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T.S.H Chapter 531: Landing On The Island

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“Come on, Mom!”

At the edge of the Cake Island, almost all the Commanders were gathered, and among countless other people, it was the Yonko, Big Mom.

In the Yonko’s territory, no matter its the sky or the sea, the entire area is under surveillance. Naturally, the existence of Naito’s warship has been reported a while back to her.

However, as one of the Yonko who reigned over the sea, Big Mom had great pride. This was her territory, and she was its emperor.

Newcomers who cross the first half of the Grand Line to the New World and try to challenge the Yonko will be kicked out of the area without even needing her to see them.

Since Naito is a marine who has defeated one of her commanders then sailed to the Cake Island where she is located, to visit her, so she just waited!

“He really dared to come, that Marine Boy.”

The Big Mom slowly raised her head and stared coldly at him in the distance, making everyone around her instantly shudder.

Perospero on her side couldn’t help but swallow.

“He broke into the New World without permission, defeated one of the commanders, then dared to sail into the Cake Island. Mom is so angry.”

“When Mom is angry, no one can stop her. Are we gonna go to war with the Marines?!”

Perospero couldn’t help but think of this with a terrified expression. In their opinion, Naito was nothing. Even if he defeated one of the commanders, he would definitely end up dead once he dares to put a foot on this island.

There are three more commanders, and Big Mom as one of the Yonko!

Perospero and the other ministers were more conserned about whether the Marineford would become angry after she kills Naito. If that happens, the situation will become uncontrollable, and this might cause a decisive battle between the Yonko and the Marine!

In that case, this is really big trouble!

As they pondered, Naito’s warship was getting closer and closer, and at this time, someone finally discovered that this warship wasn’t actually sailing on the sea, but flying above it!

“What is that?!”

“The warship is flying?! Isn’t this a medium-sized warship?! Maybe it’s a secret weapon made by the Marines?!”

Even the Sweet Commanders couldn’t help but look surprised upon seeing this floating warship.

Big Mom frowned, and as if she was thinking of something, she widened her eyes.

“Such an ability… is it that person?”

Today’s sea is ruled by four emperors, but before it was the three kings’ era!

Edward Newgate, Golden Lion Shiki, and Gol D Roger, the three kings of the sea, fought for years, and finally, Roger won and became the Pirate King.

White Beard has been dominating the sea for ages. Pirate King Gol D Roger gave his life for the Great Pirate Era’s emerge, and Golden Lion Shiki has been missing since he escaped from prison.

However, even after all of these years, Big Mom still remembered what Golden Lion’s ability was.

Paramecia Float Float Devil Fruit!

It can make any none living object float, and it’s not only small ones. He can float an entire fleet or even an island in the sky!

“No, even if he was defeated or tortured, he will never join the Marines, but this ability is very similar.”

Big Mom’s eyes flickered. As the warship got closer, and finally landed on the shore of Cake Island. She could clearly tell that it wasn’t the Golden Lion’s ability but some kind of a gravity force that was levitating that warship.


With a loud noise, the warship slammed the Cake Island shore, and at the forefront of it, Naito’s figure stood there calm, tall, and proud, without showing the slightest tremor.

However, the other marines on the warship were all on the ground. After all, Naito’s power was to force the entire ship to lift up by gravity, not float it smoothly in the air like Shiki’s Devil Fruit.

Ain, who was standing next to Naito, got also shook, but she didn’t fall.

Watching the Cake Island in front and the Big Mom Pirates who were waiting for them, Ain couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

They’re finally here!

And to meet them was an army of pirates!

All of them looked strong because all the people who can join the Yonko are Pirates who managed to cross the First Half of the Grand Line and enter the New World!

Most of these people’s bounties were over 100 million. Ain has only taken a quick glance, and she could easily recognize several faces.

“Sir, we…”

Ain hesitated to look at Naito next to her. She was really shocked by the momentum of the Yonko’s Pirates.

Most of the marines soldiers were still on the ground, looking at the Big Mom pirates ahead with terrified expressions.

“If you’re scared, you can stay on the boat.”

Standing on the forefront of the warship, Naito glanced at the pirates in front of him, then turned to look at Ain.

After he smiled at her, Naito stepped forward, then landed directly on the Cake Island’s shore, and then walked toward the imposing army in the distance.

Ain was taken aback when she watched Naito instantly appear on the shore and walk solely toward the Pirates’ army…

Isn’t this too much?!

Ain turned her head then looked at the marines behind her. Almost everyone was shaking with fear. After she gritted her teeth, she jumped and directly followed Naito.

Now that she has followed Naito here, there was no turning back. She had already made her decision a while ago. She will follow him to the end even if it means her death!

Ain thought of this in her heart.

When the Big Mom Pirates saw how Naito and Ain dared to come out and head toward them, they all widened their eyes.

“Is this guy the one who defeated Master Cracker?”

“He doesn’t look like anything special to me. But he really dared to come here, so he’s so brave, I’m gonna give him that. But maybe he’s just an idiot, who thought that since he defeated one of the Sweet Commanders, he can carry on and defeat us too.”

“No, he’s just an arrogant marine who thinks he can just break into Mom’s territory, and we’re gonna make him feel sorry for that!”

All of them were revealing their killing intent and preparing to engage. However, suddenly, as if they were ordered, they stopped, and at the same time, moved to the sides, exposing the rear.

In the center of her Sweet Commanders, it was indeed one of the Yonko, Big Mom!

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