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F.S Chapter 69: Very cute and Useful!

“This should be the starting town, which is named the novice village in most games.”

Mu Fan looked at the medieval styled buildings and the huge central square, there were at least 10,000 players just as the game started, and players were constantly increasing.

Every player is shocked as he entered the game, seeing the real like scene in front of him. Some people couldn’t help touching the buildings which felt very real. This new world was a marvel.

Before the game started, Mu Fan made contact with Hatsune which allowed him to feel the high-end senses inside the game. Naturally, he wouldn’t waste time like most of the players. He just went along with Hatsune’s instruction.

On his back, Hatsune appeared with wings on her shoulders, as she smiled and said: “Onii-chan, now that the game started, you can take the lead in killing monsters, and you can level up faster. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to get the lead with so many players. Also, money inside the game would soon be a currency to exchange for real money, which will allow you to earn a lot in the future.”

Can you earn money?

Mu Fan was a little surprised, shouldn’t the money in the game be fake?

Countless games in his past life were ruined by pay to win system, he didn’t even imagine that this VR game can make him earn money not lose them.

It was really shocking, Mu Fan thought that he needs to play seriously.

Inside the game, most of the stats were the same as ordinary people, it took him a while to leave the town center. On his way, he saw countless shops, some of them were weapon shops which displayed good weapons, better than that broken iron sword he got as a novice.

Carrying the sword, Mu Fan felt like he was invincible, he even had some urge to fight.

As he reached the gate of the town, he saw grass outside which seemed really real, the scenery was out of his imagination.

He was alone, no one else got out, he quickly went along the path told by Hatsune.

The other people were still experiencing the game instead of going out to start leveling up.

He was different from other people, with Hatsune, he quickly found the first grinding area.

At this time, Mu Fan noticed his skills.

“Cooking level Three, Hatsune, can I be a chef here, and how come I’m level three from the start?”


Hatsune nodded and said: “Onii-chan, I’m that good. The cooking skill you have was brought along in the game, now when you cook, your dishes can not only make one feel full but it can also recover some Hp, the rate of the dish determines these things.”

“Then I can also cook delicious food on my own here?” Mu Fan said with surprise.

“Of course!”

Hatsune sat on his shoulder and extended Mu Fan’s attribute and pointed at a yellow bar and said: “Onii-chan, this game, in fact, has a hunger system, if you don’t eat, you will be hungry and won’t be able to fight. The NPCs in town would sell food, but theirs doesn’t have any taste.”

“Oh, then how can I cook?” Mu Fan looked at Hatsune.

“You just have to hunt monsters and get ingredients.”

Hatsune said with a smile: “Do you see the level three harvesting skill on your skill list? You can use it to collect ingredients from monsters and make food with them. It doesn’t take skills to do so, you can get eggs from chicken and pork from boars.”

“There are such benefits?”

Mu Fan was full of surprise. Although SAO was based on skills and reaction speed, you need to learn weapon skills as well, but each person has a limit, which can only be increased by grinding.

However, being a chef will make your experience more, you can fight and get ingredients from the pray, not like other fighters who just kill monsters for level.

But with Hatsune’s help, his cooking skill, in reality, was brought into the game, he can start his own business inside the game. And he can also level up his skills and learn how to fight at the same time.

Hatsune is really cute and useful.

Soon, Mu Fan’s footstep slowed down as he arrived at the grinding area mentioned by Hatsune.

“Onii-chan, you should be careful, there are monsters here.”

Hatsune reminded Mu Fan.

“No problem.”

Mu Fan looked serious. This was his first battle in the game. He walked forward and saw a blue pig appearing before him.

“This should be a mid-tier monster in the game right Hatsune? It looks great!”

Standing on the grass, Mu Fan held his iron sword tightly.

This sword was really bad, Mu Fan didn’t know whether it can cut the thick pig in front of him or not.

Hatsune couldn’t help smile at Mu Fan and say: “Onii-chan, this is the very first monster in the game, a level one monster named [Crazy Mountain Pig] any player who just left town should be able to kill it.”

“How can such a fierce monster be level one?”

Mu Fan’s face turned red as he spoke and rushed forward with the sword.

Noticing the movement, the mountain pig turned quickly with white smoke coming from his nose, his body moved like a speeding car toward Mu Fan’s body.

“Onii-chan, be careful, although he is a level one monster, it is difficult for a player without experience to fight it, as long as you avoid it, you can easily subdue it.” Hatsune reminded anxiously.

What new player? What do you mean subdue?

Listening to her words, Mu Fan’s mouth twitched.

This is a level one monster, why is the game bullying people?