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F.S Chapter 37: Girl, You’re too pure!

[Task: Make Kashiwagi draw your novel’s illustration. Reward: Two Fantasy points.]

After saying that, A notification sounded in Mu Fan’s brain. This task didn’t have a time limit. That’s to say, no matter when you do it, you will get the reward.

There are three tasks in Total now.

[Go into Sagiri’s room. Reward: Two Fantasy points.]

[All the authors are trash. Place the first as an author among the newcomers and be the bestseller. Reward:  Light Novel Talent Upgrade and one fantasy points.]

After finishing these tasks, Mu Fan will have 5 Fantasy points, he could increase his cooking talent level to level four.

Although the system didn’t make it clear that Eriri is Kashiwagi, Mu Fan could tell from her actions, and he was basically convinced about her identity.

“I’m here for the first time. I’m not familiar with this place.” Eriri suddenly smiled with her two canines out as she sneaked a look at Mu Fan. 

“Well, Eriri-san and I didn’t visit this place since we a child and this is the first time since then, so I wanted to have a look around. Mu Fan you are the same. You didn’t come here that often.” Asuna said with a chuckle.

Girl, you’re still too pure, even though you’re all grown up now, you’re still a child. Mu Fan bitterly smiled at Asuna who was helping Eriri. In fact, he just said it as a joke and Eriri didn’t deny that she had nothing to do with her.

“If it’s like that, then let’s continue. Let’s buy a few light novels.”

“Is the novel you’re writing going to be published soon?” Looking at Mu Fan who was going back and forth in front of the novels’ shelf, Asuna couldn’t help asking.

“Well, it’s not published yet. It will be released in a weak or two.”

Mu Fan laughed, with his writing speed, it would be easy to write 40,000 words a day. It won’t be difficult for him to finish. After all, he was copying it from the original novel, if he was that slow, it would be shameful.

The only thing left is to make Eromanga or Kashiwagi create the illustration.

“So Fast?”

Asuna covered her mouth in surprise. If she remembers correctly, Mu Fan only started writing for a few days. Although she didn’t write a novel before, she knew that it wasn’t that easy.

He said that not only did his novel was accepted but it’s ready to be published in a weak or two, and he only started not that long ago, this speed is too ridiculous.

Girl, Don’t be surprised, I just copied from the original story…

Although Mu Fan didn’t care, Asuna was full of curiosity about Mu Fan who was able to make a glowing dish and create a novel that fast. She smiled and said: “I will make sure to buy your novel when it’s published.”

“Well, thanks for your support!”

Since this bookstore was the biggest in Akihabara, after a while, Mu Fan could only look through the third of the books there.

Mu Fan couldn’t help but sigh, the authors were writing about overpowered Protagonists all over the place. He didn’t know how well his novel will do after he publishes it compared to the other newcomers.

“It’s so hot.”

At this time, Eriri wiped the sweat on her forehead and frowned.

Asuna looked at the crowd in the Bookstore and said: “It’s really hot, how about we go and have a cold drink for a while then come back?”

With a touch of joy in her eyes, Eriri said: “There is no need, I remember seeing a vending machine just outside. Asuna wait for me, I will go get buy some and come back.”

Asuna hesitated for a moment and said: “Let’s go together?”

“No, the weather is hot, isn’t it hotter for two people to go together? I will go alone. You and Mu Fan wait for me here.” Eriri’s face squeezed a smile then she carried her bag and almost ran away.

There is a problem… Mu Fan looked at Eriri’s disappearing figure and couldn’t help but laugh.

 “Hey? Isn’t this the book named Egoistic-Lily?”

At this time, Mu Fan saw a book named ‘Egoistic-Lily’ placed for sale. It wasn’t as good as the current best sellers, but it’s ranked at the top of the list.

In the cover, there was a loli girl with silky blond hair dressed in a black dress and seemed in a magical battle. Her dress barely covers her which attracted a lot of attention.

Mu Fan opened the book due to curiosity. In Fact, the illustration of the light novel can only be part of the appeal for the readers. But if the plot is too boring, then it won’t have any effect.

Kashiwagi seems to attract a lot of people, not only due to the illustrations but also due to the content.

Mu Fan looked at the content and could tell that it was a very appropriate plot. People can’t stop reading as there is some sort of attraction.

“Kashiwagi, her novels are good and colorful, no wonder she has many fans.”

Mu Fan smiled, the most reader like these kinds of novels, and Kashiwagi’s unique style captured these readers.

It’s attractive to people, they can’t stop reading it.

The current light novel world is really…

What does this book mean by a gentleman?

For this type of book, I just want to…

I will buy this book!

Waiting for Eriri to come back, Asuna was bored when she looked at Mu Fan she saw that he was holding a book in his hand as he went to the administrator to buy it. Asuna couldn’t help curiously look at the book on the shelf.

Asuna opened the first page of the book. It was normal at. First, it was a fantasy styled novel. But with the encounter of the man, the story becomes more and more daring. Although there was only some description, Asuna still blushed.

Looking at the content of the novel, Asuna gradually turned redder, and her heart was beating furiously.

Although she didn’t want to continue reading in her heart, this book made her see a new world. She couldn’t help have the desire to continue reading the book.

Hey… Mu Fan, I really misjudged you, I didn’t think you are this kind of person.