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F.S Chapter 53: Sagiri!

“Cough, Sagiri, it only hurts at the beginning?” Mu Fan looked down at Sagiri and asked while coughing twice.

“Yeah!” Sagiri blushed. She just felt pain in her stomach, so she couldn’t help go out to find Mu Fan, but now as she was adapted to the pain, it’s not so painful anymore.

“I understand!”

Mu Fan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He almost took his sister to the hospital to know that it’s just her big Aunt* visiting for the first time.

Mu Fan held her up and went back to her room and placed her on her bed.

After carefully observing her room, he could only describe it as clean.

The whole room was filled with a slight aroma of a girl, and cute dolls filled the bed and cabinet with pink decoration.

What a warm place!

Mu Fan couldn’t help but sigh.

On a small table, a painting tablet picked Mu Fan interest as there was an unfinished drawing on it.

Sagiri probably was drawing that, and her stomach suddenly started hurting, and she stopped.

However, what was strange is that the character in the drawing was somewhat familiar.

At this time, the system’s prompt appeared in his mind.

[The task: entering Sagiri’s room is completed, and the host gained two fantasy points.]

After getting this, Mu Fan smiled a bit as he didn’t expect the task would end like this.

Looking at Sagiri’s painful look, he could tell that she was adapting to the pain. He quickly went down and made hot water for Sagiri and poured her a cup. “Sagiri, wait for the water to cool down a little then drink it.”

Mu Fan took a deep breath and started thinking about the countermeasure. He didn’t have anything here for Sagiri when her big aunt visits. He needed to man up and go to the market to by something for her to use.

“Onii-san, don’t leave me…”

Looking at Mu Fan who just walked through the door, Sagiri said.

Mu Fan’s heart wavered, Sagiri needed his help and protection now. Fortunately, there is a supermarket near their home so he can come back quickly.

Mu Fan stepped forward and touched Sagiri’s head. He comforted her: “Don’t worry, I won’t leave you, I will be back soon. Just wait a little bit.”

After saying this, Mu Fan rushed out of the room and went out quickly toward the supermarket to get sanitary pads for his sister.

However, as Mu Fan rushed down the stairs, the door was pushed open.

He saw Gabriel whose hair wasn’t even combed. He didn’t want to get delayed, but he commented in his mind, can’t you comb your hair before going out at least?

Looking at Mu Fan, Gabriel yawned and said: “Oh, Mu Fan, where are you going in such a hurry?”

“I have something I need to buy.”

Mu Fan took out his wallet from his backpack as he asked: “Is there something you need?”

Because Gabriel was his classmate, Neighbor, and most importantly someone his sister asked to take care off in a way, he can’t just ignore her, so he gestured to the sofa and said: “You can sit there, I will be back soon.”


Gabriel walked in the room and looked at Mu Fan with pitiful eyes as she said: “I am so hungry, Mu Fan, I can only ask you for something to eat.”

It turned out she is here because she was hungry.

Mu Fan was speechless before he thought about a bright idea. He closed the door and looked at Gabriel and said: “It’s not impossible for me to make something for you, but you need to do something in exchange!”

“Don’t even think about having my game account!”

This answer was really straight…

Mu Fan rolled his eyes, he decided to play SAO what is there for him to have a different game account?

“If you want to eat, go buy some sanitary pads!”


Gabriel looked up and down at Mu Fan’s body.

“What is it?”

The look from Gabriel made Mu Fan hair stand.

“Mu Fan, are you also a girl?”

“Do I look like one?” Mu Fan explained with a sigh: “It’s for my sister, if you have some home, please bring some for me or you won’t get to eat.”

“Ah? As long as you have it, I can eat?”


Mu Fan was thrilled, he didn’t have to go to the supermarket and get so many weird looks when he buys the sanitary pads.

But since Gabriel want to eat, he can make use of this get some from her.

“Wait a minute!”

When Mu Fan heard this, Gabriel rushed out of his house quickly, not long after, she brought a sanitary pad in a black plastic bag.

“How much do you want to eat?”

Mu Fan looked at Gabriel in surprise, this girl just went out and came back in less than a minute just so she can eat?

The only problem with her now is her laziness.

“I didn’t eat for one day, for a cultivator, it’s not that long!” Gabriel said seriously.

Cultivator? Where did she learn that? Games really kill people!

Looking at the girl who was going in the path of shut-in further and further, Mu Fan smiled and went to the living room. He pointed at the sofa and said: “You should sit there and wait for a bit, I will give these to my sister and come back to make you something.”

“Then do so quickly, I want to go back and save the kingdom of Valhalla.”

“It’s okay, it won’t take long.” Mu Fan glanced at Gabriel and pushed the door and went up the stairs and was surprised to find Sagiri’s door shut.

“Sagiri, I’m back.”

Mu Fan was helpless as he knocked on the door.


The door was gently pushed open, and Sagiri’s head comes out and pointed at the Sanitary pad saying with a quiet voice: “Onii-san, thank you, give these to me, I can do it myself…”

Mu Fan knew that she was new to this and couldn’t help but unwillingly ask: “Sagiri, don’t you need my help?”


Sagiri exclaimed, her face reddened as she said: “Of course, I don’t need onii-san’s help.”

Sagiri reached out and grabbed the bag and closed the door.

“Why so shy? I just worried about you.”

Mu fan stood at the door with a smile as he said while thinking that his sister is really cute especially when she was shy.

However, seeing her so spirited, he was relieved and was about to go down, but suddenly a notification sounded in his mind.

[save your little sister and make her bravely step outside her room and interact with you more, you can get three Fantasy points.]

“This task is a little difficult.”

Mu Fan frowned, it was only an accident when he finished the last mission, he didn’t even know when he would be able to enter that room again.

Not to mention making her braver.

So hard!

Mu Fan couldn’t help but sigh. Fortunately, there was no time limit for this task.

But this was somewhat strange, why is the sister helping my sister! The last mission is to make me closer to her by entering her room and now this?

If he succeeds, his sister won’t fall for him, right?

Forgive me, readers, this is just the system forcing me to do this, I’m really not the one to blame!