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F.S Chapter 49: Famous Editor!

Inside the ASCCI Media Works building, the weather was hot, but fortunately, inside Kagurazaka’s office, the air conditioner was on, and she was in front of the table staring at a cup of cola.

“Kagurazaka-san, you have a courier.”

At this time, A well-dressed black-haired woman in a black suit giving the impression of intelligence and beauty said to Kagurazaka.

“Thank you, Machida-san!”

Kagurazaka straightened up and grabbed the document given to her.

In front of her stood the editor of ACSSI Media Works, Sonoko Machida, who was responsible for many of the best sellers, like Koisuru Metronome, which was the best novel sold out of ASCII Media Works. She was now the deputy editor, and it’s said that she would be getting a promotion soon.

“You’re welcome. Just saw your name on the courier and brought it back to you.”

Machida sat across the table and put the document on the table and looked at the listless Kagurazaka and said: “God, why do you look so listless. Is it that hard to find good authors?”

“These days because of the authors, I could only sleep two hours a day, but they aren’t as good as the one you have.”

Kagurazaka took the courier in her hand and opened it.

“Well, the book of Elf-sensei is almost getting to Koisuru Metronome sales. You can get your own group if you keep up the good work.” Machida smiled lightly as she said.

“Oh, we’re waiting for the new book, you will get the promotion if it hit bestseller.” Kagurazaka smiled as she said.

“Well, now even when I urge her to write, she is not convinced with her own creation and with her personality, the book won’t be out if she isn’t satisfied.” Machida spread her arms and smiled bitterly.

“Maybe if she created it, you can surpass the Koisuru Metronome.”

“I hope so.”

The two performed typical commercial blows at the end.

Kagurazaki couldn’t help but say: “Although I’d like to have a best seller under me, the light novels these days are so full of routine and same concept. I don’t like it very much. Is it because now novels are commercial literature?”

“I also found many novels that imitate best-selling novel.” Machida said with a helpless smile: “Some even use mostly identical pen names to attract the audience.”

“A good novel will certainly have limitations. Even if it’s not accepted here, other publishers will accept it to gain some profit.”

Kagurazaka shook her head.

Her eyes were a full annoyance as she was worried about the light novel world. In this era, the light novels almost affected the whole world. There countless writers including some who couldn’t even write properly and stop halfway to leave the audience hanging.

Although she was only an editor for two years, she has seen many kinds of authors.

Therefore, to avoid risk, if an author had a good novel out, he would continue with the same novel and make other follow-up works.

The novels that could be written without any background are so little and few. Kagurazaka couldn’t help think about Accel World that was written by Mu Fan. This could break the routine in the Light novel world. It’s just she didn’t know what kind of reaction this novel would bring and what benefit it will have when it’s released.

Kagurazaka sighed and took out the document, and when she saw the content, her heart was filled with joy. Because with the signed contract, there was the follow-up story of Accel World.

Kagurazaka couldn’t help take it out and read it directly and carefully.

It was wonderful, really exciting.

Kagurazaka’s heart was full of excitement reading the story. In the beginning, she had a concern because Mu Fan was a new author. Even if he wrote a different opening, it would be difficult to control. The plot was moving along gradually, and with her years of experience, there was no possibility of it collapsing.

If it wasn’t Mu Fan coming personally to give the script before, she would think that he just stole it. (…)

At this moment, Kagurazaka seemed to see a rising star in the light novel world.

“God, what happened to make you so happy?”

Machida looked at Kagurazaka and couldn’t help ask as the latter’s face was full of smiles.

“Oh, nothing!”

Kagurazaka won’t tell Machida that she had a novel that could affect the light novel world. Although she was her good friend, there should be competition in the company.

Now Machida had her team, and she was only an editor, their age was similar, their hairstyle as well and both had mature personality, she was naturally unwilling to lose out.

Kagurazaka said goodbye to Machida and began making preparation for Mu Fan’s light novel. She sent the script to Eromaga-sensei with the hope that she would draw the illustration of Accel world and along with the script she sent his name.

As a newcomer, Mu Fan getting eromanga-sensei to draw his illustration can make it attract many Eromanga’s fans.

Next, she would recommend the Novel to the ASCCI Media Works and publish it as soon as possible.

After hesitating a little, Kagurazaka took the manuscript and walked to the office.