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F.S Chapter 65: Sister is Eromanga-Sensei!?

The illustration as completed but the live broadcast wasn’t. There was still some time before the launch of the game, so Mu Fan wasn’t in a hurry.

“I spoke a lot today, I’m a little tired.”

Eromanga-sensei seemed to be relieved, she hesitated and asked: “In the next live broadcast, what do you think I should draw?”

“Draw Meruru!”

“As long as you are the one drawing, I will watch!”

“Draw something from the anime currently popular.”

When Eromanga-sensei said this, the room suddenly exploded with comments.

“Wait a minute, I can’t read all of that!”

After a little silence, a girl with an anime mask and a headset appeared on the screen.

Mu Fan was surprised to see Eromanga-sensei in front of him. She wore a mask and a big pajama with a hat. So her face can’t be seen, but her figure was smaller than expected.

Does she have a loli figure?

Could it be that Eromanga-sensei is a little girl?

With a surprised face, Mu Fan continued to watch the live broadcast. At this time, Eromanga-sensei opened an anime magazine with many popular characters of the year to see the ranking.

“You can choose the character from here. I will start drawing them in the next broadcast.” Eromanga-sensei pointed at the magazine.

The comments once again started flooding the screen, and Mu Fan could only block them. Otherwise, he won’t be able to see Eromanga-sensei.

The mouse moved as Mu Fan hid the comments, when he looked again, he was stunned to see two dishes on the table.

“Golden Fried Rice and Green Pepper Pork? It seems like the ones I made?”

Mu Fan’s mouth twitched, although these dishes were easy to make, not many people knew how to make the Golden Fried Rice.

He can be sure that these two dishes are the one he made earlier for Sagiri. Although he didn’t take a good look at her room last time, this should be Sagiri’s room!

My Sister turned out to be an illustrator?

Mu Fan was shocked, the last time he saw the unfinished illustrator in Sagiri’s room, he thought that maybe Sagiri was Eromanga-sensei. But this time, he confirmed it.

IT was really shocking; his sister was the famous Eromanga-sensei.

How small can this world be?

Mu Fan was surprised that he couldn’t speak. He thought that Sagiri couldn’t face strangers, but sooner or later she would recover.  But now it seems like she had many fans and friends online, she could chat with.

About the illustration of Kuroyukihime, Mu Fan didn’t want to talk in the comments, he didn’t want people to know about Accel World before it is published.

So he first sent 50,000 Yen to Sagiri, anyway he confirmed that Sagiri is Eromanga-sensei, and he earned a lot from the cooking club, more than enough for what he needs. It didn’t matter how much he gave her now.

No wonder Sagiri said she had some savings and he could use them to open his father’s restaurant. It seems like she earned so much from the live broadcast only.

“So everyone is welcome to the next live broadcast, bye!”

After a while, Eromanga-sensei’s voice comes to an end. When Mu Fan was preparing to send a private letter, something happened that frightened him. Sagiri actually forgot to turn off the camera.

The sudden Scene made Mu Fan petrified. He knew that Sagiri wouldn’t do this on purpose, so there was only one possibility, she forgot to turn off the camera.

Mu Fan’s heart darkened; his sister would be exposed in front of so many people.

“Eromanga-sensei forgot to turn off the camera!”

The fans who still didn’t leave directly sent message to their friend for them to return and see this. Sagiri already turned around and couldn’t see what was happening!

Of course, many were waiting to see this happen!

“Haha, Eromanga-sensei want to show her real identity!”

“Looking at her figure, she is a cute girl!”

“Eromanga-sensei’s career was filled with Ecchi!”

“This is going to be something else!”

Looking at the comments, Mu Fan felt his head about to burst.

At this time, Sagiri started taking off her socks revealing her jade-like feet, just when she was about to take off the pajamas, her movement stopped as she looked at the food.

“I was so tired I forgot about the food! The food that my brother made can’t be wasted.”

Sagiri stopped taking off her clothes and turned around and threw the mask and walked step by step toward the food.

“You want to eat first? This is really boring!”

“I want to see Eromanga-sensei’s face!”

Many comments said it was boring to see her eating, but Mu Fan knew that it was more dangerous that way.

Because the food he made had ‘that’ effect!

If this continue, Mu Fan could see what is going to happen next. Sagiri would eat, and that would happen in front of all the viewers.

No, Absolutely not!

I can’t let my sister be seen like that!

Now in Mu Fan’s mind, only the idea of protecting his sister was there, he rushed hurriedly out of his room and rushed up the stairs in less than three seconds.

“Get out of the way!”

Mu Fan bit his teeth and slammed on the door, Sagiri’s door was slammed open with a powerful force.

Sagiri who was about to send the first mouthful off rice in her mouth looked at Mu Fan shocked and while the rice was still in her mouth.

Mu Fan didn’t speak, he hurriedly went to the computer and cut off the power, then he turned toward Sagiri, he secretly sighed and pointed at the camera with a bitter smile: “Sagiri, sorry, you forgot to turn off your camera!”