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F.S Chapter 59: Kuroyukihime’s Illustration!

In other words, isn’t Sagiri, and Eromanga-Sensei, the same person?

In fact, in his predecessor’s memory, he could tell that Sagiri liked drawing, and after thinking about it, the illustration of Kuroyukihime in his sister’s room was the same, so Sagiri being Eromanga-sensei wasn’t impossible.

Thinking to here, Mu Fan couldn’t help shaking his head. His sister was so cute, and only 13 years old. How could she be Eromanga-sensei?

Of course, if it was in the past, Mu Fan wouldn’t have doubted Sagiri, but after knowing Eriri’s true identity, this wasn’t impossible.

However, Mu Fan decided to drop this thought. If she was really Eromanga-sensei, then he would be happy for her. She found something she liked to do.

After hesitating for a moment, Mu Fan decided to solve the problem at hand first, so he sent a message to Kagurazaka: “Kagurazaka-san, I feel that these illustrations have some problems.”

“?? I feel like these illustrations don’t have any problem. Instead, I think this work has surpassed Eromanga-sensei’s previous works. Haven’t they revealed every aspect of Kuroyukihime’s appearance in the book?”

When Mu Fan read this message, he immediately replied: “The beauty of Kureyukihime was displayed by Eromanga-sensei, but there are still some problems.”

After finishing this sentence, Mu Fan resends a few pictures to Kagurazaki after circling some of the defects he noticed.

“Face? Is there any problem with the face?”

“Of course there is a problem!” Mu Fan directly typed.

“Kagurazaka-san, didn’t you notice that Kuroyukihime was always blushing? Especially this one, After the protagonist was being bullied, Kuroyukihime used accel time to slow time and discussed how she will get injured and fall down after she actually did, how could her face be like that when she is clearly injured?”

“I remember that I didn’t write Kuroyukihime as an M character, how can she enjoy the fall and the injury?”

Looking at the information sent by Mu Fan, Kagurazaka’s face was red, as she looked carefully at the illustrations. Every detail was as Mu Fan said. The last one especially, she was hit and got injured, but she was excited.

However, this was common in the light novel world, they add a bit of color to the illustrations to be more attractive to the readers.

“Mu Fan-san, this is normal since the illustration is used to attract readers.”

“I know that.”

But Mu Fan didn’t care, he couldn’t tolerate the things being done in this industry, especially when it comes to his novel.

“Other than that, Kuroyukihime’s chest is too small, it’s like an airport actually, why is that?”


From first sight, Mu Fan saw that there was something wrong with the illustration of Kuroyukihime.

That was insulting Kuroyukihime and Accel world entirely. That body was flat, her body should at least be like Asuna’s.

Sitting at the side of the computer, Kagurazaka saw Mu fan’s words and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. In fact, she already read Accel World and understood Kuroyukihime, and when she flipped through the illustrations, there was indeed no sight of the gorgeous and mature Kuroyukihime.

Kagurazaka could only sigh and reply: “Mu Fan-san, Eromanga-sensei’s style was always like this, if you want to modify it, you can wait for her live broadcast tonight. She will broadcast a part of the illustrations. When she finishes the live broadcast, you can add her number and mention what you want to her.”

“Well, what time is it tonight?”

Mu Fan sighed because he knew that Eromanga-sensei, and Eriri both drew with the same style of girls, or more like they didn’t draw mature girls.

In fact, once the artist’s style was formed, wanting to change it blindly would make the entire style collapse. He should wait for the live broadcast and make his suggestions.

I hope that Eromanga-sensei can understand.

“Seven in the evening.”

“Well, understood, sorry for the trouble, Kagurazaka-san.”

“You’re welcome.”

Mu Fan put down his phone and thought. He wanted to leave first as he wanted to make Sagiri’s meal before coming back to the game production club.

In fact, he wanted to ask for Eriri’s help on the illustrations, but he knew that it was impossible. It’s been only a week since she brought Asuna to her house to study her body type and draw.

Simply put, Eriri and Eromanga both couldn’t draw mature characters.