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F.S Chapter 64: The live Broadcast of Eromanga-sensei!

“Hello, everyone good evening, today I will draw while everyone is watching, please advise me.”

At the beginning of the broadcast, a sound came while in the picture there were papers for drawing. However, Mu Fan could tell that the voice belonged to a girl even with the voice changer.

Are beautiful girls nowadays enjoy drawing Erotic manga?

Mu Fan was a little surprised, originally, he only thought that Eromanga was a girl, he forgot about the Idea about Sagiri, he was surprised because she was a girl like Eriri.

The girl with such a job is also a girl!

Hearing Eromanga-sensei’s greeting, the room was filled with comments.

“Eromanga-sensei, please take care of us today as well!”

“Good Evening, Eromanga-sensei!”

“When will Eromanga-sensei take her mask and drop the voice changer in the live broadcast!”

Looking at the barrage sent by the fans, Eromanga-sensei suddenly said shyly: “I… I don’t know anyone named Eromanga.”

Does the name bother her?

Seeing this sentence, Mu Fan was a little dumbfounded, and suddenly a curtain appeared on the screen as she spoke.

“here it is again, is there something to be ashamed of my pen name?”

“Is it because you want to draw that kind of illustration that you named herself as such?”

“It’s not like that, don’t say that at people’s names!” Eromanga-sensei retorted.

“Okay… Although Eromanga-sensei is cute, please don’t tease her much for the sake of the illustration.”

At this time, someone spoke and sent a gift, after that, gifts started to drop quickly.

“Just with a life broadcast, she received more than 200,000 yen?”

Mu Fan was surprised, it seems like Eromanga-sensei and Eriri were really famous. At the start of the broadcast, more than a million people were watching and the number steadily increased. It seems breaking through the two million won’t be hard.

Mu Fan’s mouth twitched a few times. No wonder, the harem, other worlds and so one are so popular.

It seems like these fans are waiting to see the illustration by Eromanga-sensei.

“Eromanga-sensei, please draw another cute illustration today.”

At this time, someone spoke and sent a gift, it was more than 500,000 yen.

“If we weren’t studying and needed money, we would send gifts to Eromanga-sensei as well.”

Seeing the gift that was last sent, someone commented.

“Thank you for your support, I have something I will draw today.”

Eromanga-sensei chuckled, and the sound of the mouse came, the drawing software appeared on the screen, a girl’s outlines were drawn.

“This is the character I will draw today, which is the heroine in the novel Accel World, this character name Kuroyukihime and it’s a character that I like very much in the novel.”

“What is this novel Accel world?”

“Strange, I didn’t hear about it before?”

“Eromanga-sensei, where did this novel come from?”

Upon hearing a light novel they didn’t know, questions started coming down in the comments.

“Accel world has not been published yet, I will be drawing the illustration for it, but to tell you a secret, it will be published about ten days from now. I heard that this would be a best-seller, and if you want to take a look, buy a copy from Akihabara.”

“Eromanga-sensei praised a novel, it should be really good?”

“yes, after it is published, I must buy it.”

“Eromanga-sensei, let us see the illustration of Kuroyukihime.”

This kind of recommendation would be very likely to make the novel sell even more.

However, Mu Fan didn’t want to spoil for them so he didn’t comment anything about the novel, after all, it would make the suspense die down.

Eromanga-sensei snorted and ignored the comments and started singing while drawing.

Gradually, the outlines of Kuroyukohime started appearing. Eromanga-sensei was really good, she used a digital pen as well as the mouse at the same time, her coloring technique was really good.

Even if Mu Fan didn’t know how to draw, he could know that Eromanga-sensei was really good.


When it was 7:30 pm, Eromanga-sensei’s drawing was completed, Kuroyukihime’s illustration appeared on the screen.

The smooth skin and the slender leg were exposed, she was wearing a black dress while lying on a white bed.

“It’s really is much better than it used to be.”

Mu Fan looked at the illustration and was secretly surprised. If it wasn’t for her chest, this would be the most beautiful Kuroyukohime he saw.

From this, Mu Fan could tell that if he needed to reach such a level, he needed at least drawing level 4 skill to be able to draw as good as Eromanga-sensei.

“Wow, The illustration is so good!”

“Kuroyukihime is cute, I will be her number one fan, no one fight against me.”

“I want Kuroyukihime to be my waifu!”

“She is awesome!”

Good work, Eromanga-sensei, today’s illustration is really super cute! When Accel world is released, I will go and get a book!”

In seconds, the entire screen was smashed by comments, Mu Fan was filled with joy. Although this was the ACG era, with the unique personality of Kuroyukihime, and her appearance, many would be attracted to her.

After a while, Eromanga-sensei’s views reached 3,5 million. From the comment, you could see many people saying they will buy the novel when it is released.

It seems like letting Eromanga-sensei draw the illustration was the most correct decision!