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F.S Chapter 68: Hatsune is a cheat!

Mu Fan’s words made Sagiri frown, her face was cold as she said: “No, you can’t!”

Girl, why are you this stubborn!

Mu Fan was speechless, at this time Sagiri went to bed and said: “Onii-chan, I want to sleep!”

Didn’t we start to get along already?

Mu Fan didn’t know if he should laugh or cry, but Sagiri was still young, and staying up late would really be bad. He could only walk out and look at the door which was damaged, he scratched his head and said: “So, Sagiri, I Good night, tomorrow I will come to repair the door.”

“Thanks, Onii-chan!”

Sagiri nodded and closed the door in Mu Fan’s face again.

Looking at Sagiri disappearing, Mu Fan rolled his eyes.

It seems like it would take a while for Sagiri to leave the room, but today, she already opened her heart to me. I hope it won’t take long before she leaves her room.

He should be worried about the ‘material’, maybe the material isn’t willing to come over.

As a high school student, I will ask a female high school student to come to my home, won’t this cause misunderstandings?

Going back to his room, Mu Fan took a look at the time, and there was still an hour.

Since I haven’t decided on what game I should write, Mu Fan decided to lay down and close his eyes for a while.

I have to say that my sister is really cute, are you envious?

Continue being Envious, you mortals.

Not long after, the alarm clock on his mobile phone rang, it was 8:55 pm, only five minutes are left before the game launch. Mu Fan quickly picked the nerve gear and put it on.

“Onii-chan, you are finally here.”

Hatsune appeared suddenly as she moved quickly and threw herself on Mu Fan’s body.

Looking at the charming smile in front of him, Mu Fan touched Hatsune’s head and thought that the senses inside the game were really good. Hatsune’s body was really as soft as a real girl.

It is estimated that this game can satisfy some people who don’t have a girlfriend. If you get married in the game, you can experience it as if it was real, those dolls shouldn’t be sold anymore.

Mu Fan adjusted his appearance to 20% of his real look. Of course, with Mu Fan’s character, he chose to become handsome. Although he wasn’t ugly in reality, he became more pleasing to the eyes now.

But adjustment of 20% won’t help someone ugly to look handsome, this is to say, the looks of the girls in the game and in reality, are different, the girls would be worse in reality.

Of course, in this game, Mu Fan didn’t think that many girls would play it.

Moreover, he had a little sister at home and one inside the game.

No one was as lucky as him.

He wanted to be a famous swordsman who can conquer the world without the need for magic.

“Hatsune, we will be able to enter the game soon.”

Mu fan looked at her for and said: “Do I need to get a skill from the system?”

“It’s not needed, for the time being, I have seen the initial monsters, as long as I tell you about their weakness, you can handle them.”

Hatsune shook her head: “You need to get the one-handed sword skill.”

“One-handed sword skill?”


Hatsune nodded: “The game designed a swordsman’s matchup Venue, it should be open not long after the game’s launch. The first to win would ear a certain bonus and become famous in SAO.”

“Onii-chan can try it. In this game, the equipment won’t decide the outcome. The skill takes up to 50% of the game. Fortunately, people are new to this, and no one would figure this out, so Onii-chan just needs to listen to me when I tell him about what skill he should get.”

“I understand, Hatsune, did you explore the world already?”

Listening to Hatsune’s explanation, Mu Fan asked with surprise. He didn’t expect Hatsune to have this effect, if so, doesn’t this mean he had a cheat in the game?

In fact, this type of guide would help him a lot, and he would have an advantage over the other players.

Hatsune stuck her tongue out and said with a smile: “Because the map is too big, I just walked to the first floor, but Onii-chan can be relieved when you go offline, I can explore more. If you get the first clear of the boss, you can get a very good reward. The boss would respawn, but the first reward was the best, after that it will get reduced each time the boss is killed.”

“It okay, Hatsune, you have done well.”

Mu Fan patted her head and comforted her.

“I’m Onii-chan’s cheat. Naturally, I will help onii-chan, I have to help Onii-chan, or else Onii-chan will think I’m useless and sell me to the system.”

Mu Fan: ”…”

At this point, the countdown started to appear in the virtual space.


“It is starting.”

Mu Fan took a deep breath, he knew that the device was sold out in just a few days, so the number of people would really be huge. Naturally, he should grab the opportunity to level up fast.

“Onii-chan, wait a minute, don’t go to the central square, directly head to the east street and leave the town.” In the remaining three seconds, Hatsune reminded.


Mu Fan nodded, he naturally was convinced by Hatsune, as his last words were spoken, the world started to blur, and the surrounding scenery changed. What he saw was a vast floor and tree at the side of the street with medieval style buildings.

In the distance, a black light suddenly shone.

Here is the SAO world, this is the beginning town called [Town of beginnings]!