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F.S Chapter 58: Illustration of Eromanga-Sensei!

After ten minutes or so, the silver-haired girl finished eating. Mu Fan couldn’t help being surprised, as the girl’s appetite was really good. She ate something so spicy in the morning like its nothing.

“Thank you, this is the first time I ate such a delicious Mapo Tofu!” The girl stood up and thanked Mu Fan.

“You’re welcome, Students can visit the club anytime, and we should satisfy them.”

Mu Fan said with a smile, although there was no expression in the girl’s face as she thanked him, he could feel that this girl really liked the Mapo Tofu he made.

“Sorry, how much was the Mapo Tofu? Because I didn’t see the price tag of this dish.” The silver-haired girl asked while she took the walled out of her pocket.

“2,000 yen!”

Mu Fan smiled. This Sichuan Mapo Tofu should be sold for 6,000 yen, but with only 75 points, it should be 4,000 yen. However, since Asuna was making the dish and the girl waited for some time, and also this was the first time the dish was made, so he made it cheaper.

“So delicious and it’s only 2,000 Yen?” Asked the silver-haired girl.

“Well, you waited for some time, so I cut the price in half.” Mu Fan said.

“No, I got to eat such a delicious Mapo Tofu, the time I waited was worth it.”

The silver-haired girl took 4,000 Yen from her wallet and handed it to Mu Fan. She smiled beautifully and said: “Thanks for your hospitality. My name is Kanade, a freshman, I will come back again.”

“Well, You are welcome any time, Kanade-san.”

Watching Kanade leave, Mu Fan quickly arrived at the board and wrote: “Sichuan Mapo Tofu: 6,000 Yen!”

Mu Fan nodded in satisfaction. With these four dishes, the club can continue for the time being. He doesn’t need any new recipes.

Besides, Mu Fan was confident of making the Mapo Tofu shine next time, so he directly raised the price to 6,000 Yen!

In the morning, a few students came, and he gained 20,000 Yen. He bid farewell to Asuna and returned to classes.

As soon as he entered, Mu Fan felt the murderous aura and looked back directly, only to see Eriri gnashing her teeth at him. It seemed like if there weren’t people here, she would kill him.

It seems like I will have to deal with her when I leave school later…

Mu Fan sat down, and the bell rang marking the start of the class. At this time, Gabriel arrived and entered the classroom.

Everyone looked at her weirdly.

Because now Gabriel’s image wasn’t that of the hardworking girl she once was.

She always wore a serious look on her face with a warm smile. She always gave a warm feeling.

But now, her uniform was wrinkled, she threw her bag randomly, she sat down and brought her bag and slept on it directly.

“Ha? Did she want to sleep?”

All the students seeing this were horrified. They knew that Gabriel was a good student with good grades, but the thing they saw now arrived late and directly slept. Is she really the good student that was praised by the teachers?

Looking at Gabriel who sat beside him and yawned, Mu Fan’s mouth twitched. It seems like this fake angel didn’t listen to his advice yesterday. She stayed up all night.

He suddenly thought of Hatsune. She was a pure girl who wasn’t polluted by the outside world, she wasn’t allowed to be polluted like this fake angel.

“Forget it, let me sleep for a while.”

Mu Fan used to sleep late at night, and in the morning, he would sleep for a while before writing the novel. Mu Fan put his head on the table and slept.

However, Vigne, who saw Mu Fan and Gabriel falling asleep was stunned. The others didn’t know, but she knew that Gabriel and Mu Fan were neighbor, and now they fell asleep together in class.

In other words, what exactly happened last night?

After sleeping for about ten minutes, Mu Fan was woken up by his phone vibrating. He opened his phone, and it was Kagurazaki.

“What? Eromanga-Sensei already drew Kuroyukihime’s illustration, and several of them too?”

On the phone, several pictures of Kureyukihime.

Mu Fan looked at the pictures and remembered Kuroyukihime from his previous world. She was about 90% similar. Only when he looked at the first picture, he felt that it was familiar.

Mu Fan couldn’t help frown, he thought for a few minutes, suddenly something flashed in his mind. It was the picture he saw in his sister’s room yesterday.

That picture… it seems like this is the finished product of that picture?