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F.S Chapter 56: Does she want to cause a big bang?

“She didn’t come to class?”

In the morning, Mu Fan arrived at the school, but the seat beside him was empty.

Girl, you are really underestimating the Iron Fist Hiratsuka.

Mu Fan naturally won’t go and find her, he only conveyed what Hiratsuka-Sensei wanted him to, her coming or not isn’t something he can force.

As his parents died, Mu Fan was more mature than people his age, he used to be a blogger when he was in his twenties, and he didn’t have any rebellious moments in his life.

However, maybe he came too early, and she will come later. With her current personality, she was too lazy, maybe she will come later.

Goodbye, good little angel…

Mu Fan put his bag on the seat and walked to the infirmary to return the clothes. Yesterday, thanks to the teacher, he found a uniform to use, so he needed to return it today.

However, as he arrived at the door of the infirmary, he bumped on the twin-tailed little girl who came from the other side of the corridor.

“Mu Fan? Why are you here?”

Seeing Mu Fan at the entrance of the infirmary, Eriri couldn’t help ask.

“Oh, I’m here to return the clothes I borrowed, You?” Mu Fan showed the clothes in his hand as he asked Eriri. He was a little surprised that he could meet Eriri here.

“It was The Teacher in the infirmary who asked me to come in the morning for a check.” Eriri face blushed as she said: “She also told me that you saved me yesterday. Thanks, come to the game production club after school, I will make an exception and reduce the requirement of the story you made.”

“You will lower the requirements?”

Listening to Eriri, Mu Fan who knew her character could tell that she was just embarrassed to say thank you to him.

“That’s natural, but this shouldn’t affect the quality of the game, I can’t just decide for myself!”

Eriri yelled and opened the infirmary door. Mu Fan followed behind her and saw the teacher sitting on the desk reading a book.

“Sensei, thanks for the uniform.” Mu Fan put the clothes on the desk and thanked her.

“You are welcome.”

The teacher returned the uniform and then walked toward Eriri and said with a stethoscope ready:” Take off your clothes.”

What are you talking about Sensei? There is someone here…” Eriri picked her eyebrows as she glanced at Mu Fan.

“Is there a problem? Isn’t he your boyfriend who helped unbutton your shirt yesterday, you still care about that?”


Eriri’s eyes widened as she looked confused: “Sensei, he isn’t my boyfriend!”

When he heard this, Mu Fan’s face changed. He felt that a disaster was coming toward him if he doesn’t leave.


The Teacher frowned and put the Stethoscope on the table and said faintly: “I really don’t understand young people these days. If he wasn’t your boyfriend, why would he come here half naked and help you undress?”

“Ha? Sensei, are you saying that my clothes were taken off by him yesterday?”

Eriri was completely stunned at this time, while looked at Mu fan who stood not far with horror.

He felt the murderous aura from Eriri’s body.

Mu Fan’s heart felt cold as he knew this wasn’t good. He quickly opened the door and waved at the teacher and said: “Sensei, there are still things I need to do, I will leave first, again thank you Sensei.”

After saying this, Mu Fan directly left before long, he heard Eriri’s scream of anger.

Walking in the hallway, Mu Fan looked back and saw that Eriri didn’t try to catch up to him and was secretly relieved.

In fact, there was nothing to see. Actually, Eriri didn’t have anything in her upper body, she is what you refer to as a flat chested girl.

If he wanted a girl he wouldn’t actually look for her, at least Asuna was several times better.

Although the two were beautiful young ladies and he didn’t want to compare, he still felt guilty.

Having said this, it’s not like Mu Fan thought that Eriri wasn’t good.

At least, she was always herself, but Asuna couldn’t do anything as she disguised herself in front of her parents. She is probably tired of all that.

However, when he remembered that he would need to go to the game production club later, he felt that he needed to deal with that kitten artist.

Thinking about Asuna, Mu Fan thought about a good idea to deal with her later…

Mu Fan arrived at the cooking club before he opened the door, he heard the sound of someone cooking inside.

As he entered, he saw Asuna in the kitchen while she was filled with grievance while standing with traces of tears on her delicate face.

“What’s wrong, Asuna-san, is there an accident?”

Mu Fan frowned and walked into the kitchen and looked at Asuna.

“No…” Asuna said as she couldn’t control her tears.

“I will go and deal with him.”

Mu Fan looked cold, he didn’t provoke anyone, and someone was trying to bully his club president?

Let’s see who dares do this.


Looking at the angry Mu Fan, Asuna immediately grabbed his clothes and pointed at the red pepper on the stove and said: “Mu Fan, this is the cause.”


Mu Fan almost fell down, he looked at the red pepper and minced garlic on the chopping board and found too many of them. He estimated that whatever you make with this, it will definitively turn red. That smell, even he couldn’t bear it.

“Asuna-san, didn’t you say that you didn’t like chili? Why did you cut so much?”

“It’s not for me.”

Asuna smiled and wiped her hand, and then took a handkerchief and rubbed her eyes which made the pain ease a lot, then she pointed at the figure sitting on the table not far away. A petite girl with long hair reaching her waist sat there. “This is the guest that wanted to eat Mapo Tofu, and she told me that the more pepper I put, the better.”

“It seems like she is a high school student, I didn’t expect someone to like spicy dishes to this degree.”

Mu Fan was a little surprised. In fact, he didn’t dare say that he could eat anything with that amount of pepper inside it.

Eating something so spicy, is there really no problem?

Maybe… Did she want to cause a big bang in her stomach?