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F.S Chapter 55: The difference!

After taking a shower, Mu Fan laid on the bed and put on the Nerve Gear!

Start connecting!


You think I will say “Lincoln Is Dead?”

Really, you’re so naïve, how can I say such a sentence twice?

At least I will change it and reuse it.

The dense data disappeared; next Mu Fan’s figure appeared in the virtual space.

In the dark space, a delicate figure appeared alone in the corner. Mu Fan couldn’t help look at her a little distressed, the time to accompany Hatsune is too little, and he could only meet her at night.

And she stayed in this prison-like space all day long…

“Master, you are here!” Looking at Mu Fan, the first thing she did was look at him with excitement.

Mu Fan shook his head and said: “Hatsune, don’t call me master later!”


Hatsune’s face stiffened, a tear appeared in the corner of her eyes as she looked at Mu Fan pitifully: “Master doesn’t want Hatsune anymore?”

“Of course not!”

Mu Fan was speechless as he explained: “I mean change how you call me, for example, my name is Mu Fan, you can call me that like the others, don’t call me master again.”

Although the first time she called him master he enjoyed it, after hearing it for a long time, he felt awkward, as if he raised a little loli and forced her to call him master.

“Hatsune can’t call master’s name directly, it is very disrespectful for master.”

Hatsune’s expression was very serious.

Mu Fan didn’t expect Hatsune to be so firm, but he was somewhat uncomfortable hearing her calling him master, so he couldn’t laugh and say: “Since Hatsune doesn’t want to call me by my name, then call me onii-chan!”

Anyway, he had a sister, and he doesn’t mind if there is another one in the game… But isn’t requesting this more shameful than making her call him master?


Hatsune didn’t refuse and nodded.

The sweet voice made Mu Fan satisfied, he had two cute sisters now, it was really great.

Can… Can she call me that again?

Mu Fan’s wish wasn’t fulfilled. Hatsune’s face was serious as she looked at him and said: “Did you jump from the roof to save Eriri today?”

Mu Fan glimpsed at her slightly, she said previously that she can see what he did outside and he didn’t remember it.

But again, he did have some adventure. 

‘Onii-chan, you’re taking too much risk!”

“I won’t do it again.” Mu Fan said with embarrassment.

After calming down, Mu Fan indeed found what he did was irresponsible. He had a sister to raise if something happened to him, what will she do.

“No, I mean it’s a matter of fact for onii-chan to help his friends, but there are solutions, like using fantasy points to cope with the difficulty of the situation.”

Hatsune stretched her hands forward, and the talent redemption menu appeared in front of them.

“Is that ok?”

Looking at the system menu, Mu Fan was surprised, he thought that the system could only appear in his mind. He didn’t expect Hatsune had the ability to do this.

But he felt relieved, after all, Hatsune was the system’s fairy, she can use the system freely.

“That’s natural, I can do anything.”

Hatsune said proudly: “Although we can open the system’s store here, it’s the same when you open it in your mind, the game operators can’t see it.”

“Can I put the system in the game?” Mu Fan asked with surprise.

“Of course!”

At this time Hatsune stopped at the store inside the menu, and a new talent appeared in front of Mu Fan: “Primary Hyperactive talent?”

“What is this?”

Mu Fan curiously looked at the introduction of this talent.

 [Make the host enter a hyper state of thinking, judgement and reflex which can be said tenfold the normal through sexual excitement. Defect: Using this talent, the host can’t control his words and deeds, all he wants to do is save the girl in front of him.]

Mu Fan’s face turned red: “Cough, what does this talent mean?”

“The literal meaning.”

Hatsune said with a smile: “It’s necessary to have sexual excitement to become stronger. For example, at that time, if you got this talent, there wouldn’t be any danger.”

“But the condition is needed to achieve its purpose.” Mu Fan said with a bitter smile, this talent seems to be the talent of Kinji Tohyama from the anime Hidan No Aria.

“Onii-chan, you could’ve torn the clothes on Eriri that time.”

Hatsune said with a harmless smile.

“Tear her clothes?”

Mu Fan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he already saw Eriri’s body.

Of course, this can’t be said to Eriri, or she will come to hunt my head.

But if they were in danger, this talent could save them indeed.

However, Mu Fan didn’t want to take it. Because if he accidentally hit a girl and the talent was to be triggered, he will suddenly change personality, he will blurt to many craps that he will be dead by the time he wakes up.

Of course, Mu Fan didn’t want to use his life to maintain his image, he will just get it if he was in danger.

“That’s a pity, this talent can also be triggered inside the game,” Hatsune said with disappointment.

“It doesn’t matter, I will only get it if I’m in danger.”

Mu Fan smiled at her and said: “Is it boring to stay here alone every day?”

“No, Onii-chan, although you can’t enter the game, I can enter it. The scenery inside is very good, and the game world is being perfected. It is estimated that in two or three days, the game will launch.”

“Oh, can Hatsune also get hurt inside?”

“No, I’m invincible inside the game. And I can’t fight as well, but I can give Onii-chan some tips for the game that don’t violate common sense.” Hatsune shook her head as she said.

“Is that so, then you can wait for the game to launch and we can play it together.” Seeing that Hatsune liked it, Mu Fan finally smiled.

Speaking about SAO, the settings were huge, it was just like another world.

“Okay, but Onii-chan should pay attention to his words and deeds. Make sure not to talk about me to Asuna and the others.”

“Hey, hey? Who did you learn this from?”