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F.S Chapter 60: Eriri is Stubborn!

“Hey, you actually dare to come?”

The petite figure carrying her backpack stood in front of the door of the school. Seeing Mu Fan, Eriri proudly raised her head as she looked at Mu Fan unhappily.

“Erir-san, I’m really sorry about yesterday!”

Mu Fan directly apologized to Eriri.

Well, no matter what he looked at her body, he can’t just say he wasn’t at fault.

Mu Fan knew that girls didn’t want anyone looking at their bodies. She was seen by him which is why he understood why she was angry at him. He could only apologize.

Of course, in Mu Fan’s heart, the main culprit of yesterday’s accident was the infirmary teacher.

She didn’t let him explain at all, if she listened to him, nothing like this would’ve happened.

“Hey, where is this guy’s pride?”

Originally, Eriri was very angry, she didn’t expect Mu Fan to apologize to her without bothering about his pride. Her anger subsided mostly as she lowered her head and snorted: “Forget about it, how do I say this? You saved me yesterday, I don’t care about that for the time being.”

“That’s great!”

Mu Fan felt joy from the bottom of his heart. He didn’t expect this to be so simple.

At this time, Mu Fan thought about the game production club and asked Eriri: “Eriri-san, what school are we going to now?”

“Chiba high school!”

“Won’t it be too far away?”

That school was far away from here. He asked with amazement: “How will we go? Do we take the bus? But the station is far. You shouldn’t go on foot, although you have recovered, still your body isn’t well yet, if you accidentally have another heat stroke, I won’t send you to the hospital to be misunderstood again.”

“Hey, I’m not that stupid.”

Eriri sighed as she looked back at the school and went inside, before long, she came back with a bicycle and with a smug face she said: “Because I know where we are going, I rode my bike here, I can go with it and come back at night.”

“Oh, let’s go then.” Mu Fan walked over the bicycle, anyway he felt tired and riding a bicycle would save time.


Looking at Mu Fan coming over, Eriri’s eyebrow picked up as she bit her teeth: “I won’t bring you. You just want to sit on the back seat and hug me?” Is there a reason she would allow him to take advantage of her?

Mu Fan was amazed and went straight to the front as he said: “I can be the one in the front seat?”

From the very beginning, he didn’t intend to let Eriri drive. She was a petite girl. She would be extremely tired if she was the pedaling.

“No, do you want me to hold you?”

Eriri unexpectedly had a poisonous tongue!

Mu fan was completely shocked this time as he shook his head: “Eriri-san, I think you are wrong to think of me like that. In fact yesterday’s event shows that only attractive girls would make a guy want to take advantage of her.”

“What?” Eriri frowned, as she looked at him with disappointment: “What else do you want to explain this time?”

“Well actually, yesterday, the Teacher in the infirmary was the one who forced me to do what I did, and only the school’s beauty would make a guy want to take advantage of her.”

Of course, what Mu Fan meant was that except for her poor chest, the other parts were good.

He didn’t know whether Eriri would understand or not.

“Hye… What are you talking about? Even if you praise me, I won’t ride the bicycle with you.”

Eriri had a shy blush on her face as she turned around and the two ponytails slid toward Mu Fan’s body. Mu Fan jumped back in time to escape her attack. This kind of attack was very strange, but he didn’t want to get hit by it.

Perhaps this was the correct way to use the twin tails?

I really should be careful of these Twin tails in the future.

“Although what you said is reasonable, this doesn’t make it normal.” Seeing Mu Fan escape the attack, she was dissatisfied.

“Nature not.”

Mu Fan shook his head and looked seriously: “I have already said this clearly about the thing I did yesterday. In fact, the teacher didn’t even let me explain and wanted me to help you, if you don’t believe me, you can ask her.”

“Oh, I naturally listened to her this morning, otherwise, I wouldn’t have spared you.”

“That is to say, this is all a misunderstanding.” Mu Fan said with a smile: “I will not talk about this to other people and forget what I saw. You should remember that you can still marry in the future.”

“How can you even forget such a thing…”

Mu Fan said: “Eriri-san, actually, I can go to the station and take the bus, it would only take an hour to get there for me.”

“But you had a heat stroke yesterday. And today you shouldn’t ride on your bike yourself. The Teacher said that if you are exposed to the sun for a long time, you may have another heatstroke. So how about I take you there and then send you directly to your house afterward?”

After saying this, Mu Fan held the bike handle and turned toward Eriri and smiled.

“Get on, don’t hesitate, I’m actually a good driver.”

“Hey hey, who wants to get on the bike with you, didn’t you decide this all by yourself?”

With a surprised look, Mu Fan got on the bike and Eriri’s face suddenly reddened.

But because he said such a thing, Eririr was embarrassed to refuse and could only snort and sit on the back seat.

“Why should I be sitting behind you!!”

“Sit steady.”

Ignoring her last words, Mu Fan rode the bike and took Eriri along. At very fast speed, the wind whistled as Eriri was scared and could only grab Mu Fan’s waist tightly.

Feeling the girl touching his waist tightly with both hands, Mu Fan could only chuckle.

I’m Sorry.

It seem like in the end she still had to hug my waist.