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F.S Chapter 67: Materials For My Sister

“Onii-chan, How did you know?”

Hesitating a little, Sagiri still wanted to ask.

“From the last time when I accidentally saw the illustration in your room, I had some suspicion that it was the illustration from Accel World!”

Mu Fan smiled a little and told the truth: “And today I saw the food in the live broadcast, and then you forgot to turn off your camera and started undressing…”

Sagiri couldn’t wait for him to finish and her face started blushing again, and hurriedly said: “No, don’t say that again…”

Don’t say that again? I won’t let that go now.

Mu Fan rolled his eyes.

At this time, Sagiri whispered: “How can Onii-chan know that the illustration was of the Novel Accel World?”

“Because I’m the author of Accel World!” Mu Fan face showed a gentle smile.

“Onii-chan is Sorrowful-sensei?” Sagiri looked at Mu Fan with surprise.

The brother and sister in the same room, one was an illustrator, and the other was a writer, it seemed too coincidental.

“You don’t believe it?”

Mu Fan took his phone and pointed at the software he was using while writing Accel World and said: “This is what I wrote, everything is inside.”

“It turned out to be…”

“Yeah, it was a coincidence, I didn’t think that the illustrator would be Sagiri.”

Mu Fan smiled slightly, as he clarified everything, he simply asked a question: “Sagiri, I fact, I was going to suggest something about Kuroyukihime’s illustration.”

“What is it?”

“Why did you draw Kuroyukihime with small breast?”

“Hey… Onii-chan… What are you talking about!!”

Sagiri’s face turned red yet another time while she covered her undeveloped chest with her hand while the other hand held the graphics tablet she used to draw with and hit Mu Fan’s head.

What is he trying to say to his little sister?

Looking at Sagiri’s small hand, Mu Fan smiled and avoided the blow. Then he quickly grabbed her arm and took his phone and said: “Sagiri, wait a minute, in the novel, Kuroyukihime had a mature body, her chest wasn’t flat!”

“Really?” Sagiri took over Mu Fan’s phone and looked at Kuroyukihime’s setting. She finally lowered her head shyly and said with a small voice: “Onii-chan… Actually, I drew her like this because I don’t have material…”


“Yeah.” Sagiri nodded.

“Is it difficult to get some books from Akihabara?”

Mu Fan thought that Sagiri should’ve have bought some books to learn how to draw from Akihabara, now it seems like she didn’t get materials for big chests.

“Of course not!” Sagiri suddenly said with a sigh.

“You didn’t?” Mu Fan smiled bitterly. Fortunately, he didn’t talk with Sagiri about this too much. Otherwise, he may be directly sent out by her.


Sagiri shyly pinched the corner of her clothes, and she complained “Onii-chan no baka! Slow! Light Novel Protagonist!”

Mu Fan didn’t think that Sagiri would be so bothered by this, she even said these things. He quickly waved his hands and said: “Okay, I won’t say anything.”

“Onii-chan, you can’t say such a thing to a girl…”

Sagiri said with shame: “If it isn’t a real person, I can’t imagine her structure after painting a few times…”

“Real person?”

Mu Fan was dumbfounded. He knows two people in school who had the same figure as Kuroyukihime.

At this time, light flashed in Mu Fan’s head, he suddenly thought of a person, a friend who he saw almost every day.

Thinking about this carefully, her and Kuroyukihime’s figure are almost alike…

When he was thinking about this, the systems prompt suddenly appeared again: [Mission open: Help Sagiri find chest material for Kuroyukihime, and wait for Sagiri to draw the real Kuroyukihime, success means that the host would get first class mangaka talent, and some fantasy points, failure would mean that the mangaka talent would be erased from the mall and host won’t be able to get in. Duration: Three days.]

“Don’t worry, Sagiri, tomorrow, I will bring a girl with the same figure as Kuroyukihime so you can complete the illustration.”

Mu Fan stood up and said.

“Onii-chan, really?”

Looking at Mu Fan who vowed, Sagiri was excited as she asked.

“Of course, I promise!”

Mu Fan patted his chest to ensure that he will.

In fact, Mu Fan was desperate as well, if he knew this would happen, he would’ve made Kuroyukihime flat chested.

After failing the task, he won’t be able to become a mangaka, and the ideal illustration won’t be produced, and the sells won’t be better.

Looking at Mu Fan’s face, she recalled that since their parents left, it was him who always took care of her without regretting anything. Sagiri was touched deeply, and her eyes flashed with light as she whispered: “Onii-chan… Why are you taking care of me? Isn’t it better to leave me alone… I’m a burden to you.”

“That’s because you are my sister! So, taking care of you I what I should do.”

The memory of his predecessor came, and he felt that his soul was burning, Mu Fan couldn’t help stand up and look at Sagiri’s face.

Although he was an adolescent, Mu Fan was serious. In fact, he didn’t just want to help because of the influence of his predecessor, but because of this lovely and kind sister of his. He was really serious in taking care of her.

“Onii-chan, even though I didn’t talk to you for so long, you always wash my clothes, cook for me, aren’t I troublesome?”

Sagiri looked at Mu Fan and asked him with hope.

My sister is really cute, I chose to forgive that!

Mu Fan showed a gentle smile as he said: “Well, in my heart, you are my sister, no one in the world can replace you, don’t worry, I will always be there to protect you.”

Although Sagiri was complaining about herself. Mu Fan knew that Sagiri depended on him. Even when her first great aunt arrived, she looked for him for help.

In this world, Mu Fan didn’t have any relative, Sagiri made him feel that he had a family. He felt that taking care of her was his duty, and today’s meeting completely strengthened his belief.

“Sagiri, since we all know each other now, am I allowed to visit your room later?”

Taking this opportunity, Mu Fan wanted to make Sagiri braver and get out of her room, if he succeeds, he will get three fantasy points, these three points can’t be wasted.