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F.S Chapter 50: Asuna’s Fish Flavored Dish!

“Kagurazaka, next week’s novel are already decided, you suddenly wanting this novel to be published, are you suggesting that we remove some from the middle?”

The chief editor in the ASCCI Media Works, a middle-aged man in his forties was sitting in his office as he looked at Kagurazaka in front of him.

“Chief, I suggest that some of the common novels that have the same plot and routine should be published less than they are and focus on inspiring newcomers.” Kagurazaka held the manuscript as she said.

The middle-aged man frowned and said: “The newcomer’s work that is not new should be replaced?”

“That’s not what I mean.”

Kagurazaka shook her head and handed the manuscript in her hand which was the one for Accel World to the chief and said: “Chief, please read this novel first, and then decide whether this should be published ahead of the others or not.”

“Accel World?”

The middle-aged man took a glimpse, to tell the truth, the style of the novels currently popular are somewhat the same, and bringing change to that is hard, and from the name of the novel, he could say that this is different. After a little silence, he started reading it.

For a senior editor, he won’t judge a novel by the few thousand words. He looked down on the book a little until Black Snow Princess (Kuroyukihime) appeared. The whole story suddenly became full of fun, the plot began to appear and ‘Haru’ becoming stronger. The first battle was exciting.

“This is youth!”

After reading for 30 minutes, the chief couldn’t help sigh. After all, the story was simple, but he could feel his blood boiling even though he was over forty years old.

Speaking about light novels, every reader put themselves in the protagonist’s shoe or other characters from the novel. In Accel world, every character can attract readers. It’s difficult to even choose in this case.

“Chief, you…”

Kagurazaka looked at the chief who was reading the manuscript and said in amazement: “Do you agree?”

In fact, the chief was new in his post and Kagurazaka didn’t know his character, she also didn’t know whether he will agree to her proposition or not.

“Well, I decided to change the previous arrangement and put this Accel world in the next release, and will contact them now to make the change.”

The chief nodded and smiled: “Kagurazaka-san, in fact, I have the same opinion as you about the current light novel development in the world. I hope we can cooperate well in the future.”

Kagurazaka didn’t expect the chief to speak so well and directly expressed her thanks with a smile: “Thank you, chief, I will try to work even harder.”

“Well, contact the author as soon as possible, and let this book be published. I can’t wait to see the sales it will have.”


“Mu Fan-san, your work was recommended for the next weak to be published.”

In the cooking club, Mu Fan took out his mobile phone, and when he received the message, he knew that Accel world was approved by the editors of ASCCI Media Works.

In fact, Mu Fan already expected this, but he also knew how much effort it took Kagurazaka to pull this off and quickly replied: “Thanks, sorry for the trouble, Kagurazaka-san.”

Currently, there weren’t any customer in the club since everyone finished eating and directly went to their respective club activities.

Asuna wiped the sweat from her forehead and walked out with a plate in her hand. She placed it on the table and smiled at Mu Fan who was holding his phone: “You seems happy? Something happened?”

“It’s just something about the novel I’m writing.” Mu Fan shook his head. He felt that he should keep this a secret before talking about it. He couldn’t show off about his novel being published as soon as he gave the manuscript.

At least, he should wait after it was published and send a copy to her.


Asuna didn’t ask much, she gestured to the table and said: “Mu-sensei, thanks for your guidance these days. Come and test my green pepper pork I personally made.”


Mu Fan was a bit dumbfounded. He looked at the plate made by Asuna, and the score appeared from the system. It gave her 65 points.

This made Mu Fan really surprised, Asuna was really good at cooking even without the help of the recipe. She could get to 65 points with only some guidance.

“It passed, continue working hard and you would be better than me in no time.” Mu Fan tasted it and praised. Although it was as good as the one he made, it was really good. And tasting the school beauty’s handmade food wasn’t something anyone in school could do.

 “Mu-sensei, this is my Fish green Pepper made according to your method of making the Green pepper pork.”

At this time, Asuna went to the kitchen and brought another plate and put it in front of Mu fan.

“You really work hard.”

Mu Fan was shocked to see her making a different kind of dish. It was also strange that her new improved dish scored 65 as well.

In fact, this was also a Chinese dish, named after the flavor of the fish instead of the pork and improved from the Green pepper pork.

Mu Fan picked up his fork and gave it a taste. The flavor made his spirit shake as all his fatigue went away. Mu Fan said seriously: “Asuna, this is really delicious. This taste even better than the green pepper pork. It can be sold for at least 6000 Yen.”

“Yes, thanks for the compliment.”

Asuna was very happy, and even if Mu Fan wasn’t a student from that school, he could make his dishes shine, so his level mustn’t be lower than them. It wasn’t easy to get a compliment from him as well.

After cleaning up the club, Mu Fan and Asuna held bags filled with garbage from the club.

After throwing them, they washed their hands and locked the door, and the two left together.

To the hostile eyes of the students, Mu Fan just smiled.

Oh, continue your annoying envy…

“Asuna-san, I will see you tomorrow.” Mu fan looked at the car that been waiting for Asuna and said goodbye.

Since he needs to visit Gabriel, he had to hurry as his sister should be waiting for him at home and he didn’t know how long his visit will take.


Asuna nodded, and when Mu Fan was about to leave, Asuna hesitated a little before asking: “Mu Fan, did you buy the SAO Equipment to play the game?”