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F.S Chapter 66: My Sister is really cute!

When Sagiri smelled the Golden Fried Rice’s aroma, she couldn’t take a deep breath and swallow. She picked the spoon and was about to start eating.

In fact, the most enjoyable time for her every day was eating the Fried Rice and Green Pepper Prok. She was hungry and didn’t notice that the camera was still recording.

However, just as she put a spoonful of Fried Rice in her mouth, she heard noise coming from the door, suddenly she saw Mu Fan entering, and she couldn’t help getting startled.

From the first time she saw Mu Fan, this was the first time she saw him make such a terrible expression. When she was about to talk, the Rice she didn’t swallow yet stuck on her throat, she wanted to speak but couldn’t!

“Sagiri, Sorry, you forgot to turn off your camera!”

Mu Fan rushed in the room and glanced at Sagiri, he didn’t choose to stand in front of the computer, because the audience would see him and rumors would start about his sister. So he directly went to the plug and pulled it.

In any case, I protected my sister!

Otherwise, by tomorrow, Sagiri’s photos would be circulated all over the internet. He estimated that this would be faster than Kuroyukihime’s illustration. This blow would be something that Sagiri won’t be able to recover from it.

“Sagiri, Sorry I scared you!”

Mu Fan looked at Sagiri who had a scared face and staring blankly at him. Seeing that Sagiri didn’t talk, he couldn’t help but say: “Sagiri, do you want me to leave?”

From what just happened, Mu fan felt it was necessary for him to let her calm down.


Hearing Mu Fan’s explanation, Sagiri realized that she didn’t turn off the camera and turned red, but when she saw Mu Fan ready to leave, she opened her mouth but the rice stuck in her throat made her unable to speak, she swayed her head at Mu Fan.

Don’t leave, Onii-chan!

“What? Sure, you want me to leave right?”

Looking at Sagiri shaking her head, Mu Fan was disappointed in his heart. He felt really guilty, he scared his sister so much that she couldn’t speak.

If this was the case, he should get out and let his sister calm down before apologizing tomorrow.

“Wu Wu…”

Sagiri looked at Mu Fan who didn’t know what happened and cursed 10,000 times over. She was seriously deprived of oxygen, and she felt like daying.

In fact, what happened scared her, and until now she still couldn’t swallow the mouthful of rice. She started patting her chest and pointing at the table.

“Wait, why is your face red, no there is also a little purple color?”

Mu Fan looked at Sagiri who was getting more and more purple and frowned when he saw her pointing at the rice while patting her chest, he realized what his sister meant…

“Sagiri, you couldn’t be…”

“Hm!” Sagiri nodded her head hard!

Mu Fan realized the problem, and his face changed as he quickly went toward her with a cup of water and fed her.


After taking a sip of water, the rice was swallowed. After taking a few breaths, she turned her head and looked at Mu Fan.

“Sagiri, are you okay?”

Looking at her face gradually recover its rosy hue, Mu Fan asked while caressing Sagiri’s chest!

Oh? She seems very flat?

But it’s normal, Sagiri was 13 years old, she should start developing later.

“I am fine, onii-chan…”

Sagiri looked at Mu Fan and whispered.

This time, without the voice changer, when he heard her voice, his heart melted.

“It’s okay then.”

Hearing Sagiri, Mu Fan stood up while hesitating and finally said: “Sure enough, Sagiri, you are Eromanga-sensei?”

It seems that Sagiri calmed down, although Mu Fan never wanted to say this, it can’t be helped now, he only wanted to make sure.

Sagiri squatted on the ground and lowered her head without speaking.

Looking at her lovely appearance, Mu Fan smiled slightly: “Sagiri, I just watched the live broadcast…”

“No…” A faint blush appeared on her cheeks, and she shook her head.

“You’re not?”

Sagiri’s face became redder as she whispered: “I don’t know someone with that name!”

Because she spoke with a very small voice, Mu Fan didn’t hear it, he put his face closer and said: “What?”

Looking at Mu Fan coming closer, Sagiri had some steam coming out of her head as she slightly increased her voice: “I don’t know anyone with that name!”

Mu Fan was amazed by his sister, she still denied that she was the same person in the broadcast.

“Sagiri, there is no need to deny, you’re really good at drawing, you even have your fans, I don’t even have something like that.”

Mu Fan looked serious as he praised. Now it was a good opportunity to get along with Sagiri. Maye with his compliments, she would get braver and start leaving her room.

Sagiri didn’t expect that Mu fan would show his approval this time. Sagiri’s eyes lightened before becoming dimmer, she hesitated before asking with a complex expression: “Onii-chan… how did you know?”


Really, Sagiri’s voice was too small, Mu Fan couldn’t hear it, so he got closer and asked.

“Ah, wait… Wait a minute.”

Sagiri’s face was red again. She took a microphone and connected it to the speaker in the room.

“This, you still can do that?”

Listening to the soft voice of his sister, Mu Fan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, his sister was really cute, right?