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F.S Chapter 78: The Origin of Kuroyukihime!

“Yes, Skin is the natural Clothes god gave us and it’s the ultimate Ero material!”

Yamada Elf touched her chin and smiled seriously: “Ero is Justice!”

Mu Fan smiled lightly: “Girl, you’re naïve, Skin in novels isn’t the most interesting thing in novels, many people have delusion and desire and many fetishes.”

Yamada Elf sighed: “Because of that, I want to rely on my literary talent and Eromanga-Sensei’s drawing to attract the readers. Against that, people would be powerless.”

“Don’t forget, over two million copies were sold of my book! I even bought the house beside yours. A 14 years old girl buying her own house, are you admiring me?”

“Admiring? Hehe…”

Mu Fan laughed as if he was told a joke. Really, if I didn’t want to live as shut-in, I would’ve become a star already.

“Ha? Why do you have the ‘I don’t care’ look on your face?”

Looking at Mu Fan’s expression of disdain, Yamada elf frowned and said: “If you give me Eromanga-Sensei, I will give you half of my new novel’s income. You won’t have to write in the future. I’m going to make a lot of money, and you don’t have to worry about money again. I don’t care how much Eromanga-sensei wants for her illustration, but I need it.”

What? Can my sister take money for her illustration from an author?

He didn’t know why Yamada Elf wanted to get Eromanga-sensei. Mu Fan thought: “You want to get Eromanaga? I won’t give her to you no matter how much money you have.”

Are you kidding, you want me to sell my sister?

Even if you have a lot of money, you won’t be able to get her!

“Of course, They can sell their illustrations.”

Yamada Elf didn’t expect a new novel writer to oppose her. She said with a proud face: “It’s better for both of us, in a few days I will make a novel that would make Eromanga-sensei willing to be my artist, I want to see how your new novel will keep up then?”

How can my sister succumb to your novel?

Mu Fan smiled lightly: “I’m too lazy to compare myself to you. Now Eromanga-sensei is interested in my novel Accel World, and it’s impossible for her to draw your illustration.”

“That isn’t certain.”

Yamada Elf was convinced: “You’re just a new author, you dare go against me? If I lose to you, I will let you do anything.”

Yamada Elf was afraid that Mu Fan won’t hear her and she raised her voice when she said that.

Do anything?

Girl, I suddenly have a bold idea.

Mu Fan smiled secretly and fortunately for her, he was a gentleman. If she said this in front of someone else, she would face something she won’t be able to forget for the rest of her life.

However, she just challenged him, and this was a challenge for who get his sister, how can he refuse?

Isn’t it just a new novel that may be liked by my sister? I can write another one who can make Sagiri like it even more.

Mu Fan was really ecstatic as he could only thank Yamada elf in his mind.

Mu Fan was uncertain about what story he will write for the game if he will try to win against her with the game’s story.

“Please remember what you just said, Yamada elf-sensei!”

Mu Fan said with a smile.

“Of course, I will be waiting, is a week enough?”

“No, I can do it in a day.”

“You dare challenge me in writing speed, then you have to face the consequences.”

After saying this, Yamada Elf turned around and left, but halfway through, she remembered the purpose of her coming here and quickly stopped.

However, at this time, Mu Fan’s door was locked, and she couldn’t enter.

She went to her balcony and happened to see a girl wearing a mask on Mu Fan’s house.

“You will regret this!”

Yamada stood on her balcony, standing alone, looking in front of her.

This didn’t go as she planned. She couldn’t convince the new author to hand over Eromanga-sensei.

Going back to his living room, Mu Fan thought about his two neighbors and couldn’t help smile. One was the little angel, and the other was Yamada Elf. Unexpectedly, both were beauties.

Adding his sister makes them three.

It’s too coincidental.

Is this fate?

After thinking about it, Mu Fan went to the kitchen and made food for Sagiri and sent to her room.

Anyway, I can make my sister starve.

But out of his expectation, this time before he knocks on the door, Sagiri opened the door and said: “Onii-chan, come in!”


Mu Fan was happy, it seems that Sagiri was a little more open to him. This time she allowed him in herself, he quickly entered with the food.

“Sit there.” Sagiri pointed at the octopus-shaped red cushion on the ground for Mu Fan to sit on it.

“I will put the food on the table then.”

Mu Fan couldn’t help but smile, as he put the food and sat down.

“Onii-chan, how about this?”

Sagiri took out a drawing and handed to Mu Fan, with eyes full of excitement.

Just as Mu fan saw the illustration of Kuroyukihime, a notification from the system appeared making it clear that the task was complete and another three Fantasy Points were added.

Well, I took another step toward my dream and also in becoming an omnipotent male.

“Onii-chan, how is it? Is it no good?”

Mu Fan was surprised by Sagiri’s cute question.

“No, It’s perfect, it more like Kuroyukihime than Kuroyukihime herself!”

Mu Fan couldn’t help admire the picture of Kuroyukihime who was on a white bed.

The black hair and the exquisite face with a soft smile on her lips and her perky chest and slender legs with stocking, she was perfect.

This can be said to be the best Kuroyukihime illustration Mu Fan saw.

“Sagiri, this is the most perfect illustration of Kuroyukihime, she is yours and Asuna’s creation!” Mu Fan expressed his admiration for Sagiri, which wasn’t just talking, as he really admired Sagiri’s talent.

“It’s great that you like it!”

A touch of joy appeared on Sagiri’s eyes as she smiled and said: “well, she isn’t only mine and Asuna’s creation, as she is yours as well.”

Well, I like listening to my sister, but I fear that some people won’t be happy about this…