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F.S Chapter 76: Not afraid!

In a blink of an eye, time flew and school hours came to an end.

Gabriel finally woke up, she didn’t do anything the entire day except for playing some games on her phone and sleeping.

Gabriel dropped her ladylike behavior and was completely helpless. From time to time, she would ask Mu Fan about something in the game before she continues playing.

The game was actually a love game.

He won’t tell Gabriel that he is writing a game story.

Opening his Weibo, Mu Fan found that he had 50,000 followers, as long as he makes other tips on SAO next time, he will break the 100,000 followers easily, and then he would get some fantasy points to redeem some skills.

As for now, he was going to bring Asuna home for Sagiri.

“Asuna-san, please come in!”

Mu Fan opened the door and looked at Asuna.

“Thank you.”

Asuna entered then took off her shoes. Then wore the slippers and continued in.

Looking at the spacious and bright living room, Asuna admired as she said: “Mu Fan, I didn’t expect you’re home to be this clean.”

“My father used to open a restaurant, I inherited his character, so this is a habit gained while I was growing up, I like to keep the place clean.”

Mu fan opened the window to let the wind enter, and he only dared to do so while he was at home. Otherwise, Sagiri could face danger.

Of course, what he said about inheriting the habit of cleaning from his father was a loud of crap, he didn’t even see that father of his before entering this body, because he died in that plane.

“So, your father had a restaurant, it’s no wonder you could cook so well, was it your father’s recipe?”


Mu Fan nodded; he didn’t know how else would he explain it.

In fact, his father indeed had some recipes, but his predecessor didn’t look at them, when he reopens the restaurant, he will take a look.

Mu Fan just grabbed a bottle of orange juice from the fridge and handed it to Asuna, a few knocks sounded from the floor.


Asuna, who was about to talk, heard the sound and said:” What is that?”

“It’s nothing.”

Mu Fan’s mouth twitched a little, he already knew what these knocks meant. Sagiri was asking why he didn’t cook for her yet and who was he talking to.

“Asuna-san, wait a bit, I will call my sister down!”

Mu Fan quickly opened the door and ran upstairs.

But halfway through, his phone rang.


Looking at the caller ID, Mu Fan stopped.

Sagiri and his predecessor exchanged their numbers already, but when the latter called, she never answered.

He didn’t expect Sagiri to call him.

Pressing the answer button, Sagiri’s voice sounded: “Onii-chan…”

Mu Fan standing in his place smiled and said: “Sagiri, there is no need to call while I’m home, right?”


Sagiri’s attitude was firm as she said: “I won’t leave my room!”

Mu Fan rolled his eyes and said: “Sagiri, I brought the material you wanted for Kuroyukihime, don’t you want to come downstairs and see?”

When he said this, Mu Fan laughed in his heart, as long as Sagiri leave the room for the first time, it won’t be as hard later. He would also gain three Fantasy points along.

But, maybe she needs to leave the house, not her room?

I really don’t know what will she do when she grows up.

Could it she would tell people she graduated from her home?

Sagiri was silent for a bit before saying: “Onii-chan, is that material a beautiful girl like Kuroyukihime?”

“Of course.”

Mu Fan assured: “Absolutely a beauty like Kuroyukihime!”

“Really?” Sagiri sounded excited.

“Sagiri, have I lied to you before?” Mu Fan asked.

In fact, Asuna was recognized as one of the school’s beauties, and she ranked at the top of them as well.

Whether it was her heart or appearance, she was a first-rate beauty.

If anyone said that she was not, then there is a problem in their heads.

Sagiri replied: “Since she is a beautiful girl, there is no problem then!”

Mu Fan was happy as he said: “So, are you coming out?”


Sagiri’s will was iron hard: “Onii-chan, take your laptop and go downstairs, I will look at her through the camera!”

Really now?!

There is something like this as well?

Mu Fan was speechless, he couldn’t think of a way to respond. She was really determined not to leave her room.

Sagiri won’t come out, he had no choice but to return to his room and take out his laptop.


Asuna looked at the laptop Mu Fan placed in front of her and couldn’t help ask: “Didn’t you say that your sister will come down.”

“Well, my sister’s character is like this, so we could only use the laptop.”

Mu Fan already mentioned Sagiri’s character to Asuna when they were on their way here. As Sagiri didn’t want to come out, he could only say so apologetically to Asuna.


An invitation for a video chat arrived, and Mu Fan accepted.

Sagiri put her anime mask as she did in the live broadcast. It seemed like Sagiri didn’t want anyone looking at her face while she communicates with others.

“Onii-chan, you’re blocking my view!”

Listening to Sagiri’s dissatisfied tone, Asuna smiled gently as she waved her hand to the screen: “Hello, Sagiri-san, my name is Yuuki Asuna, I go to the same school like your brother, you can call me Asuna.”


Sagiri’s misty eyes looked at the screen with delight, her eyes carefully looking at the beauty before her as she said: “Seeing such great beauty is really fortunate, can you tell me what color is the panties you’re currently wearing?”

Listening to this godly conversation, Mu Fan almost coughed blood.

No wonder Sagiri didn’t want her to see her face, what is she trying to do?

My little sister, are you trying to get a sister in law?