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F.S Chapter 74: Girlfriend?

On the next day, Mu fan woke up at dawn, he reached his phone and looked at the post he published last night. He was surprised to find that his post was directly pinned at the top and the number of clicks reached over 100,000 clicks.

Mu Fan was ecstatic, although currently there are 50,000 players in the game, many people are waiting to get their nerve gear. These people were paying attention to the official website and post related to it.

SAO wasn’t just popular for players, the media and other game companies are closely watching as well.

When Mu Fan posted this post, he said he was the first ranker, so this attracted attention.

Everyone who read the post responded with praises, and to this Mu Fan smiled. There are few posts which attacked him, but he didn’t care, after all, no matter where you are, haters always exist.

In fact, many people who read this post directly gone back online and tried it, which made them realize how useful that post was.

At least, killing the mountain pigs wasn’t as laborious as before.

Overnight when Mu Fan dropped from his position as the first ranker after his post was put to use. The one who took his place was named ‘Blank’. He didn’t think there would be someone so strong in SAO.

As for the top ten, Mu Fan was surprised to find Kuroneko in that list.

However, Mu Fan didn’t care, after someone gets famous, people would imitate their names, so people with names like Kuroneko would start appearing soon.

Because of the post, Mu Fan’s Weibo had more than 30,000 followers currently, and it is increasing.

What surprised him, even more, was that he was rewarded with 100,000 Yen overnight for that post.

The website would take 50% of the revenue, so he only received 50,000 Yen. Although it wasn’t as good as the cooking club, it made his dream of being shut in a step closer.

At least, with this post, it can be count that he got the Nerve gear for free.

Mu Fan knew that this post can last at most three days. After three days, most people would be used to the game battle mode.

It seems like he had to come up with a new guide as soon as possible…

Mu Fan shook his head and started to prepare food for his sister. Two bowls of noodles were made. He placed the plate in front of the door, knocked, and said: “Sagiri, I’m going to school, the food is in front of the door.”

No sound was heard, which made Mu Fan have a slight headache. He didn’t want Sagiri to end up in the house for her entire life.

It seems like I need to make Sagiri braver soon.

“You’re early, Mu Fan!”

The beauty president of the cooking club as usual with her long straight hair fluttering in the wind, and white school uniform, which was very attractive. The youthful and bright Asuna was standing in front of the club room. When Mu Fan arrived, she turned around and showed a sweet smile.

When she looked at him, accidentally, a small breeze blew, and at that moment, Asuna seemed to turn into a beautiful painting integrated with the surrounding.

She was so beautiful, at this time, Mu Fan glanced at Asuna’s chest.

“It seems like that size is similar to Kuroyukihime’s.”

That’s right the material Mu Fan mentioned before is Asuna.

Although their hair and eyes color wasn’t the same, the rest is very similar. If Asuna was white and pure, Kuroyukihime was the black princess…

Asuna wearing a black dress… seems very interesting…

With Asuna as the material for Kuroyukihime, coupled with Sagiri’s drawing, the real Kuroyuko can be drawn.

Mu Fan clenched his fist and looked up with burning flames in his eyes.

It’s you, the beautiful Kuroyukihime’s material!


Noticing Mu Fan’s gaze at her chest, Asuna couldn’t help turn shy as she covered her chest with her hand while looking at Mu Fan with a red face and said: “What are you looking at, Mu Fan?”

Honestly, if it wasn’t Mu Fan, Asuna would’ve already hit him on the face with the plates.

Noticing the vigilance in Asuna’s eyes, Mu Fan was speechless.

You might not believe it, but I’m really looking at you with lust.

Dryly coughing twice, Mu Fan asked Asuna awkwardly: “Asuna-san, do you have time after school?”

“After school? Is there something?”

Looking at Mu Fan who came closer, Asuna subconsciously backed off a little and asked with vigilance.

“Actually, I want to…”

When Mu Fan was ready to tell her, Asuna raised her brow and waved her hand and said: “Don’t’… That’s too fast, don’t do that.”


Mu Fan didn’t know what to say, she should already know his character, could it be he annoyed her?

At this time, Asuna looked at Mu fan with embarrassment and said: “Mu Fan, actually, there are more than ten people who gave me that look and they all wanted to invite me after school.”

Well, it turned out she was confessed to by others.

Mu Fan’s expression was awkward, as he bitterly smiled, it’s normal for Asuna to be often confessed to.

In addition, with his look, she might think he wanted to confess, but with the things he had to do, he didn’t have that much time, if he really did confess, who would take care of Sagiri?

Seeing the expression on Mu Fan’s face, Asuna couldn’t help smile and said: “Mu Fan, I was joking, I know that you already have a girlfriend, right?”


Mu Fan, who was thinking about Sagiri, heard Asuna’s words and nodded subconsciously then suddenly stopped: “Huh? I have a girlfriend?”

How come he doesn’t remember he didn’t have a girlfriend?

“Is there a need to hide it?”

Asuna smiled even more, and she said: “I heard about you and Eriri two days ago. I thought that you acted a little strange the last time in Akihabara, you have been a couple even then.”

“Ha? We are a couple?”

Mu Fan’s mouth was about to crack from opening too much, when did they become lovers?

“Hey? Are you listening?”