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F.S Chapter 77: Stifling Operations!

Time passed by quickly, and when it was close to seven o’clock, Sagiri finally drew Asuna perfectly.

“It’s just like the real thing!”

Asuna looked at the screen and said, almost horrified.

Mu Fan’s eyebrows raised as he looked at the illustration. Sagiri was really good at drawing.

But He didn’t know whether Asuna would be okay with a picture like this or not.

“Don’t worry, my sister is really famous amongst artists. When she draws Kuroyukihime, will show it to you so you can decide whether we use it or not.”

Asuna slightly smiled and took her phone to check the time before saying apologetically: “Mu Fan, it’s late, I should go.”

“I didn’t expect time would pass so quickly.”

Mu Fan originally wanted Asuna to eat here, but since she had things to do, he can’t just keep her here. He could only sigh and say: “Well if there is a next time, I will make dinner.”

“Well, you’re welcome to come again, Asuna-nee, but before you go, can you tell me what color are your panties?” At this time, A laughter came from the screen.


Hearing this, Asuna’s face dyed red as her hand directly moved toward her skirt. She looked at Mu Fan shyly and asked: “Mu Fan, is she really your sister? Why do I feel like you’re a middle-aged man while she seems so young?”

“You may not believe it, but she really is my sister, probably when she put the mask, her personality changes.”

Mu Fan smiled a bit, but he couldn’t help think about Sagiri, she constantly made Asuna shy.

Was my sister really Eromanga-sensei?

If he didn’t see it with his eyes, he wouldn’t believe it. But why did she turn so dirty while putting the mask?

He really didn’t know whether that’s her true nature coming out while putting the mask or is her personality changes when she put it on…

“Well, as long as Sagiri-chan could bravely deal with people, you should be happy, right?”

Asuna stood up and went toward the door while putting on her shoes.

“I’m pleased to know that she has many people to talk to online.”

Mu Fan smiled, he was never worried about her being alone because he was going to change that, but he still was happy about her.

As long as she wasn’t alone, it’s alright.

“Well, then, I will leave first.” Asuna smile.

“Well, see you tomorrow.”

After leaving the room with Asuna, Mu Fan accompanied her to the car and watched her leave before returning inside and closing the door.

Although it’s not early, there was nothing to worry about, Asuna had her driver uncle with the sunglasses. His strength shouldn’t be ordinary.

Thinking about this, Mu Fan’s eyes glanced at the figure hiding in the grass outside.

“Hey, I can see you there, I’m closing the door, shouldn’t you come out?”

After thinking about his, Mu Fan decided to talk to her as he leaned against the wall and looked inside the grass.

He noticed the sneaky person when he opened the door to see Asuna out. But he didn’t expect her to think she can still hide.

“Oh, I really didn’t think that this is Heibon-sensei’s home!”

A sound came from the grass, a petite and cute little girl wearing a pink dress and had blonde hair came out. She looked at Mu Fan and smiled.

As the sun set, the grass was a little wet, so her hair was a little wet as if covered withdrew while she seemed cute with a few green leaves in it.

“So, you admit it now!”

Looking at the familiar figure, Mi Fan was too lazy to pay attention to her as he turned around and closed the door directly.

“What mistake did I make to admit it?”

The little girl directly moved out of the grass and slammed onto the door before it closed. Both her hands grabbed on the door and blocked Mu Fan from closing it.

“No, you just admitted it!”

“I Didn’t!”

The girl looked at Mu Fan and said: “You’re the one who hung the phone because I asked about Eromanga-sensei.”

“So, what are you looking for?”

Mu Fan looked at the loli in front of the door helplessly. Yes, this little girl was Yama Elf who talked to him this morning.

“I didn’t come because of this!”

Yamada Elf’s face was red as she was unwilling to let go, she bit her teeth as she didn’t want to say why she’s here.

Actually, she washed her clothes, and a piece flew from her balcony into Mu Fan’s courtyard.

But just as she wanted to enter, Mu Fan came out with Asuna, so she directly hid outside.

Mu Fan looked at her and then the pink colored clothes on the balcony of the house next to his and said: “Your clothes flew into my house?”

What kind of operation was she trying to execute?

“It was blown by the wind.”

“Then, you followed the wind all the way here?”

“Of course not!”

Yamada Elf hit her foot on the ground as she looked at Mu Fan with contempt: “I’m not so bored, my home is next door. So I just came out to take it back. Here I’m trying to get it back, but some otaku is trying to steal it.

“For that, I’m sorry to disappoint you, I’m not an underwear thief.”

Mu Fan smiled as he glanced at the neighbor’s house. This house was much more luxurious than his, but no one lived there since its owner died.

“You really live next door?” Mu Fan looked at her and asked, this girl was really daring, she was living in the house of a dead person.

“Any questions?”

“There is some problem, of course.”

Mu Fan picked his eyebrows as he chuckled and said: “It is said that that house once belonged to a female pianist, she happened to pass away in that room and according to people, every night, the piano’s sound would be heard.”

“Since then, no one dared to live in that house.” Mu Fan said as he looked at the house.

Yamada Elf said back: “If there is a female ghost there, she will wish she doesn’t appear naked in front of me.”


“If I see her, I will write an erotic novel about her.”

“Huh? That’s the reason for the first sentence you wrote in the first chapter of your novel?”