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F.S Chapter 54: Side by Side with Gabriel!

“What do you want to eat?” Going downstairs, Mu Fan went to the kitchen and turned his eyes toward Gabriel sitting on the sofa while holding her phone.

Can you take a break? At this time, she still has time to watch games strategy.

When she heard Mu Fan’s words, she was shocked before saying: “Is there any need to ask? Of course, it’s the green pepper pork!”

Why are you so serious suddenly?

Mu Fan was speechless. He was 10,000 percent sure that she had a thing for good food.

It seems with games and such in the last few days, she changed too much, she was too lazy already.

Opening the fridge, the ingredients weren’t much, but he could make the green pepper pork and golden fried rice.

Looking at the points he had in the system, he had 4 points which were enough to upgrade the cooking skill to level 4.

Mu Fan didn’t intend to upgrade it for the time being. The third level was enough for simple recipes. If he wants to use them, he will wait until he enters the game and discusses with Hatsune.

“Here, go back when you finish eating. Go to bed early tonight and go to school tomorrow.”

Mu Fan placed the green pepper pork and golden fried rice on the table and waved at Gabriel.

Mu Fan felt like he was more of an angel than her. He was trying to make this fake angel happy.

Really, this fake angel didn’t want to make people happy anymore and causes trouble for him instead.

Sure enough, having her as a neighbor from the start was bad luck.

Is this fate?

If he asked the little angel to help at the club, would she refuse?

Smelling the aroma of the food, Gabriel looked joyful as she reached the table and with an excited look said: “Mu Fan, you’re a good guy!”

“You’re welcome, don’t give me trouble and that would be enough as thanks!”

Mu Fan smiled as he took out some ingredients from the fridge to make porridge for Sagiri.

Jujube porridge was very simple to make. It uses red Jujubes and the right amount of water to make. It’s very suitable for girls to drink when their ‘Great Aunt’ Visits!

Mu Fan didn’t buy the recipe, but still, the score he got was 55 points. Because of his cooking skill at the third level, even with recipes, he knew he can do better than small restaurants.

Most of the big restaurants have people from the Totsuki Culinary Academy. The dished they make reaches higher levels.

As long as it’s above 30 points, then it’s something normal people would eat. So it isn’t a problem with the rate reaching 55 points. For the current Sagiri, the porridge is good for her body.

Mu Fan took the porridge and went upstairs, he knocked on the door and said: “Sagiri, I cooked a bowl of Jujube Porridge for you, I will put it in front of the door.”

There was no response from inside. Mu Fan knew that she would wait for him to leave before she takes the bowl.

Going downstairs, Gabriel already finished eating all the food.

Seeing Mu Fan coming over, Gabriel said with satisfaction: “Thanks for your hospitality, I’m going home now!”


Mu Fan watched as Gabriel left, the things with her and Sagiri delayed him for a long time.

He should enter the SAO virtual space and write there with Hatsune.

However, just as Gabriel got out of the door, she turned around, and with a sigh, she said to Mu Fan: “Mu Fan, I will send you to heaven in the future and make you become a famous chief in there.”

“This is the first time I give someone food, and he curses me to die. I still want to live more!”

Mu Fan’s face twitched. Before a girl claimed to be a big demon from hell, and this time, this girl wanted to bring him to heaven.

How will I go to heaven? Should I stand by your side?

Sure enough, it is the fault of the ACG culture…

Mu Fan sighed and waited until Gabriel left, he first washed his uniform and hung it to dry.

Going back to his room turned on the music and started typing.

The ASCII Media Works was discussing the publishing of Accel World, they are waiting for Eromanga-sensei to draw the illustration of Kuroyukihime. I need to finish writing it soon if the sales of the first volume are good, the next one would be demanded shortly after.

The Female power in this industry is as well as it was in his previous world when the writer is a female, the novel she writes will be popular and have a higher income than males.

Mu Fan wrote about 30,000 words and instantly became in the top five writers in the software.

In fact, if someone was typing randomly in the software, it won’t be recognized. And while Mu Fan knew the entire story, he couldn’t copy it all quickly.