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F.S Chapter 61: Game production club members.

Chiba College.

Looking at the gate of the school, Mu Fan saw Eriri directly enter and followed her. Although Eriri called it the game production club, the real name was the game research association, and the club room was on the second floor.

The so-called club building was the same as his school, it has a culture club, music and so on.

“Eriri-san, is it here?”

The two stopped at the end of the second-floor corridor. Mu Fan looked at the room and asked.

“Don’t you see the words written on the door?”

Eriri snorted and pointed at the words on the door. Didn’t she say she wasn’t angry?

In fact, Eriri already cursed Mu Fan countless times. When they sat together on the bike, Mu Fan could hear her screams of fear especially when they were going downhill.

She swore that if there is a chance, she won’t ride the bike again.

This was the so-called good driver?

“it’s not early anymore.”

Mu Fan opened his phone and looked at the time, it was already four in the afternoon. He closed it back and looked at Eriri and said: “Should we go in?”

“Well, you should at least be introduced to them even if we don’t do anything today.”

Eriri went up and knocked on the door, and soon a voice came from inside.

“Please, come in!”

Upon hearing the voice, Mu Fan and Eriri directly pushed the door and entered.

With the door opening, the entire club room appeared in front of Mu Fan.

At the center, a large table which was composed of four long ones was placed. The table was equipped with advanced monitors and a variety of game consoles as well as computers. The central units of the computers were placed under the table, so they don’t take space.

The room was only one-third of the cooking club, so even with Ac open, the heat from the computers made it really hot inside.

There were some limited Akihabara goods. Amongst them, some were adult games.

“Eriri, Do you like Stardust Witch Meruru?” Mu Fan noticed Eriri looked at this game and couldn’t but ask.

“How could I like such a game?”

Eriri looked at Mu Fan with contempt as she walked forward. The members of the club noticed them coming, and baby-faced boy stood up and said with a smile: “Welcome to the club, Eriri, you finally arrived, I’ve waited for a long time, sit down.”

Said the boy as he pointed at two empty seats.

“Thank you.”

Mu Fan and Eriri sat down. Mu Fan looked at the opposite side. There were four boys inside the club, they all enjoyed playing games. When Mu Fan and Eriri came, they all were looking at them.

Eriri introduced the boys to him: “This is Kaede Makabe, and this is my classmate Mu Fan, who is also a light novel writer who would be responsible for the game’s story.”

“Oh, Hi, my name is Kaede, second year!”

 Kaede immediately stood up and greeted Mu Fan.

“I’m Mu Fan, the second year as well, please take care of me.”

Kaede gave a polite feeling, so Mu Fan also stood up and smiled at him.

“In this case let me introduce the members to you as well as the president.”

“Is Kaede not the club president?”

Mu Fan was surprised. He thought that this guy was the president of this club, he didn’t expect it to be someone else.

“Stupid, he is not!”

At this time, Eriri pinched Mu Fan’s waist as she pointed at a boy in front of the computer and whispered in his ears.

“Well, as Eriri-san said, I’m doing some errands here, please come with me.”

Kaede faintly smiled as Mu Fan and Eriri followed him. Inside seemed to be somewhat messy.

From the games Mu Fan saw inside, he could tell that the minister was something else. He definitively was a senior when it comes to games.

“President, Eriri and Mu Fan, who will be responsible for the story have come.”

Kaede took Mu Fan toward the president who was sitting on the chair and looking at the screen.

“Okay, thank you.”

The president turned around and smiled.

The president was a boy with black hair and glasses and a very thin body.

Just from the face, Mu Fan felt like this guy wasn’t a high school student, he felt like an uncle in his twenties instead. Although it’s not good to judge people just as you look at them, he did have that feeling in his heart.

“Hello, my name Is Gennosuke Miura, third-year high schooler and the game research club president.” The president smiled at Mu Fan friendly.

“Hello, my name is Mu Fan, I’m the one who will make the game’s story.”

Mu Fan smiled.

“This way, you are the friend who Eriri talked about!”

The president was stunned, but he quickly frowned and hesitated: “Mu Fan, the game needs to be finished this next week. The one responsible for the programming, Sena, told me this yesterday. You probably wouldn’t be able to finish it, so we will just take the one she wrote.”


“In addition to Eriri, another girl will help in the game, she is a first-year.” Miura laughed.

“Oh, ok then!”

Mu Fan said with disappointment.

He thought that he would make this game and becomes the producer, and he could still have a part in the income. He didn’t know that they already had a story. Even if he buys one from the system, he just can’t rob someone their work.

“No, I think the president still have to think about it.”

At this moment, Eriri suddenly yelled, then she grabbed Mu Fan’s who was about to leave and whispered in his ear: “Hey, I’m not letting you leave without making the story, how can you run just as you come?”

“But, they have one already right?” Mu Fan smiled bitterly.

“Since I asked you to make one, I have my reasons!” Eriri bit her teeth and said: “We definitively can’t take the story of that girl, or the game will definitively fail.”