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T.S.H Chapter 532: Haki

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Ain followed Naito, who was walking forward step by step, his pace was extremely stable, and there was almost no existence of Aura on his body. He looked like an ordinary person.

As she followed him, Ain felt a little terrified under the fierce gazes of countless pirates, but looking at his back in front of her, she inexplicably calmed down.

Naito’s steps seemed to carry a kind of strange power, gradually making her innermost calm, as if she was enveloped by an invisible warm aura that originated from Naito.

This Aura seemed to be something this world has never seen before, something that even the Yonko or Admirals can’t possess.

And in this Aura, her heart was warm, calm, and inexplicably in peace. Although there are countless fierce pirates close, she felt in control and fearless.

“Is it you who defeated my young brother Cracker?”

The person who spoke wasn’t Big Mom, but one of the Sweet Commanders.

“He defeated one of us, yet he still dared to come here. Is that marine wants to go to war with us?!”

Another Commander said in a deep voice. When he mentioned war, he paused for a moment but didn’t show any fear.

As a member of the Big Mom Pirates, he will never fear a mere marine, even if it means a full-scale war!


After Naito walked a few more steps, he stopped and said faintly: “Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the marine, it’s just me.”

One person?

He wants to challenge the Yonko alone?!

Who does he think he is?!

Hearing Naito’s words, everyone was stunned, looking at Naito as if he was a lunatic. Even the Three Sweet Commanders were speechless.

One person suddenly decided to challenge the Yonko. Who would do such a thing? Is this guy a marine? He’s clearly crazier than pirates themselves.

The feeling that Naito gave everyone wasn’t like a marine officer, but more like a new pirate who had just stepped into the New World.

“Boy, listen up, I don’t care if you’re a marine or not if you dared to step on this island, then… you will never leave it alive!”

Big Mom looked at Naito and finally spoke.

Even if an Admiral dared to be so arrogant and come to the Cake Island, Big Mom would never stop until she buries him to the ground!

She is one of the Yonko who dominates the sea, and even the entire Marineford cannot make her afraid, let alone Naito, who was standing in front of her.

Suddenly a monstrous aura surged out of Big Mom!

This momentum seemed to have rushed into the sky, and cracks have even appeared on the surrounding cake ground.

As for the sea, it got stormy.

This is not normal Haki, this is… Conqueror’s Haki!

The qualification to be a king, the Aura of an Emperor, and as one of the Yonko, it was no doubt that Big Mom has Conqueror’s Haki!

This Conqueror Haki didn’t affect anyone around but bombarded Naito’s body as if it was engulfing Big Mom’s monstrous anger.

“This is Moma’s Conqueror’s Haki!”

“This guy… will finally know how terrifying mom is, but it’s gonna be too late!”

“Mom is angry. He will never leave this island alive!”

All the pirates showed a touch of awe, and their gazes toward Naito revealed vicious killing intent.

However, the strange thing was that this terrifying Conqueror’s Haki hit Naito’s body, but it didn’t cause any impact. Even Ain behind Naito didn’t feel any discomfort.

It was as if the area around Naito belonged to another world.

This was the first time Naito felt the Conqueror’s Haki, and with this, he finally saw all three kinds of Haki.

The moment he felt this Conqueror’s Haki, Naito nodded, and almost instantly, he understood the nature of the Conqueror’s Haki.

This time Naito’s review on the Conqueror’s Haki was much faster than the Observation Haki analysis and the Armament Haki!

“So this is… the Conqueror’s Haki.”

When Naito understood its nature, the Big Mom Pirates had already surrounded him.

After all, Naito defeated one of the Sweet Commanders, so including dozens of ministers and even the remaining three Sweet Commanders, almost everyone was ready to attack. They were just waiting for Big Mom’s orders.

Big Mom squinted her eyes watching this scene, but she wasn’t going to fight Naito personally. After all, she had her subordinates and children here, and even an Admiral wouldn’t survive a fight against all of them.

However, just when Big Mom was about to wave her hand to signal every to attack Naito, the latter suddenly raised his head slightly.

There is nothing to be concerned about in this action. What really made Bigmom care was the terrible Aura that accompanied this slight movement.


An Aura that felt so horrifying instantly burst out from Naito’s body, trembling even the ground.

This is… Conqueror’s Haki!

The Conqueror’s Haki seemed to have caused a monstrous shock wave that swept the sky and the ground. Even the clouds on the horizon were blown away by the impact, and the ground on the Cake Island cracked, then they spread to the distance.

“This is… Conqueror Haki!!”


The Three Sweet Commanders and the Ministers almost all exclaimed at the same moment, and even Big Mom looked shocked.

Yuu Naito also has Conqueror’s Haki?!


After she tried to hit him with her Conqueror’s Haki, it almost disappeared, but when she saw this scene, Big Mom’s Conqueror Haki burst out again.

Suddenly the two Conqueror’s Haki crushed together.


At that moment, the world seemed to have lost its colors as the entire area turned bleak.

The confrontation between the two’s Conqueror’s Haki caused the ground between Naito and Big Mom to collapse and explode. The impact made the pirates surrounding Naito look like if they were like scraps of paper in the storm, flying around.

Before Big Mom wake up from the surprise of Naito’s Conqueror’s Haki’s sudden appearance, something that shocked even more happened.

His Conqueror’s Haki was surprisingly stronger… much stronger!

This Conqueror’s Haki, in her opinion, even surpassed the strongest Conqueror’s Haki user, Red Hair, Shanks.


Naito’s Conqueror’s Haki felt almost like an abyss that has swallowed Big Mom’s.

At the same time, the shock wave instantly swept in all directions and caused dense cracks to appear on the building around the entire Cake Island!

Not only ordinary pirates, but even those over 100 million bounty pirates couldn’t resist Naito’s Conqueror’s Haki, and their minds went blank.

After his Conqueror’s Haki finally calmed down, the audience was silent.

For a moment, it seemed that even a needle could be heard if it falls on the ground.

The next moment.

Puff! Puff!!

Suddenly, the pirates, like wheat that was cut, fell one after another all the way to the distance!

This was the true Aura of the King!

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