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F.S Chapter 51: The Fall Of Gabriel!


Mu Fan started thinking. Although the Era of ACG culture affected the whole world. There are still many people who didn’t accept it yet.

Like gamers, for example, people would say that they aren’t working for their money, they’re just playing.

Mu Fan couldn’t think as to why Asuna asked.

“Well, I listened to Tomoya about what this game had to offer and thought I should try it.” Mu Fan said the truth. In fact, he did think about only trying it, but after he met the system Fairy, he decided to play seriously so he could understand his system more.

“Who is Tomoya?” Asuna blinked in confusion.

Asuna, who didn’t touch the ACG culture doesn’t know about Tomoya. Mu Fan smiled and said: “A famous blogger that does not have much to time to play because every day he has tons of messages asking him to review things for them.”

“The game influencing the world? Why does everyone say that?”

Asuna frowned as she thought about the game as just virtual data and wasn’t real.

Recently, she participated in the conference of the SAO and heard many saying the same words, as the game would affect the world, and everyone could even live there.

Is that game really amazing?

Asuna always hoped to have a normal life. She didn’t understand why the game had such huge sales. When she knew that Mu Fan would also play that game, she became somewhat curious.

Her family was one of the founders of this game. She will eventually take part in the family company, so experiencing the game now would be reasonable.

Just experiencing it, it shouldn’t be a problem…

Seeing Asuna not talking, Mu Fan asked with some doubts: “Is there something, Asuna-san?”

 Hearing Mu Fan’s voice, Asuna finally shook her head and said: “I was just asking, don’t worry, it’s okay now!”

Asuna said and took her phone and looked at the time: “Mu Fan, I have something up, and I need to go home, see you tomorrow.”

Asuna had her own plans. She was ready to experience the game and have a new life with no one intervening.

“Well, see you tomorrow.”

Mu Fan didn’t ask much, after all, Asuna probably had some doubts and just asked to clear them. After seeing Asuna go, he put his backpack on his shoulder and went toward his house. He needed to go to Gabriel’s house first.

It’s the troublesome little Angel!

After getting there, Mu Fan looked at his own house and checked the windows and door to see still locked.

In fact, he didn’t know how to get his sister out or enter her room, and that task probably needs to enter her room, but he wanted his sister to live her life and not shut herself in her room.

However, if he entered her room secretly, he would have to wait about a year to see her again.

Sighing, Mu Fan entered the courtyard of Gabriel’s house and knocked on the door.

After waiting for a long time, there was no response.

“Well, is there no one here?”

Mu Fan frowned. If there was no one here, how will he convey his teacher’s words? And the door and windows were closed for almost two days now, maybe she is really not there?

Should I say she isn’t there? She would probably hit me if I said so.

Mu Fan frowned even harder as he unwillingly knocked again and shouted: “Hey, is there anyone home?”

After waiting for a whole, Mu Fan was ready to leave before a lazy voice came from inside: “Please come in, the door is not locked…”

Really, how could someone sound so lazy?

In other words, how long can it take you to respond, I stayed here for over a few minutes before you answered.

Mu Fan frowned, at this moment he thought that this voice couldn’t be Gabriel’s, she wasn’t lazy, damn, she even waited for an hour until the mother came to find her child.

If she sounds so weak, can it be she’s sick?

No wonder she didn’t go to school, I really suffered for nothing…

Mu Fan sighed and pushed the door open.

However, when the door opened, the things he saw made him petrified.

The house was full of garbage everywhere.

Inside her room, Gabriel was wearing red sportswear, a plaid skirt as she squatted on the ground looked at the notebook which was the only source of light.

Is this really her room?

Mu Fan’s mouth twitched.

Mu Fan couldn’t help think how lazy she was.

He finally understood why she didn’t do a thing.

She was playing a game without a save for the past few days.

At this time, Gabriel looked at the stunned Mu Fan and said faintly: “Oh, Mu Fan-san, the snacks were eaten by me, and the drinks were drank by me, there is nothing I can do to entertain you, so just find a place to sit.”

“Is there really a place to sit in this house?”

Mu Fan glanced at the room that didn’t have even a place to put his foot on. He accidentally looked at Gabriel and saw that her shirt buttons were unfastened, revealing her underwear and white skin, and suddenly he became listless.

Is this really the little angle he knew?

After staying silent for a moment, Mu Fan felt like he should really do something and directly took out his mobile phone: “Hey, is this the addicts’ rehab center? There is a girl addicted to the internet that I want to report…”

“Mu Fan, what are you doing?”

Gabriel grabbed Mu Fan’s phone and closed the call directly. After assuring that she wasn’t playing anymore, he said: “That’s what I want to ask you, what the hell are you doing? Do you know that you’ve been playing for an entire day without going to school?”

Mu Fan didn’t expect the little angel to be so determined. She just indulged in the game just a day after he fixed her internet cable and became a more shut in than he ever was. He should’ve known this and didn’t fix the internet for her.

“Go to school?”

Gabriel scratched her head and said: “I forgot.”

“How can somewhat forget something like that?” Mu Fan asked: “Are you really the one that had the highest grade in the entire school?”

“You don’t understand!” Gabriel pointed at the screen of the laptop and said: “Now the Kingdom of Valhalla is being in grave danger and need as many help as it can get, I just can’t stand by.”


Mu Fan looked at the character in the game, and when he saw the logo under the character, he was about to spurt blood as he said: “What the hell?

 you only played for a day or two, and you’re already Vip8? Are you a local tyrant?”