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T.S.H Chapter 530: Arrival

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The Four Emperors’ Territory, Cake Island.

This is the Sweet City, the capital of the Cake Island. The Yonko Big Mom was holding a tea party here.

This was indeed an extraordinary place. The food on the tables was jumping around and singing as if it was indeed alive.

“Where is the cream?”




All kinds of races and normal human beings surrounded the Yonko, Big Mom.

“Mom, The three sweet commanders have already arrived, so it’s just a matter of time.”

“Maamammaamaa, I haven’t seen the three of them together for a long time. Hasn’t Cracker come yet?”

Big Mom squinted her eyes the moment she remembered about Cracker, feeling a bit uneasy.

However, Cracker was her tenth son, one of the Sweet Commanders. Even if he’s facing an Admiral, he will still be able to run alive. This was her territory, after all.

There shouldn’t be any accidents in expelling a Vice-Admiral, or that’s what Big Mom thought.

“However, he’s really taking his time dealing with that Vice Admiral. When did he become so daunting.” One of the Sweet Commanders, with a bounty even higher than Cracker, Smoothie of the 932 Million said.

“Master Cracker should be back soon. He’s one of our Sweet Commanders. A Vice Admiral doesn’t have a chance.”


Several younger children on the side, such as Bruleé, spoke.

Listening to these words, Big Mom gradually felt more relaxed. Although he was really late, everyone assured her that nothing wrong should happen to him, so she lay back on her big chair and continued eating in peace.

However, that didn’t last long as they heard a sudden noise in the distance.

The commotion spread instantly, and, in horror and disbelief, it passed all the way to Big Mom.

“Mom… Mom!! Master Cracker was killed!!”

While panting violently, a subordinate of her bent a knee and reported to Big Mom with evident anxiety and fear.

Silence controlled the place instantly.

It seemed that only his violent panting could be heard, and Big Mom’s movements and expression were all instantly stagnant.

Big Mom lowered her head slowly, her face seemed to have gone extremely cold for a moment, and with her panting madly, even the other Sweet Commanders couldn’t help get frightened.

“What did you say?!”


The Big Mom’s Territory.

This place was near the center of the country, not too far from Cake Island.

A warship was moving slowly on the sea. It’s said to be sea, but in fact, this can no longer be called a sea. This was juice flowing from the Juice Island had a purple color and looked as if it was very sweet.

“The sea has become juice!”

“What a strange place.”

On the warship, everyone, including Ain, looked at the sea in amazement. They had never seen such a thing.

Even Naito looked at the sea with great interest.

“It seems that all the crew members of Big Mom Pirates have abilities related to food or juice…”

“We don’t have detailed information, but it seems to be the case,” Ain said softly while standing beside Naito.

Naito nodded and responded casually, with a light flickering in his eyes.

If this is really the case, then he might really find the Time Devil Fruit in here storage somewhere in here since she won’t sell it or give it away even if none of her children ate it.

Of course, he can’t be sure about this. Although there are many Devil Fruits with Time Abilities, no one can be certain that Yonko has them.

As the warship continued to sail, the sea’s color gradually changed, from purple juice to golden, a sea of honey.

However, because the entire sea has become honey, the warship’s movement has also become slow.

Naito looked at the Cake Island that was gradually revealed in the distance and impatiently stomped his feet lightly.


Suddenly a powerful gravitational force was applied on the warship, and it abruptly lifted it a few feet away from the sea!

This was the fastest way.

Even though Naito doesn’t like using Kaguya’s powers, it can sometimes come in handy.


The warship was pulled a few feet away from the sea, and the whole warship shook violently. All the marines looked horrified, not knowing what happened.

And Ain, who was standing next to Naito, quickly glanced down from the deck, then instantly turned back at Naito, shocked.

“Sir Naito, this is…”

“Well, I just speeded it up a little bit,” Naito replied casually.


After the warship was elevated a few feet, it didn’t fall back but continued forward.

Although Naito wasn’t exceptionally proficient when it comes to using Kaguya’s powers, he could still pull up a medium-sized warship easily.

After he lifted the entire warship, it floated quickly toward the distant Cake Island under Naito’s control.

“This is too…”

Even though Ain had already learned a lot of things about Naito’s power, she was still amazed when she saw how he lifted the entire warship and made it fly.

Although there are records about other people who could float their entire fleet, such as the Golden Lion, Shiki, the latter has eaten the Float-Float Devil Fruit, so it was reasonable.

As for Naito, what is the ability of his Devil Fruit exactly?!

At first, Ain thought that Naito has eaten one of the Space Devil Fruits, but after he directly improved her physique with a touch of his finger, she felt confused, and she thought that Naito’s ability might be to control vitality of energy.

Since this can also explain how Naito managed to cancel her Return ability.

However, Naito is all of a sudden lifting a warship now.

Coupled with the fact that Naito has asked her to collect information about the Time Devil Fruit and the Aura that he once revealed to her, she felt that Naito’s power and purpose seem to be enveloped in endless mist.

However, despite all of her doubts and unanswered questions, Ain didn’t ask Naito because the Cake Island was right in front of them!

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