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F.S Chapter 70: RuriKuronekoKamineko!!

Mu Fan’s thoughts ended, when the Mountain pig arrived in front of him, he held the iron sword and thrust it at the monster’s head.

Although the pig was fast, it couldn’t avoid this strike. It still turned around after that and rushed toward Mu Fan.


A burning sensation came from his stomach as the two fangs on its head pierced his skin. Mu Fan’s Hp was blown down by a quarter.

This game is really hard to play, am I going to the starting town again?

He felt like he met his opponent!

“Don’t worry, this pig isn’t Onii-chan’s opponent.”

Hatsune said with a smile as she said: “Onii-chan, you can use the Dash skill, and Sonic Leap to deal with the pig’s speed.”

I forgot about the skills!!

Mu Fan’s face turned red when he heard Hatsune’s words. He quickly looked in the interface and found two skill spots he can learn and directly chose the ones Hatsune told him about.

Just after learning the skills, the mountain pig rushed again. This time, Mu Fan didn’t attack it, he felt like judgement was the essential in this game, the time to strike, the time to avoid and everything depends on the player’s judgement.

Therefore, when he doesn’t have the power to kill the pig directly, he can only play smart.

Mu Fan put the sword in front of him and blocked the pig’s rush.


Under the impact, Mu Fan was shocked, but fortunately, the pig was a level one monster, and it couldn’t break Mu Fan’s defense.

Mu Fan used all of his strength to push the pig away and created some distance between them.

“Onii-chan, you can you the Sonic Leap attack just by thinking about it and taking the initial stance, the system would automatically perform the actions needed for the skill.”

Hatsune sat on Mu Fan’s shoulder and informed him.


Getting the hint from Hatsune, Mu Fan slightly glimpsed down to look for the stance he needs to take and clenched his sword while lowering his center of gravity. His left foot heavily stepped on the ground as he rushed forward with his sword.

At this moment, Mu Fan felt a powerful force pour from his hand into the sword, and an orange light emerged from the sword.

[Sonic Leap]

Mu Fan said the name of the skill and the sword collided with the Pig’s head.


The blade tore the body of the pig directly.

The Pig’s voice sounded as its body dissipated in the air.

Two Cor’s appeared in front of Mu Fan as his experience bar increased a little.

“Onii-chan, use the collect skill.”

At this time, Hatsune reminded.

Mu Fan  quickly used the skill, and he got Mountain Pig’s pork.

“Well, I have some ingredients now.”

Hatsune smiled and said: “Onii-chan, you’re amazing. You just mastered the skill, and you could use it directly.”

“It’s all thanks to Hatsune, or maybe, I’m a genius.”

Hatsune smirked and said: “I have never seen such a brazen man before.”

Mu Fan: “…”

When he first the joy of killing his first monster, Mu Fan thought that this game was fun, especially when killing monsters.

According to Hatsune, this game was directly connected to the user’s brain, and even if you play it, the body would still get the rest it needs. He can still play for a while.

Mu Fan looked at the time, and it was only 10:30, in the daily routine of being shut in, this was nothing.

After killing ten Mountain Pigs, Mu Fan’s level finally increased, His Hp increased as well as his attributes. Mu Fan was surprised, and he felt that he reached the second level really fast.

He opened the players level and looked at it, only to find that he was the first on the server to reach the second level.

While he was preparing to continue hunting, a figure appeared.

It seems like some players came to this Grinding area.

The figure was holding a spear in his hands. However, this person was alone.

Looking at the long spear, Mu Fan was a little surprised. This game had many weapons, Spears, Swords, Daggers, Warhammer and many more, even though its name was Sword Art Online.

The real meaning of Sword was that the game had no magic, everything depends on cold weapon skills.

SAO world didn’t have any magic skills.

There are many weapons to chose from, but Mu Fan directly chose a sword so he will be using a sword till the end.

Looking at the gradually approaching figure, Mu Fan was surprised to find the gild with the spear was a girl and her figure was really outstanding.

As the appearance in the game doesn’t change much, Mu Fan could tell that this girl was a beauty. She was petite, with neat black straight hair, and a delicate face.

It’s just that the spear in her hands was taller than her.

There are girls in the game, and this one is so beautiful, this is really unscientific!

Mu Fan was speechless.

Girl, you’re really naïve, you don’t need to use such a big weapon, it doesn’t make you stronger holding a bigger weapon.

But looking at her name, Mu Fan was totally speechless.


Mu Fan was about to cry because the game only allowed five characters without any special ones.

Without this restriction, would this girls name be even longer?