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T.S.H Chapter 529: Two Fingers

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One of the Big Mom Pirates’ Three Sweet Commanders was blocked by that girl, so the other pirates didn’t dare to rush into the warship.

The aftermath of their battle is probably not something they can bear.

As the battle continued, Ain, who seemed to have the upper hand at first, gradually fell into a disadvantage because of her ability’s shortcomings when it comes to the Busoshoku Haki.

Aa one of the Three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates, Cracker was extremely experienced in combat. He immediately discovered Ain’s weaknesses, so he took advantage of that.

Gradually, Ain’s physical strength was severely depleted, and she fell into a disadvantage. Moreover, the more she exhausted her physical strength, the more it became easier for him to fight her back, and he gradually became less afraid of her.

“If you only have this ability, then you better call that coward Vice-Admiral of yours out quickly!”

Although it took a long time for him to have the upper hand, Cracker showed a look of contempt and said in disdain.

However, even though she was clearly losing, no one dared to despise her, especially the marine soldiers and the Lieutenant Commander.

Ain was just a Commander, and she was able to block a pirate with an 860 million Belly bounty. It’s already an incredible thing!

Even if it’s only for a moment, it was enough to shake the entire Marineford!

Not to mention, she has actually blocked him for a long time.

Gradually falling into a disadvantage, Ain, who was physically exhausted, showed a trace of frustration. Ain really believed she could win.

Her mentality has changed a lot. If she hadn’t met Naito before, she would have been able to stop a pirate of this level. She would have thought it was impossible.

Instead, she believes in her own strength now.


When Cracker saw how Ain didn’t have any intention to step back, he coldly snorted, and with a flicker, he easily dodged the Pink Energy and rushed over toward Ain.

Instantly, Cracker’s entire body was cover in the Busoshoku Haki and holding his long sword in both hands, he slammed it down!

“Not good!”

Ain was shocked and immediately wanted to evade that strike, but at this moment, two biscuit soldiers tried to block her.

Although she wiped out both of them with a wave of her hands, it was too late for her to evade Cracker’s sword.

Cracker smiled evilly, he didn’t show any pity, and with all of his strength, he wanted to split her into two halves.

Seeing that the sword was about to fall on her head, Ain closed her eyes and accepted her fate. She said she was gonna die for Naito, and here she was…


The moment Cracker’s sword fell, the space between his long sword and Ain suddenly showed strange waves, and then two fingers stretched out of nowhere!

These two fingers that appeared out of thin air, under the widened eyes of Cracker, lightly clamped his sword, making it unable to go further!

Moreover, no matter how hard Cracker tried to move it, he was unable to break free and unable to withdraw his sword from between these two fingers.

Instantly, the wave marks in the void expanded, and Naito’s figure emerged, completing the image. It was his two fingers!

Besides, Naito didn’t even look at Cracker. Instead, he chuckled and looked at Ain, who was still a little frightened and said, “Next, you have to practice your Haki. You would have easily won if you could block his Haki with yours.”

“What… Forgive me, Sir Naito.”

Ain looked at Naito then couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed.

“No need to apologize. You’ve done a good job.”

Naito smiled. He was ready to show up from the beginning, but when he found that Ain could actually block his biscuits, he kept watching her battle with great interest to see how far Ain has grown since he performed the Sage Mode Transformation on her.

Now it seems that the all-around improvement made her far surpass her current rank.

The only drawback is that she still didn’t learn Haki.

That’s it.

After smiling and shaking his head, Naito turned to look at Cracker.

At this time, Cracker’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat. He looked horrified.

His all-out slash was blocked by this guy using two fingers. This is simply incredible!

He’s one of the Three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates!


“It seems that the so-called Yonko doesn’t take me seriously.” Holding Cracker’s sword with two fingers, Naito spoke lightly.

Suddenly, Naito used his Shock Force on his finger and let it spread along the sword’s blade.

At the same time, Naito moved his two fingers.


With a crisp sound of breaking, Cracker’s famous sword, which was still covered in the Busoshoku Haki, broke!

“This is impossible!!”

This time, Cracker was in disbelief, he could accept that his slash was blocked with two fingers, but to forcibly break his sword covered in the Busoshoku Haki, this is simply a joke!

This was a real sword, not something made from biscuit!

Moreover, it’s also covered in the Busoshoku Haki!

However, this wasn’t the end, the shock force continued to spread to his body that was also covered in the Busoshoku Haki, and suddenly blood poured out of Cracker’s mouth.

Feeling that force inside his body, Cracker’s pupils shrank.

“This… this force, is it…”

The moment he seemed to have realized something, a punch met his body, and the Busoshoku Haki that was covering his body was shattered, then he flew to the distant sky.

The silence controlled the place.

The marines that saw Naito punch Akainu and send him flying were a bit fine, not particularly shocked, but those who didn’t were shocked to the extreme.

Almost all the pirates looked in disbelieve. Their eyes widened as they watched Cracker falling in the distance of the sea.


“Captain Cracker was actually killed… in a second?!”

Cracker, who fell into the sea, seemed to have already died.

But Naito didn’t even glance at him and released the half-cut sword from his fingers, and it fell on the deck of the warship, making a ding-dong sound.

Cracker’s sword was Pretzel one of the Meito, so it seems almost unbelievable that a sword like that was broken by two fingers and while it was covered in the Busoshoku Haki. But in fact, if Naito had all of his power, it wouldn’t only break, but turn instantly into powder with just a touch from him!

“My strength has recovered by nearly two points. As long as I reach 10%, I should be able to leave this world, but… it’s better to fully recover before leaving.”

With a simple move, Naito killed Cracker, but he didn’t care at all. For Naito, even watching the Yonko standing in front of him is nothing.

After all, this wasn’t his realm, and this visit was unexpected.

Moreover, the only thing he was really interested in is Whitebeard and his Shock Force power that he has once mistaken for the power of the Tree Fruit’ seed.

But now that he has reached the Big Mom’s territory, Naito didn’t bother changing the route. Moreover, he really hoped that he can find the Time Devil Fruit in Yonko’s territory.

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