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F.S Chapter 73: The Post of Dark Blue!

After the two finished eating, their hunger bar was filled.

Hatsune sat on Mu Fan’s shoulder and put the plates in his bag and said: “Onii-chan, I will clean them after you go offline.”

“Sorry for the trouble, Hatsune.”  Mu Fan was touched by Hatsune’s thoughtfulness.

“I don’t mind, Onii-chan, I don’t have anything else to do here.”

Looking at the disappearing plates, Kuroneko was surprised as she said: “Where are the plates, Dark Blue? Is it your assistant pixie?

Since Mu Fan’s name contained four words, Kuroneko simplified it and called him dark blue, as for Mu Fan, he removed the unnecessary words and called her Kuroneko as well.


Mu Fan nodded, others could see Hatsune, but they didn’t know what she is. In Kuroneko’s eyes, Hatsune was something that came with his bag to collect drops and such things.

“How did you get this, Pixie?”

“The first level up in the entire server’s reward.”

Mu Fan said this lie without a change in expression, he didn’t want to deceive her, but he wasn’t stupid enough to tell others about the system he had.


Sure enough, Kuroneko didn’t doubt his words, after packing up, Mu Fan put his sword on his back and said: “It’s somewhat late, I will go back to the city first.”

This was a leveling area on the first floor, and even if he goes offline, it would be unlikely that someone would attack him, but it was safer to move back to the city.

Hearing his words, Kuroneko didn’t refuse and said: “Well, I also need to go back as I need to wake up early to cook for my little sisters.”

What a coincidence, I also need to do the same thing!

Mu Fan’s mouth twitched as he didn’t comment any further. After all, if he commented, it would seem like he was hitting on her.

At this moment, a notification from the game sounded.

“Do you accept Kuroneko’s friend request?”

Mu Fan almost fell, he didn’t expect her to invite him into her friend list. He hesitated before accepting it. In his friend list, a beauty with black hair appeared.

Completing the fantasy system’s quest, Mu Fan needs to get more powerful. First, he needed some friends to help him, so he accepted.

Forget it, in addition to leveling up, he also gained 45 Cor in the early stage of the game, he can be considered as small rich.

Also, even though he wasn’t really trying to level up, his first was still first on the list.

However, Mu Fan wasn’t proud of this, he knew that when he enters the game tomorrow, he will fall behind, after all, he didn’t have as much time as these professional players.

As long as he slowly advances, he can look for Kuroneko again and regain his lead.

Watching Kuroneko go offline, Hatsune sat on Mu fan’s shoulder and smiled: “Onii-chan, go back and don’t forget to make a Weibo account and post an explanation about the skills when you get some fans, the Fantasy system would reward you with Fantasy points and lottery.”

“Getting fans can also give me Fantasy points?” Mu Fan was surprised, he always thought that only by completing quest could he gain Fantasy points, he didn’t expect that getting fans also had its rewards.

“Of course, to build an all-powerful Onii-chan, the number of fans is rewarded.”


Mu Fan was really surprised, he felt great to have such a well behaved and helpful sister with him.

Since it was midnight, Mu Fan said goodbye to Hatsune and went offline, he directly created an account and posted.

Player [Celestial First Rank] [ – Message for all Newcomers!

You can kill monsters by avoiding their attacks and attacking them back with skills.

I used the single-handed sword, and I learned the skills related, you can think about the skill you want to use and make the initial movement for the skill, and the system would automatically complete the skill to deal great damage.

So you can use the combination of skills and normal attack to kill monsters effectively…

In fact, the main point in the post was how to use the skills and kill the mountain pigs and wolves.

Although there are only a few words, they were very useful in the early stage of the game.

After posting, Mu Fan connected his Game account to the Weibo account so he can get updates in the game as well.

After doing this, Mu Fan took a shower and prepared to rest, after all, he had to do many things tomorrow, such as writing the game story and getting material for Sagiri.

But as soon as he went to bed, before even closing his eyes, his phone vibrated. Mu Fan reluctantly opened it and saw a message from Tomoya: “Mu Fan, did you enter the game? SAO is really the most fun game I ever played.”

Mu Fan yawned and replied: “I entered just as soon as it launched.”

“Oh? Then you didn’t understand the skills and the use of them? In fact, I didn’t understand at first, but there is a post on the official website from the Celestial first Rank, I finally understood how I should play, you should also read it, I already killed my first monster and I have 10% of experience on the first level, you should check it out.”

Looking at the message, Mu Fan felt Tomoya’s excitement and secretly laughed. It seems people who didn’t know how to use skills at the beginning noticed his post, and it helped them.

Mu Fan thought then replied: “Yes, Then I will go see that post.”

Tomoya said: “Haha, I already grasped it, you don’t have to look, I can explain it for you.”

“That’s really great!” Mu Fan laughed.

Tomoya replied: “I will leave now.”

“It’s not that late for someone like you now, right?” Mu Fan asked in surprise.

Tomoya said: “No, I want to put that post in my personal blog, I’m not stealing it, I will copy the link and also put the name of the writer, so I should be alright.”

“Thank you, then.”

“Why are you thanking me?”

Mu Fan didn’t want to expose himself, he hesitated a bit, he found an excuse and replied: “I mean, that Popular game just begin and you will put the instruction in your blog so late at night, it is fortunate for your followers.”

“This is the dedication people like me should have, wait for your Accel World to be published, and I will recommend it in the blog as well.”

“Thank you.”

Hearing this, Mu fan felt ecstatic, with Tomoya and Sagiri’s recommendation, the first volume of the novel would be sold like crazy.

Tomoya, you’re really a good friend.