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F.S Chapter 57: Sichuan Mapo Tofu!

Looking at the quiet girl sitting on the chair while glancing outside the window, if not for Asuna beside him, he wanted to go and ask her: “beauty, are you from Sichuan?” (Sichuan Is a province in the southwest of China.)

Mu Fan wasn’t only thinking about this, he wanted to gain some customers for when he graduates. Obviously, once he graduates, he won’t be able to run the cooking club, so he wanted to reopen his father’s restaurant.

However, when he reopens it, the dishes should be much more than what he is serving here. After hesitating for a moment, then said to Asuna: “That student shall be handed over to me.”

“What?” Asuna was stunned slightly. Her eyes were full of doubt, as she looked at Mu Fan in surprise: “Mu Fan, can you make Mapo tofu?”

“Well, I researched Mapo Tofu recently!”

Mu Fan said seriously. In fact, he didn’t do any research whatsoever. He just will search for the recipe on the internet. But that won’t have the effect of light like the other ones since it wasn’t a recipe he purchased from the fantasy store. Maybe he should purchase it from the system?

“Do you need help?” Asuna was delighted when she heard that Mu Fan was going to cook.

These days, with Mu Fan’s careful teaching, Asuna has already learned all three dishes Mu Fan mastered. Asuna regarded Mu Fan as the most admired chief.

She preferred to cook together with Mu Fan so he won’t get tired.

“There is no need.”

Mu Fan pointed at her eyes and smiled: “Your eyes are red. You should take a break.”

Looking at Asuna’s current state, Mu Fan was a bit dumbfounded. She must really love the club for her to try to cook while her eyes were hurt so much.

“Eh?…” Asuna blinked as she looked at Mu Fan and was tempted to ask: “Mu Fan, do I look that horrible?”

“No, You’re still the school beauty.” Mu Fan smiled.

Asuna’s face turned red as she said: “Then I will go now, Mu Fan.”

“Don’t worry, I got things here.”

Mu Fan smiled lightly and moved forward. He looked at the chopped pepper and garlic. Fortunately, Asuna already cut them. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to do anything just like Asuna.

“Exchange, Sichuan Mapo Tofu!”

Seeing the ingredients were ready, Mu Fan whispered in his heart and the fantasy points were deducted as information about the recipe filled his mind.

In Fact, even if he didn’t buy this recipe, he can make ordinary Mapo Tofu. But the ordinary method can’t make a high-grade dish. But with the recipe he gets from the internet, he won’t be able to make it past the 60 points in rating.

As for Asuna previously making it past the 60 points was all due to his teaching.

Perhaps… other than the recipes and the system, no one could make a dish that passes the 90-point other than those from the culinary academy.

After getting the recipe, Mu Fan started preparing the dish. Mu Fan put the soybeans in the water. The Sichuan Mapo Tofu was different from the ordinary one. The ordinary one was only five-to one ingredient. But the Sichuan Mapo Tofu was known from the Chinese Cuisine known as Ma-La-Wei.

Of course, if you thought that the Sichuan Mapo Tofu was Six-in-one, then you’re wrong, it is all lay in the fried meat.

In fact, the meat we’re talking about here isn’t exactly meat, it the soybeans, which was also known as the meat of the field. It’s all in the crisp feeling, there was no different from this, and the one Asuna wanted to make, but the crisp feeling would be impossible for Asuna to gasp now.

With Mu Fan’s cooking skill, it wasn’t hard to prepare the dish.

Next, Mu Fan added the minced pepper, garlic, the soybeans, the sweat been sauce, and the soul of Sichuan cuisine, ‘The chilly Bean Paste’. He waited for the pot to turn bright red before he added Firm Tofu then seasoned it with wine. He let it cook for a while and then poured the soy sauce on the garlic.

Then he adjusted the water. 

At this time, Mu Fan was grasping the time as well as controlling the temperature. The Mapo Tofu needed precise heat control as it was too easy to get burned.

When the time was ripe, Mu fan quickly poured the Mapo Tofu in a place.

In an instant, the scent came out, Asuna could tell just by the smell that this was several times better than what she used to prepare.

“Sichuan Mapo Tofu: 75 points!” this isn’t wrong, as it was the first time Mu Fan actually prepared this dish. He removed the soybeans too soon, so the water wasn’t fully absorbed, so the dish not shining was normal.

“Please, Enjoy your meal!” Mu Fan put the Mapo tofu on the table and a bowl of free rice as a bonus.

“Mapo Tofu…”

Smelling the Aroma, The silver-haired girl’s eyes suddenly brightened. She swallowed before picking the spoon and put a mouthful of the dish in her mouth.

Suddenly, the spicy, refreshing numbness burst out in her taste buds. But this taste didn’t dissipate quickly, but it was stimulating her tongue. So the silver-haired girl couldn’t help but tremble as all the pores on her body seemed to open.

She heard that the cooking club was really good, so she wanted her most beloved Mapo Tofu. When she ate this Mapo Tofu made by Mu Fan, she could tell that this was the best Mapo Tofu she ever ate.

The Girl couldn’t help eat more while spiciness spread all over her body which seemed like a new world opened in front of her.

Gradually, she seemed to enter a wonderful paradise, she became an angel in the sky. On her body, many small Mu Fans were like demons holding forks tearing open her clothes, the sharp end of the fork seemed to stimulate her sensitive spots again and again as she enjoyed the feeling with open arms.

By the side, Mu Fan’s eyes opened widely: “This… What’s wrong with her?”

Mu Fan was surprised. His dishes could make girls sink. Even when Asuna’s eyes were already used to this, she still wonders if Mu Fan did really put some drugs inside the dishes.

Soft breeze entered from the window as the silver-haired girl’s hair was fluttering and beautiful sun rays like silk dropped on her face making her extremely beautiful.

Mu Fan was stunned as he thought that this was a true angel, not the Gabriel.

Of course, he omitted the endless panting and the enticing blush on her face caused by his dish…