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F.S Chapter 79: Yosuga No Sora!

Next, Mu Fan and Sagiri discussed the other characters of Accel World before Mu Fan left his sister’s room.

Mu Fan wasn’t worried, after all, with Sagiri’s help, the characters for the novel may even look better than the original.

After all, the time when the novel was released wasn’t as good as this current Era of the ACG culture.

Now he had to start writing the story.

Mu Fan opened the Software. He found out that his ranking was in the thousands since he didn’t write anything when he was at school. The first name was someone he knew.

Yamada Elf?

Looking at how much she wrote, he was surprised to find that she wrote 15,000 words and took the lead.

Although her novel didn’t belong to the ASCII works media, the company’s writing software praised to be one of the best out there, and it was open to all authors.

Mu Fan wasn’t in a hurry, as long as he gets a novel from the system, he won’t need to think about the plot or anything as everything will automatically appear in his head. He won’t take long before he catches up with Yamada Elf.

At this time, a message came from the software, it was from Yamada Elf.

“Oh? You finally opened the software? I thought that you thought it through and wanted to admit defeat!”

“I won’t be defeated by you!”

Mu Fan laughed and sent a smiley along with the message to Yamada Elf.

Since the first novel I wrote made Sagiri interested, then the second would make even Yamada Elf interested.


Judging from this message, it appears like Yamada Elf is angry: “I will let you talk today, tomorrow you will cry while you give me Eromanga-sensei.”

“Then wait until tomorrow to see which one of us actually gain Eromanga-sensei’s interest.” Mu Fan smiled and didn’t argue with Yamada Elf.

At this time, Yamada Elf shook a little as she sent a message: “What is the name of the novel you will write?”

Mu Fan hesitated a bit before replying: “Yosuga No Sora!”

“What is it talking about?”

“It’s something you won’t understand!”

Mu Fan smiled and ignored her questioning, closed the chat, and looked at the screen.

I don’t want to lose against Yamada Elf, I need to protect my sister.

Mu Fan took a bottle from the fridge, they were vitamins.

After pouring a cup, the text for Yosuga No Sora appeared in his mind after purchasing it from the system.

In fact, this novel was adapted as an anime, a manga, and a game.

The game was divided into four main lines, but the final is the same as the two people that get together would leave the country and live abroad.

After all, in this novel, the author made it that if there is love, all taboos can be transcended.

Speaking about it, most of the game is like his life with Sagiri.

Especially at the beginning where both their parents died and the protagonist taking care of his sister.

The only difference is that he and Sagiri weren’t related by blood.

However, since he got the story, he won’t let Yamada Elf take his sister.

After thinking about this, Mu Fan started typing on his Keyboard.

He was smirking as all the information about the novel were in his head because of the system.

And since Sagiri depended on him, she would be interested in the novel.

Yamada Elf, you can wait for tomorrow and admit defeat.

That being said, Yosuga No Sora was better than Yamada Elf’s novel without a doubt, even if he didn’t actually know what she was writing, and he can also win and at the same time make the story for the Game.

In this Era, most love games are old-fashioned, but with this, a new Era shall begin.

After writing for an hour, his name rushed to the top hundreds, and after two, he rushed to the top ten. Finally, four hours passed, and his name was first on the list with more than 60,000 words.

This was beyond what Yamada Elf could imagine.

It’s just that a speed of more than ten thousand words per hour was Mu Fan’s best, even if he doesn’t do his best, he can write 5,000 words per hour.

After all, he didn’t need to think about the plot or anything, which was equivalent of him copying the text…

Until three in the morning, Mu Fan finished his novel, and even though he was just typing and not thinking about the plot, he was very tired.

Fortunately, the main storyline for the brother and sister was completed.

As for the other lines, he just needs to make some changes, and he didn’t need to write so many words any longer.

As for Yamada Elf, she stopped at 50,000 Words at two o’clock as the first volume of her story should be finished.

Mu Fan smiled a little and opened the author’s group, he was surprised to find many discussing something early in the morning.

Almost everyone was talking at the speed of which he and Yamada Elf were writing.

Some people couldn’t believe that he wrote over 100,000 words from 9 pm to 3 am which even the top speed writer, Yamada Elf couldn’t write.

However, they knew who he was as they watched Eromanga-Sensei’s broadcast and knew he was the author of Accel World.


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