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F.S Chapter 48: Your Girlfriend?

“Damn, I don’t know who put that thing in front of the door!”

Mu Fan rushed up the stair and quickly opened the door and carried Eriri.

“Why do these things always happen to me?”

Mu Fan Frowned but didn’t think much about it. He rushed down the stair which attracted the attention of many people. When they saw him, they were all shocked.

What’s happening?

One of the school beauties, Eriri, was being carried by someone.

The person Mu Fan crushed on saw this and widened his eyes.

No wonders that person went out quickly, he went to find Eriri. But where is the upper part of his uniform?

Mu Fan didn’t notice the eyes people were looking at him, his clothes were used as ropes. He directly went to the infirmary.

“What are you doing?”

Looking at the Naked upper body of Mu Fan, The school’s doctor was shocked, but Mu Fan directly went and put Eriri on the bed and turned to the doctor: “Teacher, It’s not the time to explain, she is in trouble, a heat stroke.”


Seeing Eriri’s pale face, the Doctor realized the seriousness of the matter. She took a Thermometer from his pocket to measure her temperature. She turned toward the medical box and said to Mu Fan: “Unlock the buttons on her clothes.”


Mu Fan thought he heard wrong and couldn’t help ask the beautiful Doctor: “Teacher, isn’t that wrong?”

“What is?”

The Doctor glanced at Mu Fan and said: “Aren’t you her boyfriend?”

“I’m not!”

Mu Fan shook his head.

“Well? You’re not?”

The doctor glanced at the naked upper body of Mu Fan and asked: “Why are you not wearing your clothes then?”

Mu Fan explained: “Teacher, I took off my clothes to turn them into a rope and come down from the roof so I can save her.”

“Even if you don’t have a reason, don’t come with an excuse that even a child can’t believe? I know many boys like you.”

The teacher turned her head and said: “In such a hot day, you went outside with your girlfriend, then you come here without upper clothes, and your girlfriend is in danger, and you say such lame excuses?”

Teacher, I know that you’re a woman with a story… but can you not be so dirty minded? We really didn’t do a thing…

Mu Fan was speechless. He wasn’t crazy to bring her out in such a hot day. It was clearly her idea, and she was also the one who closed the door.

However, things can’t be explained now, to help Eriri, Mu Fan could only look at the teacher and ask: “Do I need to take them all off?”

“It isn’t time for you to think about these things, unlock only the first three buttons.”

Mu Fan’s face was red as he looked at the doctor. Then he stretched his hand and reached toward Eriri’s uniform.

Eriri, don’t blame me. It was the doctor’s idea. She seems new here, and I can’t do anything, you need my help, and you have to treat it as a doctor who did this. If there you have a problem, tell the doctor.

Mu Fan swallowed and opened the three first buttons which revealed her underwear. Eriri was wearing white lace underwear. And finally, he realized something, there were pads…

Mu Fan was stunned. Eriri you really don’t have big breast…

You’re like, Eromanga, who also was flat.

Reality is really stunning.

While waiting for Mu Fan, the doctor come over and put her stethoscope on her chest. After a while, she was relieved as she reminded Mu Fan: “It was a slight heat stroke. Thanks to you coming in a hast, it wasn’t serious. Wait for me to find some medicine for her. Remember, in the future don’t go out in such weather.”

“Thanks, teacher.”

Looking at Mu Fan, the teacher came over and said: “Although I understand that student at your age enter their rebellious stage in these times but remember to not go out in hot days next time.”

Teacher if you see all student like this I don’t know what to think.

Mu Fan was speechless once again, he was too lazy to explain, so he said: “Teacher since there are no more problems, I will go back to class.”

“Are you going like that to class?”

“Oh, that’s a problem.” Mu Fan remembered that he didn’t have the upper part of his uniform. He couldn’t return to class like this, he could only sit back here in the infirmary.

Forget it, he will just have to face the iron fist from his ‘lovely’ teacher.

“Let’s see, I have a uniform here if you want to wear this and go to class.”

“Teacher, this isn’t your uniform right?” Mu fan asked in surprise.

“Do you want woman clothes?”

“I don’t!” Mu Fan rolled his eyes, he wasn’t into that. If it was the teacher’s uniform from when she was a student, he wouldn’t wear it.

“Don’t worry, this belongs to some male student who left it here.”

“Then, I will take it.”

When he heard her explanation, Mu Fan secretly sighed as he thanked her.

He had to say that she was a really good person.

It didn’t take long for her to find a clean uniform and handed it to Mu Fan: “Here!”

“Thanks, teacher, I will wash it tomorrow before I return it.” Mu fan thanked and put on the uniform. Although it was a little small, at least he wasn’t naked anymore.

When he returned to class and when he entered, all his classmates looked at him with weird looks. Several girls were talking to each other as they looked at him from time to time.

“What happened?”

To be honest, Mu fan, who was the cause of this, didn’t know what happened. He quickly returned to his seat and rested on the table. Jumping from the rood and carrying Eriri wasn’t easy.

Fortunately, he could just sleep in the next class.

At this time, A message comes to Mu Fan from the ASCCI Media Works about the contract and the manuscript…