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F.S Chapter 75: Yamada Elf!

“Well, the students were talking about it. You skipped class with Eriri last time, then you appeared together after that…”

Asuna continued: “Mu Fan since you’re together with Eriri, you should take care of her. I heard you went out with Eriri on a bike yesterday, did you go on a date?”

As you know Asuna, these are rumors!!

Mu Fan was speechless. He didn’t expect him saving Eriri and going with her after school would cause such a rumor.

Did the moral of human being deteriorate to such a degree?

People’s imagination is really scary.

In order to take her home with him, Mu Fan could only explain what happened that day.

However, he only said that the game they were making was a love game, nothing else, he didn’t mention the R-18 content to her.

“So, that’s what happened.”

Asuna nodded thoughtfully, and smiled: “After you make the game, let me play it as well.”

Girl, that kind of game will make you discover a new world.

Mu Fan smiled a bit, he won’t let this pure club president of his play that game for sure.

However, Mu Fan replied with curiosity: “Asuna-san, do you like to play games?”

Hearing Mu Fan’s question, Asuna was stunned, she was silent for a bit before shaking her head: “No, I’m just curious about them, after all, not only can you write and cook, you also can make games, so…”

“Oh, that’s how it is.”

Mu Fan didn’t doubt Asuna, her family’s education was different. Most likely, she was skilled in real life situation and so on not playing games and such.

After thinking, Mu Fan said: “So Asuna-san, do you have time after school?”

“Sure enough… Mu Fan, you still want to go on a date?”

Did I say it was a date?

Mu Fan rolled his eyes and smiled bitterly: “Asuna-san, my sister, Sagiri and Eriri are both manga artists. The female protagonist in my novel has similarities with you, so I wanted to ask you to go home with me and help my sister, can you?”


Asuna’s face reddened as she whispered: “Is it true that your sister is a Mangaka, and she wants me to be her model?”

“Well, Of course.”

Mu Fan didn’t know whether to laugh of Cry as he said: “Asuna-san, last time you went to Eriri’s home, you were modeling for her right?”

“Well, that’s what happened indeed.”

Asuna nodded and said: “Eriri said that she needed me to be her model for her next Manga, but I didn’t see her manga so I don’t know…”

Upon hearing this, Mu Fan’s face twisted, he could only sympathize with her.

Really, girl, not even gods can save you know…

“Is there anything?”

Asuna looked at Mu Fan’s strange expression and asked.

“It’s nothing.”

Mu Fan shook his head and thought that it was useless to say anything now. He hesitated and asked again: “So, will you come to my home after school?”

When he said this, Mu Fan was a little embarrassed. After all, inviting a girl to his home is really making things difficult for her, not to mention the goddess of the school.

“If it’s for your little sister, there is no problem with me being her model.”

Asuna hesitated a bit then continued: “But I need to be home before seven, I still need to do something at home.”

“That’s enough time, thank you very much, Asuna-san.”

As Asuna promised, Mu Fan was really surprised, as long as Asuna could be Sagiri’s model, he would get a very good illustration of Kuroyukihime and also complete the system’s task.

The morning was quite lonely here, most students didn’t like to eat breakfast. So the club room was quiet. Because Asuna had physical education, Mu Fan was alone, and he didn’t have anything to do, so like always he just continued to write Accel World.

At this time, his phone vibrated.

“Kagurazaka-san requesting a video call?”

Mu fan glimpsed slightly before he chatted with her using the SMS, why did she want to have a video call today? Is there an urgent question about the book?

Thinking about this, Mu Fan didn’t hesitate and directly picked up the phone, but what appeared wasn’t Kagurazaki, but a blonde little girl with pink clothes.

“You are teacher Heibon (Mediocre or common)?” The beautiful girl with a flawless face appeared on the screen and asked Mu Fan this question.

A few knew about him writing Accel World, at least he didn’t know or tell this little loli about that.

However, since she was using Kagurazaka’s phone, she may have seen the manuscript.

“Are you my fan? If you want me to give you my signature, give me your email, and I will send it to you.”

Mu Fan’s heart was refreshed, he hoped that his book would gain loyal fans and he didn’t think he would have one before even publishing it.


The girl widened her eyes.

“Are you afraid of telling me your address? Children nowadays are so vigilant.”

Mu Fan said in his big brother tone: “Don’t worry, just give me your address, and I will send a picture with my signature on it.”

“Certainly not.”

Seeing that Mu Fan said so much, the girl didn’t have time to respond until now, she gnashed her teeth and said: “I’m Yamada Elf, I really didn’t expect Heibon-sensei to be so young!”

It seems like you’re not one to talk about age here?

However, after knowing who was the girl in front of him, he was shocked.

Unexpectedly, the author of one of the best sellers was a blonde loli who looked much smaller than Sagiri.

Really, you can write such a story when you are so young…

“So why is Yamada Elf-sensei looking for me?” Mu Fan asked with surprise.

“Heh, finally you understand who you’re talking to.” She smiled and said: “I like Eromanga-sensei’s drawing, and I want you to give me her number, I want her to draw my illustration…”


Before she finished, Mu Fan directly hung up.

Hey, Little Loli, you are really naïve, you think I will sell my little sister, don’t even think about it.