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F.S Chapter 80: Shocked Eriri!

Mu Fan was interested in the discussion of the authors, some of them thought that he wasn’t thinking about the plot and writing sloppily. But he knew that the quality of his work is guaranteed.

Mu Fan just smiled a little, he was too lazy to reply to them. It’s common for people , and if he tried to explain, more people would attack him.

When he was about to close the group, Mu Fan was surprised to find a familiar name on the list. It was Shidou Kunimitsu.

“You shouldn’t say it’s impossible just because you can’t do it yourselves. Since Heibon-Sensei is able to write 100,000 Words, it means that he has a very good idea of what he is writing.”

Seeing that Shidou spoke for him, Mu Fan knew that he was an author as well, but he didn’t expect someone to speak up for him.

Shidou seems to have his own opinion in the Novels world, and as soon as he spoke, the group suddenly quietened.

However, It didn’t last long, for someone to retort: “Shidou-Sensei, what is your writing speed?”

After a little bit, Shidou replied: “About 15,000 words per day.”

“Even you, Shidou-sensei, can only write 15,000 words per day. And this author is a new one, and he can’t be compared to you and Yamada Elf-Sensei. I can only think that Accel World is sloppy work and I don’t know how it even goes the ok to be published.”

Seeing this response, Mu Fan closed the group. He didn’t care about them anymore, until the day his work will be published, all the argument would vanish then.

Closing the computer, Mu Fan laid on his bed and slept.

Early in the morning, like always Mu Fan finished what he had to do at home and went to school and directly went to the cooking club. After that, he returned to class.

At noon he spoke with Asuna who temporarily cancelled the club activities for today.

But when he passed by the cooking club, he found that the door was open. He thought that it was Asuna, but to his surprise, Eriri was the one inside the room.

“You’re finally here!” Seeing Mu Fan arrive, Eriri said.

“Twin tail-san, why are you here? Looking for Asuna?”

Mu Fan put his bag on the table and looked at Eriri with shock.

“Call me by my name, and I have got the key from Asuna, what is with your attitude?”

Listening to Mu Fan, Eriri directly raised the key of the club room and said: “If I needed something from Asuna, I would call her, there is no need for me to come here, and look at you, it seems like you stayed up late last night, so did you finish a part of the story?”

“The main storyline is already finished.”

Mu Fan took the printed Text from his bag and placed it on the table and said to Eriri: “Look at it and tell me what you think.”

“You wrote so much in one night? Are you a monster?”

Eriri picked the papers and couldn’t help being surprised.

“What do you think, I will sleep first and call me when you finish reading it.”

Mu Fan was really tired, and now he was too lazy to accompany Eriri. He saw that Eriri started reading and directly went to sleep on the table.

“Hey, even if you stayed all night to write this, I won’t use it if it isn’t good.”

Seeing that he ignored her, Eriri directly snorted and started reading after wearing glasses.

She didn’t see well without glasses and most of the times she would wear contact lenses which she forgot today, so she just wore the spare glasses and started reading.

Time passes, and no one came to the cooking club, but Mu Fan who was enjoying his sleep suddenly felt his arm being pulled and couldn’t help look up, only to be surprised by Eriri who was holding the papers in her hand and looking at him with Anger.

“What’s wrong, Twin Tail-san?” Mu Fan asked.

Mu Fan looked at her who had some dark circles around her eyes, which he found cute.

“Call Me By My Name!”

Eriri looked at Mu Fan while holding the paper and blushed a little then said: “What type of story are you writing? This is embarrassing, what is the name of the story?”

“Yosuga No Sora.” Mu Fan pointed at the title on top of the first page and said.

“Its name is Yosuga No Sora? You should at least make a brief introduction.”

Eriri whispered she thought that this was a hurriedly made story that wouldn’t be so good only to found that she was completely wrong.

The story completely overturned her previous concept.

Because this story was about a pair of siblings who lost their parent and lived in a rural town far from the city, and the main male protagonist was taking care of his sister.

In the beginning, the story was okay, with friends and childhood friends, but the final plot development was unexpectedly the brother and sister falling in love.

In particular, the dialogue between the two lovers was unusually moving, on the one hand, they loved each other, and on the other hand, they were bound by social ethics which made their feeling seems impossible while facing a cruel reality.

When she saw that both of them decided to go abroad and live together, she relaxed.

But then again, although the story was good, can it get the first place?

Seeing the look on Eriri’s face, Mu Fan smiled lightly.

Girl, you will be surprised by the other storylines as well.


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