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T.S.H Chapter 528: Ain Vs. Cracker

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The warship that Naito was riding was getting closer and closer to the Cracker’s pirate ship, so one of the ships needed to move slightly sideways to avoid a head-on collision.

Just before the impact, the huge man standing on the pirate ship jumped and instantly landed on the warship.

Everyone on the deck was taken back, including the Lieutenant commander next to Ain, all shuddering, and subconsciously stepped back, fearing to stand still and fight.

860 million as a bounty is really scary.

“One of the Three Sweet Commanders, Charlotte Cracker the Biscuit Man…”

Only Ain stood on the deck, took a deep breath, and looked at the man who landed. There was a cold stare on Ain’s face as she raised her hand gently.


The pink energy burst out suddenly. The speed was extremely fast, and it almost instantly fell on the man who jumped over.

The man who leaped over isn’t actually Cracker’s body, but the biscuit armor made by his Devil Fruit.

His body was hidden inside the armor, and controlling the body as if it was a robot shell.

Noticing that the girl on the warship’s deck has suddenly attacked him with Pink Energy, Cracker subconsciously waved his shield to block it.

“What is this.”

Cracker suddenly frowned the moment the Pink Energy touched him.

Although it was a shield created from biscuit, it was extremely hard due to his Devil Fruit being extremely powerful and well developed, and because it was also hardened by the Busoshoku Haki.

However, even though he seemed to have blocked the Pink Energy, he felt that something was wrong.

Ain on the deck looked at her with a cold stare, then her two hands closed on her chest, and then she gently waved them to the side.


With a light shout, the Prink Energy that fell on the shield suddenly rose up, then spread over the entire armor instantly, enveloping it all!

The moment the biscuits entwined with the Pink Energy, it shined with a bright light, then oddly disappeared one by one!


The moment the biscuit armor disappeared, a figure rushed out of it, but instead of landing on the warship, it quickly retreated to the pirate ship.

Surprisingly, it was only armor.

At this moment, he was looking at Ain on the deck of the warship with a surprised expression, and said, “My Biscuit Armor…”

He knew how strong the biscuit armor is, but Ain’s strange ability could instantly wipe it out, which made him a little frightened.

Among all the strong people he knew in the sea, he has never heard of this young girl in front of him.

“Sure enough, with the increase of my physical strength, both the effectiveness and the strength of my ability was increased,” Ain muttered, watching the effect of her technique.

At this time, the Marine Soldiers hiding in the rear came back to their senses. They never expected Ain to be able to stop someone with an 860 million bounty!

Moreover, most people couldn’t figure out what that Pink Energy did. Looking at Cracker’s much thinner figure, they all looked surprised because the photo on the poster they had was completely different. That was actually the armor he was hiding in, not his original body.

There are very few people who saw him in person.

Even Ain didn’t know this. After his armor was completely wiped out, she looked at Cracker a little puzzled.

But that confusion didn’t last long as she watched Cracker on the pirate ship, stretch his hand and clap twice.

Click! Click!!

Instantly, she saw countless cookies circling and dancing around him, turning into a tall biscuit soldier in a flash. This biscuit soldier’s appearance was exactly the same as the biscuit armor that had been wiped out previously by her.

Moreover, this time there was more than one Biscuit Soldier, including the one he used as an armor; he created four more, all of which were exactly the same.

“It turns out that it was a clone you made, and the photos we had are all fake.” Ain looked at the biscuit clones made by Cracker with a solemn expression.

Sure enough, one of the Big Mom Pirates’ Three Sweet Commanders won’t get killed easily.

“Hehehe, I’m the biscuit man who ate the Biscuit Biscuit Fruit. What you wiped out was just one of my clones, but your ability is quite…”

Although Cracker was a feeling little wary, he still kept his evil smile and controlled his clones to rush toward Ain.

Ain’s ability seems very dangerous, so he didn’t want to take the risk and attack with his own body.

“Biscuit… huh?”

After she understood how his ability works, Ain gradually calmed down and fearlessly looked at the biscuit soldiers that were rushing over, then greeted them with her ability.

Whoosh! Whoosh!! Whoosh!!!

After a few confrontations, all biscuit soldiers controlled by Cracked disappeared without a trace.

This time, almost all the marine and pirates had their eyes widened and looked at the incomparable delicate girl in shock.

It’s totally unimaginable that this young girl can actually fight equally with Charlotte Cracker, who the marine has offered 830 million for his head!

“It’s directly wiped out. As long as one part of the armor isn’t covered in the Busoshoku Haki, it will instantly disappear, but even in the case where it’s covered in Haki, it can only block the Pink Energy, it cannot completely invalidate it…”

Cracker’s expression looked hideous. He initially thought that he would be able to directly drive the ignorant Admiral Yuu Naito out of the Yonko’s territory, but now it feels a bit challenging.

The Busoshoku Haki can block Ain’s abilities, but Ain’s time reversal ability is manifested as a Pink-colored Energy. Unless the entire body is covered with Haki, it will find a way to erode it.

However, Cracker took a deep breath and continued to create more biscuit soldiers. He didn’t believe that such an ability can be used unlimitedly.

Ain was standing on the deck of the warship, abruptly blocking the Cracker’s attacks!

In fact, even Ain herself didn’t expect that she’s this strong. Strong enough to block a pirate of Cracker’s level.

Almost all the pirates were left dumbfounded by the battle between Ain and Cracker. The marines’ soldiers’ jaws were on the ground from surprise, and they had bulging eyes!

Who could have imagined that a mere adjutant would be this powerful!

At this time, many people couldn’t help but think of a terrifying idea. If Ain is this strong, how strong will Naito be?!

This thought made many people shudder, especially those marine soldiers on the deck of the warship.

Could it be… Vice-Admiral Yuu Naito could really deal with the Yonko?

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