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F.S Chapter 63: The Legendary Pervert!

In the real world, 3D girls would be difficult to cope with. For Example, Eriri would cause trouble every now and then…

Really 3D girls aren’t cute…

“I don’t want to ride back with you!”

Looking at Mu Fan who was sitting in front of her in the bike, Eriri showed her small canines and said: “When you drive, you don’t have any sense of security. I want to go back alone, any way you are strong; you can go back by yourself.”

Is my driving skill really that bad? Do I need to get one from the system to drive a bike?

Mu Fan rolled his eyes.

“Although it was downhill previously, going back up would be tiring, are you sure you don’t want me to send you back?”

Since Eriri wasn’t willing, Mu Fan reluctantly got off and went toward the bus station, but he looked at her and reminded her kindly: “Eriri-san, did you read the news?” He was talking about the men that undress in front of people in public.

“What news?” Eriri turned her head.

Mu Fan waved his hand and smiled: “I heard that when girls go home late, she will encounter a person who would undress in front of them. But it’s not dangerous, he wouldn’t do anything to them after flashing, I heard that the three girls that went through this returned to normal afterwards.”

It wasn’t a big deal.

Eriri’s face became white, she knew that if she encounters such a thing, she would most likely be traumatized.

Eriri shuddered as she walked toward Mu Fan and with a pale face said: “Forget it, this time I’m going uphill and it would be tiring for me since that’s the case, you can drive, there is no need for you to take the bus.”

“Okay, let’s go!”

Mu Fan chuckled and got on the bike.

In fact, this story wasn’t something he made up, this indeed happened the last few days after the Akihabara incident. This was why every day he left, he would lock the door and windows of his home so that nothing could happen to Sagiri when she was alone at home.

It was more time saving to ride with Eriri than take the bus. After all, it was past 5 pm already, it would be late if he wanted to cook for his sister and watch the live broadcast of Eromanga-sensei.

“It’s here!”

In front of a grand mansion; Eriri gestured for Mu Fan to stop.

Mu Fan looked up at the European-style building in front of him and couldn’t help getting surprised. This villa was like a castle.

Really worthy of a lady of such a rich family…

Mu Fan secretly sighed, he really didn’t understand why would Eriri still draw manga when her family was so well off.

However, it might be her hobby, for example, Asuna liked to cook even though she was rich as well.

“Here is your bike, I will go back now.”

He found that Eriri’s house wasn’t far from his, it would take him half an hour to reach his house on foot.

“Why don’t you come in and rest? My parents aren’t home…” Eriri went down and said to Mu Fan after hesitating a little.

Mu Fan looked at her and asked: “What did you say?”

Mu Fan glimpsed slightly and thought he heard wrong. He didn’t think that Eriri who hated him would invite him in when her parents weren’t there.

What did she mean?

“What are you thinking about, there are maids and butlers in there as well!”

Eriri’s face was red as she looked at him with disgust: “I just thought that you would be tired and wanted you to rest for a while.”

“No, I have things to do, I need to go back.”

Mu Fan shook his head and turned around. When he thought that Sagiri would be hungry if he was late, he didn’t want to delay anymore.

“Okay then!”

Eriri hesitated then handed the bike to Mu Fan: “You can use this to go back when we go to the club again next time, I will get it back.”

“Thank you!”

Mu Fan didn’t refuse, he rode the bike and went toward his home, walking there on foot would be tiring. He will just use it, and three days later he will return it back to Eriri.

When he went back, the sky was almost dark. Mu Fan put the bike in the warehouse and went inside and started preparing Sagiri’s meal. He made Golden Fried rice as well as Green Pepper Pork again, as for the tofu, it was too spicy for Sagiri. Even if he makes one with a rate above 90, Sagiri won’t eat it as she didn’t like spicy food.

“Sagiri, I’m back, the food is already in front of your door.”

Mu Fan knocked on the door and reminded her before putting the food down and went down. He heard a few knocks from Sagiri telling him that she had no problem before he left.

Looking at the time, it was 6:30 pm, Eromanga-sensei’s live broadcast would start in half an hour.

At this time, Mu Fan’s phone suddenly rang, it was information from RECT company.

“SAO server will be launched at 9 pm on April 21, 2022, players should be ready to start playing!”

“It seems like it would be open today!”

Mu Fan took a deep breath, this wasn’t just a virtual space but also something that even better, today was the day of its launches, it seems like after two hours, the game would open. So after writing a little, he can go and play.

However, Mu Fan still didn’t know what kind of game story he should buy, there are too many.

It is said that there is a game with a male god who captured more than 10,000 females from beginning to end. The story was great, and the idea of love is also good.

After thinking about it, Mu Fan decided to take a look at SAO leisurely today, he would consider what kind of game story he would buy tomorrow. Anyway, with his speed, he should be able to finish it in one day.

Room 520.

The broadcast room was filled with love shapes…

Mu Fan chuckled and opened the room, not long after, Mu Fan knew that it was about to start, Eromanaga-sensei was about to begin broadcasting the illustration of Accel World!