naito’s touch made her stronger, or it was because of the aura he revealed once she once saw him, but despite it all, she was going to follow him from now on.

At this time, the warship has already sailed out of the Marineford. As a marine, if you want to go to the new world, naturally, you don’t need to go underwater and pass the fisherman island first. They had other routes.

However, from time to time, Naito could hear some worrying chattering in the rear between the soldiers.

As if he knew what they were talking about, Naito suddenly smiled, and said to Ain, who was on the side: “Ain, are you willing ‘to swim with me,’ today?”
(T/N: Since they supposedly ate a Devil Fruit, they can’t swim, so he’s asking her if she will die with him.”


Ain blinked, she didn’t expect Naito to make a joke, and she didn’t react for a while. She thought that Naito was the kind of extremely serious person.

This sentence, on the contrary, made Ain’s anxiety disappear, and she finally made up her mind, and said firmly, “Nothing to think, Sir. I’m you’re adjutant. Of course, I will die with you.”

“Really!” Naito glanced at Ain.

“Cough! I mean, die for you, Sir.”

Noticing how she wanted to cover it with a cough, Naito smiled, and after she decided that she’s willing to follow Naito to the endless sea, Ain also felt less restrained.

“So…” Naito turned his head and looked at the boundless sea ahead.

After a while, Naito turned around and asked, “Which the nearest Yonko?”

“It should be the Big Mom Pirates, located in the New World Cake Island,” Ain answered without hesitation.

Regarding the forces and the location of each Yonko, the marine knew almost everything.

Naito put his hand on the railing of the deck, raised two fingers, and kept knocking on it silently, then said, “Then, let’s start with her.”

Sure enough, he’s really gonna do it!

Ain’s expression froze for a while, and she couldn’t help but look at Naito cautiously, then asked, “Uhm, sir, are we going to die?”

“What do you think?”

Naito turned with a smirk and looked at Ain.

Ain looked a bit embarrassed and lowered her head slightly, but when she raised her head again, she found that Naito has suddenly disappeared.

“Sir Yuu Naito?”

Ain blinked, she didn’t know where he went, but at that moment, she showed a touch of determination. Now that she made up her mind, she will follow him to the end, no matter what the outcome is, even if it is death.

Moreover, with Naito’s mysterious strength, even if they couldn’t defeat the Yonko, in her opinion, it is still possible to retreat.

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