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F.S Chapter 71: Teaming with Kuroneko!

“Dark Blue? There is actually a human being who got here before me?”

Her purple eyes glanced at the name on top of Mu Fan’s head, then she directly went in the depth of the plain.

I’m a human, does that mean you are a cat?

When he heard that sentence, Mu Fan was speechless.

At this moment, a huge mountain pig rushed toward Kuroneko’s body.

Looking at the pig, the girl’s brow wrinkled as she stepped back while holding the spear in her hand and stabbed forward.

Although she was extremely skilled, Mu Fan predicted her defeat.

Relying on natural instinct while facing the pig was useless. After two rushes, the pig finally connected with the girl’s body, and she flew far away.

“Well, this game is a bit interesting.”

Kuroneko grabbed her spear while gritting her teeth and stood up from the ground. At this moment, the pig rushed once again, she moved in a Z shape while stabbing the big.


The long spear penetrated the pig’s fur, and the pig’s hp was lowered by one fifth.

The pig didn’t stop as it jumped and hit the girl directly.

Kuroneko was surprised. She didn’t expect this to happen. She quickly held the spear and tried to block the attack, but it was too late. She flew away, and half her hp flew as well.

“She looks like an expert…”

Mu Fan looked at the girl and was stunned because the girl didn’t use any skills and she still could damage it.

And what was that Z shaped movement she did earlier?

“Well, for a person who just started playing the game, her reaction speed and power is great. After all, most newcomers would die once or twice before they could get used to the game.”

Hatsune said as she danced around Mu Fan. Then said with a chuckle: “If a person was strong enough, he could kill the monsters using just his weapon without the need of skills.”

“Perhaps after some time, this RuriKuronekoKamineko person can kill the pig using her weapons without any skills, but without knowing the pig’s attack pattern, it would be hard.”

It seems like Hatsune’s speculation were stop on, as the girl’s voice sounded with pain. She was sent flying by the pig, and only a drop of hp remained. If the pig attacked again, she would most likely die.

Kuroneko who was about to experience her first death showed fear, but she still looked at the pig and swore at it: “Stupid pig, wait, this Queen will come back again…”

However, her wish of coming back to kill this pig wasn’t fulfilled.

Instead, a beautiful orange light appeared, and the pig turned to dust in front of her, and the handsome boy smiled at her and said: “Are you fine?”

When she saw the boy in front of her, her face turned red as she stood up from the ground and said: “I’m not a human, I’m the demon queen, how can I not be alright while fighting with a pig?”

Weren’t you about to die?

I really didn’t think such a beautiful girl would have Chuunibyou syndrome.

Mu Fan rolled his eyes and put his sword on his back. In this game, the last person to deliver the killing blow to the monster would get the items and rewards. This was the game’s setting.

Of course, if this girl could beat him, he would be able to get anything, but she couldn’t, and he also saved her.

At this time, Kuroneko opened her bag and took out a blood red bottle and drunk it, it was a health potion. As she was still level one, her hp recovered quickly.

Suddenly, a message appeared in front of him asking whether he wanted to join RuriKuronekoKamineko’s party or not.

Mu Fan hesitated for a moment, Hatsune said when she saw this: “Onii-chan, low leveled players would die easily when they play alone if a monster with paralyzes or stun effect hit you, then you could only wait to die if you are alone. You can join her team to get more familiar with the game first before you go alone.”


Mu Fan nodded and directly accepted.

Kuroeko’s face appeared on the team list. At this time, she moved and got closer to Mu Fan before saying: “Excuse me, the skill your kind use, how did you get it?”

When Mu Fan heard this, he was completely speechless.

Your kind?

What is that, you’re also human you know?

“This is a sword skill, something that everyone can learn, the skill also can be improved in the future.”

Mu Fan turned his eyes as he said.

“Sword skill?”

Kuroneko groaned as she looked down at her spear. She opened the skill bar and learned the basic skill of the spear.

Not eager to start a conversation, she held her spear and practiced by the side. She didn’t have Hatsune like him, so it was normal for her to not learn about the things in the game.

“It seems like I’m getting hungry.”

Mu Fan said as he looked at the hunger bar which dropped to half and then looked at the pork in his back and asked: “Hatsune, how do I cook?”

“Onii-chan, you can you make the Green Pepper Pork.” Hatsune smiled and continued: “As for tools and seasonings, I have them already, you only need to find Green pepper and tomatoes and other ingredients, which could be found in the forest, but be careful, there are many wolves in that area.”