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F.S Chapter 62: Hulk Vs. Superman!


Mu Fan looked at her will horror and said: “How could it fail?”

“Of it will!” Eriri raised her eyebrows and whispered: “That Girl, Sena, is actually a great lover of Yaoi, what would you think she would make?”

“The story of a Yaoi lover?”

Mu Fan’s mouth twitched twice; he couldn’t think of something from his last world that was actually produced.

“But how did you know this? Didn’t you just come here to join as well?” Mu Fan looked at Eriri with surprise.

The last time, I saw her in Akihabara, she actually bought a game and a novel with that genre.”

“It’s normal to be interested in such thing, don’t you also draw as well?”

Eriri quietly snorted and pinched Mu Fan’s waist and said: “She actually bought a book called ‘Batman, Hulk’s slave’ and ‘the things that the male gods can’t speak of’.”

Hearing these names, Mu Fan was about to faint. Hearing these names, he could guess the content. Mu Fan felt as if blood was rushed out from his throat just hearing them.

Hulk and Batman, and what is this secret that the male gods have? Do you dare say it again?

“They actually want such a person to make their story? Will this game really be okay? Although these kinds of games have their fan base…”

He estimated that whoever would play the game, he would be so shocked even to talk. If they actually produced this game, wouldn’t they be as rotten?

Thinking of this, Mu Fan couldn’t help shuddering.

This is dangerous…

“They don’t know about this, but I really saw her buy them.”

Eriri took a look at Mu Fan and urged him: “Go ahead, the story she will write won’t be liked anyway. When they don’t have a story, time will be lost, and we won’t be able to finish before the deadline. So no one is getting the award if that happens…”

“You can’t actually draw something like that, Right?” Mu Fan rolled his eyes and said.

“Who would paint something that disgusting!”

Eriri said with a disgusted look and pushed Mu Fan and said: “Go ahead and make the story, or else I won’t draw that kind of thing.”

What happened in this world?

When he heard Eriri, Mu Fan couldn’t help but have some doubt. Eriri’s real identity was Kashiwagi, a master artist of Ero manga. Sagiri was Eromanga-sensei, and another girl now had such interest.

Why would the world be so sinister!

“It seems like Eriri and Mu Fan’s relationship is really good. Are they a couple?”

At this time, President Miura noticed that Eriri was close to Mu Fan and smiled.

“How can I have a relationship with this kind of person?”

Hearing Miura’s words, Eriri snorted, but she remembered what happened before and couldn’t help turn red.

“What are you so excited about?”

Looking at Eriri’s blushing face, Mu Fan was speechless.

This Miura is a casual person, he just said his name without any honorifics just after knowing him. But Mu Fan knew that he wasn’t a bad person, his character was better than most people.

“You don’t have to listen to the president, he is like an old man always dreaming about young love.”

At this time, Kaede came over and said to Mu Fan with a smile: “I guess you are having doubts about our president, well this is his fourth time in the third year of high school, that is the reason for his old face.”

It turned out to be like this!

Mu Fan smiled. No wonder that this president gave the feeling of a veteran. He already repeated the same grade so many times.

“hey Kaede, don’t go exposing other people’s secrets without them knowing, I’m very shy.” Miura retorted.

“You don’t have to be shy, if you are, just graduate already. I’m here for two years and can be the president after you.” Kaede said.

“Sorry, I won’t graduate until you do.” Miura pushed his glasses and smiled.

“It seems like the members of this club are all otakus, and they won’t like that girl’s story. Well in order to not let you succumb to her story, I will write one.”

Listening to their conversation, Mu Fan sighed and walked over:” President, I think I should be the one to write the story. After all, Sena is mainly responsible for programming, she isn’t a real author. Her story would most likely be low quality.”

In Fact, it’s not just awkward, if that person makes the story, the game would be corrupted.

“Well, I have considered this.”

President Miura nodded and said: “But the release date is after a few days, so the story should be ready within three days. Otherwise, Eriri won’t be able to draw, and others won’t be able to make it time as well. Sena already started two days ago. In only three days, can you finish your story?”

“I can.”

Mu Fan nodded, Since Miura agreed, he can safely make the game. He nearly wrote 300,000 words in accel world already which was a lot faster than other authors. He can focus on making the story for this game. It won’t take that much time, after all, it is a game.

“You can make the story in three days? How fast are you, are you not going to write your novel and concentrate on the game?”

Miura couldn’t help sigh in relief as he looked at Mu Fan in shock.

“More or less.”

Mu Fan smiled. In Fact, most light novel chapters are four to five thousand words which he could write in the morning inside classes.
Eriri didn’t expect Mu Fan to be that fast, she couldn’t help look at Mu Fan and say: “Are you boasting? Is it the same as your driving skills?”

Mu Fan looked at Eriri and didn’t know how to reply.

“I didn’t know that the club invited a big boss from the light novel world…”

Miura looked at Mu Fan with shock before clapping his hand and smiling: “Well since this is the case, I will talk to Sena tomorrow. After the story is made, the members would read it again and will decide whether we use it or not, is that okay?”


Mu Fan smiled. Anyway, he had a lot of time. The club needs the full story, and if he writes with his usual speed, it won’t be a big deal.