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F.S Chapter 52: Her aunt!

“That is natural!! The residents of Valhalla are facing hardships all year round. I am an angel, I can’t abandon people. If you don’t let me save them, you will face retribution!” Gabriel said seriously.

Girl, do you even know what you’re currently saying?

Mu Fan smiled and turned around and opened the curtains. The sun suddenly entered the room which made Gabriel flinch: “What are you doing?”

“Of course, I’m making you breathe some fresh air, and I will tidy up this room.”

Mu Fan who didn’t think that Gabriel was too lazy even to open the windows looked at her and said: “Gabriel-san, isn’t you dream making people happy all around the world? Now your stuck here playing games, that would make it impossible for you to achieve that dream.”

Gabriel was still holding the mouse as she said back: “By now I realized that I can’t control how people felt. I will save myself first, and I will let these mortals fend for themselves.”

“You are being mad at me, aren’t you?”

Mu Fan before was really lazy and wanted to have a shut-in life and didn’t want to work hard for anything. But he realized that he was nothing compared to the current Gabriel. At least he would go out sometime but her, she didn’t step out at all.

However, this had nothing to do with him, he just felt a little bit guilty for making her internetwork.

Really, what a sin!

Mu Fan smiled a bit: “If you want to play games, why not play SAO then, that game is much easier than this game as it connects directly to the brain and makes you live in another world entirely.”

Gabriel opened a web page and said plainly: “I already booked a headgear and it will be sent next weak.”

“Forget it then.”

Mu Fan rolled his eyes: “Although you don’t want to save people anymore, can’t you at least go back to school?”

In any case, if she goes to school his job would be completed. Otherwise, he won’t be able to explain the changes that happened to her.

“Isn’t tomorrow a holiday?”

“No, it’s not.”

Mu Fan rolled his eyes and opened the door and said: “in addition, Hiratsuka-sensei said that if you don’t go to school, she will come and drag you there wherever you were…”

“I know!” Gabriel said while yawning in front of the computer.

Mu Fan turned around and left the room and glanced at the courtyard and shook his head. He really didn’t expect the little angel to turn like this after coming to know the internet.

Back home, Mi Fan sent his bag to his room and began making dinner for Sagiri. When he was about to start, his phone rang. Mu Fan opened the phone and looked at the message from Kagurazaka: “Mu Fan-san, I have good news, Eromanga-sensei decided to draw the illustration of Accel World.”


Mu Fan was filled with joy as his luck was really good. With Eromanga-sensei drawing, he can look forward to Kuroyukihime illustration. Now there is no need to trouble Eriri.

Next, Mu Fan made his Golden Fried Rice and Green Pepper Pork each in a small plate. Since he ate in the Club, he didn’t need to eat now.

“Sagiri, you dish is ready.”

Mu Fan heard a knock on the door and said: “I’m going back to my room now, you can come out and take it.”

After so long, Mu Fan understood a few things. For example, if he waited here, Sagiri would never come out of the room.

Seeing that there was no response, Mu Fan wasn’t surprised as he went downstairs. Anyway, he needed to continue writing his novel.


Mu Fan just reached the third step on the stairs, and the sudden voice surprised him.

“Hey? Sagiri?” Mu Fan’s heart moved. He saw his sister standing in front of him which surprised him. Shouldn’t he have some kind of celebration? He thought from the last time he saw his sister, he knew she wouldn’t go out without reason, and he didn’t expect her to go out again.

But Sagiri’s face seemed a little bit wrong…

At this time, Sagiri’s face turned paler and paler as he brows wrinkled together. He expression was extremely painful as she held her stomach and fell on the ground.

“Onii-san, It hurts…” Sagiri frowned as she bit her teeth saying these words.


Mu Fan’s face changed quickly as he went forward. When he saw the blood on his pajamas, his heart sank as he immediately hugged Sagiri.

“So light…”

The thought flashed in Mu fan’s mind as he went downstairs with Sagiri. Sagiri’s face tightly buried in his chest. The pale face made Mu Fan’s heart tremble. It seemed his little sister was sick. They were the only two in the house, and his parent passed away. He promised his old man that he would take care of his sister.

Mu Fan was quickly thinking about going to the hospital as he opened the door but felt a grab in the corner of his clothes.

Looking down, he saw Sagiri whose face was completely red as she said: “Brother, it’s not painful anymore…”

When he heard Sagiri, Mu Fan started thinking and finally understood what happened.

It made sense, Sagiri was thirteen this year, it looks like she was already at that age.