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F.S Chapter 72: Foodies in the other worlds?

“Kuroneko, don’t always use the spear skills, try to use the agility and reaction speed to avoid an attack with normal attacks to try killing the monsters.”

In the forest, Mu Fan collected Green Pepper and other ingredients while from time to time he would glance at Kuroneko who was tearing wolves.

Mu Fan who killed a few monsters found many players coming toward the area already. Many died and others who teamed up barely survived. There were even some players who would snatch the last hit on the monsters.

In order to avoid unnecessary dispute, Mu Fan entered the forest to collect ingredients.

But as he left, Kuroneko noticed his departure and followed behind him naturally. Things evolved now, and Kuroneko was helping him fend off wolves’ attacks while he collected ingredients.

In this game, weapon skills are the key, after all, a normal attack is slow and didn’t have any bonus effect. It was difficult to deal with monsters with normal attacks, but as players get used to the battle mode, they will start relying on skills and normal attack to defeat monsters.

“Continuous attack!”

After Mu fan collected the ingredients, a voice came from behind him. As he turned around, he saw Kuroneko holding her long spear and attacking the wolves rapidly, her spear blurred as attacked rained on the monster.

Why are you so talented?

Looking at the wolf that turned to dust after its skull was pierced, Mu fan was surprised at Kuroneko’s talent. She seemed to have already the ability to fight level 2 monsters without relying on skills too much.

As the wolves disappeared, the experience increased a little. While he was in the team, he would gain experience without killing monsters.

“It’s really a VR that makes everything possible.”

Kuroneko emerged from the grass and laughed proudly with her queen’s delusion.

Listening to her tone, cold sweat appeared on Mu Fan’s forehead.

At this time, Hatsune smiled and said: “Onii-chan, Although the wolves are level one monsters, their reaction speed is faster than the pigs. This girl easily killed them which only means that her gaming talent is very good. If you team up with her in the future, both of you can improve a lot.”

“Let’s talk about that later.”

Mu Fan shook his head. He didn’t care about playing the game, after all, he wasn’t a professional player. He was just playing for fun.

“Onii-chan, there are tomatoes there.”

When he heard Hatsune’s words, Mu Fan turned his head and looked. He saw more than ten tomatoes, he hurriedly moved and picked them up. Now it was twelve o’clock. Mu Fan already collected the ingredients needed for the Green Pepper Pork, so he took them from his bag and asked: “Hatsune, what should I do now?”

“Give them to me!”

Hatsune flew and opened her hands, and a cloth appeared.

Suddenly, she took out pots and pans for cooking and also a knife and other tools. She put on the fire and said: “Onii-chan, in fact, normal players could only cook in restaurants or their houses, but with me here, there is no need for that.”

After saying this, Hatsune didn’t forget to add a sentence: “Onii-chan, the skills in the game and the real world are connected, so when your cooking skill increase here, they would also increase in the real world.”

“That’s great.”

This kind of information surprised Mu Fan.

It seems like with Hatsune, he was like a cheater inside the game.

Well, what is a cheater?

I also have the system, in reality, I’m also cheating in the real world.

I’m cheating, what can you do about it?

Mu Fan started chopping the mountain pork. In the game it was really too simple, it didn’t require much time, he just needs to add the necessary ingredients, and the food would be ready.

Not long after, a large plate of Green Pepper Pork was ready.

“You know how to cook?”

Kuroneko who was killing wolves smelled the aroma and came from behind him and said. She looked at the plate and couldn’t help swallow.

The Green Pepper in front of her seemed really delicious, even if she cooks at home, she won’t be able to make something like that.

From the smell, she could tell it was good, but she didn’t believe that food in the game was better than the one in real life.

Her stomach suddenly made weird noises as she seemed really hungry.


Mu Fan gave half of the dish to Kuroneko. They were a team, so it was natural to share food with her.

However, Mu Fan was planning to go offline after he eats this, he was playing for fun, and it’s already late, he needed to go to school tomorrow and get the material for Sagiri.

“Oh, thank you.”

Kuroneko glimpsed at the plate and said a word of thanks with a blush. She put a piece in her mouth and felt the spiciness of the dish as well as everything from the dish. The taste was so great that she moaned.

She was completely stunned, she couldn’t help eat faster, this was better than the ones she made.

Gradually, Kuroneko’s face became flushed as she moaned.

Does this reaction exist even inside the game?

Mu Fan was speechless because the ingredient in the game was fresher than real world’s, the dish he made actually got five more points in the rating.

Come and become a foodie in the other world, boy!

Open your own restaurant in the game and get 10,000 Cor, you will get two fantasy points [Stage 1 mission]

At this time, a new mission appeared in Mu Fan’s mind.

Mu Fan couldn’t help feeling shocked. Didn’t this mean that he could open a restaurant and hire NPC and get profit inside the game, he wouldn’t need to go to leveling zones and kills monster?

Become a Great Foodie in the other world?