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T.S.H Chapter 527: Commander Cracker

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The second half of the great route, the new world.

This area, ruled by the Yonko Big Mom, was formed by thirty-four islands. The Cake Island, which was the center of those islands, was known to be an inhabitant for all races globally.

And the ruler was one of the four emperors in the second half of the Grand Line, and the only female among the Yonko, Charlotte Linlin, nicknamed BigMom, is sitting there eating a dessert.

“Mom, something happened!”

At this moment, a weird wooden doll hopped over and rushed toward Big Mom.

“Why so, flustered?”

Big Mom seemed to be in a good mood, but she looked creepy even when she laughed.

After the wooden doll jumped over, he took out a newspaper and handed it to Big Mom.

Big Mom reached out and took the newspaper. After a glance, she suddenly narrowed her eyes and laughed out loud.

“He’s gonna defeat the Yonko? Why does he think he is?! That stinky kid somehow drew a tie with Mihawk, and now he thinks he’s on an equal foot with the Yonko?!”

Although these words seemed to be angry, her tone was full of disdain. She didn’t seem to be bothered to get angry at all.

“This kind of news can also reach the newspaper, how disgraceful.”

After she shook her head, she threw away the newspaper. She didn’t care about the marines at all, she was in her base, the Cake Island, and she wasn’t afraid of anyone attacking.

As one of the four emperors, she only cares about defeating the other three, setting foot on Laugh Tale, and finding the One Piece!

“But, but… Mom, that guy has entered the new world, and it seems that we’re his target…”

The wooden doll said anxiously, but his sound suddenly stopped abruptly because he was picked up and thrown away.


The person who picked up the wooden doll and threw him away was Big Mom’s tenth son, Charlotte Cracker, and his bounty was 860 Million Bellies.

After he threw out the wooden soldier, Cracker looked at Big Mom and said with a smile, “Mom, let me take care of this matter. You can enjoy your dessert slowly.”


Big Mom leaned back on her chair and continued to eat her dessert. As he walked away, Big Mom looked at him and said, “If you find it troublesome, you can call Smoothie to help you out.”

“Hahaha, I don’t need her. I can deal with this little prick on my own. Besides, that guy is a marine. We just need to drive him away.”

“Mamamama, that’s it, make sure to teach him a good lesson, so he doesn’t dare to come again.”

“Don’t worry. Just leave it to me.”

Cracker smirked, then he turned and walked away.


The second half of the great route, the new world.

The territory of the Yonko Big Mom.

“Sir Ain, the Yonko Big Mom’s Territory, is in front of us. Are we really going in?”

The marine who was steering the warship couldn’t help but ask Ain next to him, with drops of cold sweat on his forehead.

Normal large warships must have at least, and medium-sized will have at least one Rear Admiral. However, the ship that Naito sailed doesn’t even have standard personnel. The highest commander was Naito, followed by Commander Ain.

“Keep going.”

Ain took a deep breath, then said calmly.

Although she was a little nervous about entering the territory of the Yonko, her trust for Naito grew stronger, and she decided to not back down.

The marine steering the warship hesitated for a while, then gritted his teeth and lead the warship forward.

Under normal circumstances, even the marines will not take the initiative to enter the territory of one of the Yonko. Any recognized ship from the marine by the Yonko forces will be instantly drawn into the sea. Unless it’s a ship led by an Admiral, all the others will be gone.

After entering the Big Mom territory, and before reaching the first island, the expellers of the Big Mom Pirates appeared on the sea.

It was a huge ship, no less than a marine warship in size, but it looked bizarre; it was shaped like a cake.

Seeing the pirate ship approaching from a distance, Ain’s expression changed slightly, and she solemnly said, “Sure enough, it seems that they knew we’re coming. Are you ready? This is only the first island. More people will be coming.”

“One of the Yonko Big Mom’s pirate ships…”

Seeing the pirate ship approaching in a straight line in the distance, the ordinary marines on the warship swallowed.

They were all marines; they will never be afraid to see ordinary pirates, but this was the ship of one of the pirates that ruling the New World!

And as the pirate ship got closer, a Lieutenant Commander who’s second only to Ain, suddenly trembled, and the telescope that he was holding in his hand fell to the ground.

“That… That’s…”

He seemed to have seen something, as he showed a look of horror, looking at the pirate ship in the distance that was getting closer and closer.

Ain wondered what he saw, and gradually, as the pirate ship got closer and closer, everyone finally saw it. On the pirate ship deck, a tall man stood there with a helmet on his head, a long black beard, and a long sword held in his hand!

Now that their target has been determined, everyone on the warship has more or less learned more about the Big Mom Pirates.

Including ain, everyone recognized the identity of the figure standing on the deck instantly. Everyone but Ain who her expression only changed slightly, took a deep breath, and shouted.

“Big Mom Pirates, Charlotte Cracker, 860 Million Bellies!”

“Oh my god, how come I met a pirate of this level just when we came in!”

Even the Lieutenant Commander was sweating and trembling all over the place. This kind of bounty was really enough to scare people.

Pirates with more than one hundred million are already very dangerous. Generally, officers at the rank of Captain are required to take them down. Pirates with more than three hundred million rarely appear in the first half of the Grand Line, and only Vice Admirals can deal with them.

As for the great pirates of over 500 million or even 800 million can only be taken down by Admirals!

“Hehehe, this warship is a bit interesting. How come there are so few people.”

The tall man standing on the deck of the pirate ship laughed out arrogantly.

“Could it be that the Marines are so worried that too many people will die, so they only send a few? This is a bit boring.”

“What about the guy who said he’s coming for the Yonko’s heads? How come he’s hiding and didn’t dare to come out?

Cracker’s tone was full of provocation and mockery.

Almost all pirates whose bounty exceeded the 300 million treats the marines as lawless existences.

Although Cracker didn’t know a lot about Naito, for a strong pirate like him, he won’t even fear an Admiral, let alone a scared boy called Yuu Naito!

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